Constitutional Emergency

Pan-Global Economic Collapse: A Biblical Loss Of Life Is Upon Us NOW. By Gregory Mannarino

We know banks are failing around the world...we know the US debt is nearly 17 Trillion dollars...we know chaos already reigns in America, we know our Constitution has/is being evaluate this video in light of what should "I stock up on for barter"?  What items will everyone need??

Sad, but there is a real threat of total collapse......

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Cynthia....I'm proud of're a fast learner!!!!  :)

To Cynthia, Lady Florida, Good morning ladies, from the Sunny side of MB, SC. Have some questions for both of you? Both of you have great perception on coming events with the AC.But I have notice both of you refer to books written by man and not the bible. Do you read the bible?The Beast Make War with all the saints and all nations, and the number is 666. Read Rev 13: 7-8, 15- 18. I have more to share, if one of you will write.


Joseph:  Of course I read the Bible...I was also raised on it. Books and teachings are only referred to as confirmation of what God has already told us.  Please place your information in this forum so that all can read and share!!! :)

To Lady Florida: I sent my emails to your Col Riley and some OAS leaders, none of them understood what God Word says about Repentance, and the Intimate Love Of God for God People, God Servants, or the Chosen, or the Elect of God before there was a world. NO MAN OR BOOK can express that Intimate Love from God. It only come from the Father, Savior, Holy-Spirit for God People. Do you know where it start in the bible?  Thank for listening.  


Also, watch Jim Bakker on TV on CTN everyday at 2:00pm.  This is just about all they talk about and offer 30 year shelf life food and other life sustaining equipment, water makers, solar power, etc!  Or also go to


 Anyone who finds this information new has managed to keep their head in the sand box.

Banks are not only failing the owners are being asassinated .

This global collapse has been in the works for years and it will be here in 2014.

If you have anything to do with a bank -- well good luck cuz you are gonna need it.......

The Bible talks about an economic collapse in the end of days. But the antichrist comes out of the Middle East according to the Bible and it is Islam. ISIS and other Islamists will take over 10 Countries first then try to take over the world. Of course many leaders will allow Islam to flourish in their Countries because of wealth. The Bible says the kings of the earth will commit adultery with the whore of Babylon which is Saudi Arabia.

There are 3 Babylons in Prophecy....A religion (Rome)......A government....NWO..........and a city..................many believe that the city of Babylon in Revelation is NEW YORK CITY due to the layout of the land described and the economy taking place. 

And YES all the horses are riding as we speak!!!

That's false prophecy and not Biblical. None of this is true.

Cynthia....In all due respect....I refer you to Jack Van Impe, Jim Bakker, Bill Salas, Gary Stearman. Please do further research!!!  Also, visit


"The New World Order Is Now In Place"  The Word of God declared Mt 24: 4-14, 32-36, 40-42, 44-46.

                      Key Verse: Mt 24:36   



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