Constitutional Emergency

Pan-Global Economic Collapse: A Biblical Loss Of Life Is Upon Us NOW. By Gregory Mannarino

We know banks are failing around the world...we know the US debt is nearly 17 Trillion dollars...we know chaos already reigns in America, we know our Constitution has/is being evaluate this video in light of what should "I stock up on for barter"?  What items will everyone need??

Sad, but there is a real threat of total collapse......

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By the way, I believe the power of God is/was behind OAS.  But, maybe the appointed time was not correct!

Joe....I forgot to tell you that is not "my" website.  But, it is an award winning website as far as graphics, layout, content, etc. is concerned.  I visit it daily.  But, another good website/tv show to go to is Gary Stearman's Prophecy in the News.  He also features prophecy summits biannually usually in the west at Pike's Peak then south at Orlando.  He features speakers who are experts in geo-political prophecy (upcoming wars) and science related prophecies (such as transhumanism), and also astronomical prophecies (such as the blood moon tetrads).  Mark Biltz is the first one to discover the blood moon tetrad and prophetic happenings!  Hope this helps!

Please understand that it is Babylon....Islam that the antichrist comes out of. There are many false prophecies out there that are not Biblical. I have heard them all. Great deception in the last days. The Caliphate is now forming which is the revived Ottoman Empire foretold in Revelation and others scriptures. Soon Saudi Arabia will be destroyed by Iran. are right.....the AC will be associated with I-slam, but much more sinister than that......he will be associated with Roman Catholicism/Christianity aka Chrislam.  This is how he will have the FP be able to deceive so many because he will appeal to so many!!!  But, in actuality....I-Slam will actually "do away with each other."  For the Bible says that brother will fight (kill) brother.  So, who is it that loves death so much???  Well, they are the ones who will kill each other off.  The more sinister ones to look out for is the combining of I-Slam and Christianity.   Three great books to buy and read by Chris Putnam and Tom Horn are THE LAST POPE, PETRUS ROMANUS, and EXO-VATICANA.  Also, get/read/watch Jack Van Impe's programs and email newsletters.  He is the one who has memorized the entire Bible.  He is now working on memorizing the "Core-Ann." He and many on Gary Stearman's TV show as well as website....PROPHECY IN THE NEWS.......have started looking at the fact that New York City could very well be the city of Babylon due to the layout described of the land and the commerce explained in the book of Revelation.    If you go to Irvin Baxter's website End of the Age.  He says that Babylon is Rome/VaticanCity.  I think that either could be right.  But, you have to do more research to figure it out.  There is an author on Gary Stearman's website and TV show (I forget his name and, sorry, also the book title without going now to the website).  But, if you go there, you can look up the info on that book where he explains in detail why he believes that NYC is the city of Babylon!  Hope all this helps!!! :)

Oh, I forgot....In the Psalm 83 War which is coming very soon.....It is possible that Iran will decimate SA.  But, more likely they will be destroyed in whole or in part by Is-REAL.  According to PSALM 83 (WAR) by Bill Salas....Is-REAL is going to greatly increase its borders....possibly into SA.

To Cynthia and Lady Florida: You both are good, and I'm impressed with your knowledge of the last days, and NWO is now in place, and the clock is now winding down according to God Word. It's God People who can make all the difference in returning our nation back to Them and our Constitution. Sorry to disagree with you over OAS, they have no idea on what God requirements are on repentance. It's all in the Word of God. You both have my email address, reply to it, and I will share from the bible what God has given me to share with others. Have a great day, Rom 8:28, Gal 2:20       


Joseph:  We're inside the 4 BLOOD MOON TETRAD with a SOLAR ECLIPSE in 2015 between.  Every time  that this has happened in history a major world event has taken place and changed the world forever.  Get the book BLOOD MOONS by Mark Biltz.  Something BIG is coming.......KEEP LOOKING UP!!!

 Make this go viral.................



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