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U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta admitted Tuesday that President Obama’s “huge deficits” and “huge debts” are national security threats. In remarks before the Senate Armed Services Committee Tuesday, Panetta said, “I think, in weighing how you address this issue, you’ve also got to take into consideration the national security threat that comes from the huge deficits and the huge debt that we’re running. We’re running a debt now that is comparable to our GDP.”

NBC Politics reports that new defense cuts proposed by President Obama and U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta will have a damaging affect on at least one sector of U.S. industry:

Smaller defense budgets proposed by Obama and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta will cancel some made-in-America ships, airplanes and unmanned aerial vehicles and slow down the purchase of others.

The Obama budget also threatens to shut manufacturing and repair facilities, such as the 212-year old Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, which sits on an island between Maine and New Hampshire.

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Leon Pannetta is a threat to national security.


Well, considering what is going in Europe I would say that might be a good assumption on behalf of SOD.  I wonder why its taken so long to come to that conclusion.  After all he was the Director of CIA wasn't he ?  I would of thought that he could have come to that conclusion some time ago with all the INTEL that was at his disposal.  Any laymen of history could also come to same conclusion.  I don't know if any of these bureaucrats are familiar with the history of the World.  Is it just me or am I just losing my mind?

Confused and Dumbfounded

in Annapolis ,

The next thing that may happen here is that we will be paying for the tax benefits that same sex marriage couples will be getting and the extra dependents that they will enjoy as their welfare checks will get larger the more children that they bring into there homes.  Well , I am sure that the left has figured out all of the social consequences in advance since they are so adamant about this ..... After all our children are already being tutored by the Safe School Czar's , Kevin Jennings and his admirable past connections with such groups .... I never in my lifetime thought that this would be happening here in America ..... What are we doing?????

The obvious reason:  O B L A H M A and himself's  P A N S Y  D E M O C R A P S !!!!!!  They wre

denied access to the White House  for  YEARS!!!!  They will now sell themselves

to  S A T A N 'S   M E S S E N G E R   for any/all crumbs that he chooses to toss their way ... in ALL





Do you think Newt will use this statement in the next debate effectively? YOU BETCHA!

Personally, I think ALL OF THEM are a threat to national security!

First he tells us that national security will not be compromised due to troop cutbacks, but now the debt is a threat. Make a decision on what you believe in and stick to it. The average american knows what the problem is - it is called Obama and the radical left that has taken over this country.

I wish you were right- but I hear too many people who have no idea what is going on-they don't hear it on the news and they are not paying attention- just talking and texting on cell phones- so they will vote for Obama.

God willing, the Republican administration under Romney will RIGHT the ship of state and turn Oblahma and his "mercenary, power-clinging supporters" into FOOTNOTES - PERIOD!!!   That said, it will be a verrrry long time before another Oblahma type ever sets foot in the White House again!!....IF EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

B.O.'s financial backers have MUCH to lose!!!!  We, The People have FARRRR MORRRRE to GAIN!!!

FRAUDS and IMPOSTERS are soon DISCOVERED!!!!!.....and BANISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Obumer, Panetta, the whole lot of them are a threat to our National Security!!! They're the reason for the huge deficit, they think cutting our military spending will help National Security? They're IDIOTS!! They could cut their pay of all in DC way back, eliminate the departments that are repetitive of other departments, eliminate the czars, IMPEACH THE CRIMINALS STARTING WITH BHO, Go after the PEOPLE AND SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS that promote FRAUD, and that would go along ways on reducing the the deficit, reducing the debt, reducing the size of gov and getting the STINK OUT OF DC!!! But mostly doing that would help our National Security by not having their Socialist a$$ destroying our country!!!!

He's as much to blame as Hussain!  He is just as bad.  He's what you call a go alonger!  And it doesn't matter how much you "spread the word" as the leeches and the illegals and the stupids are now running this country and soon this country will be part of the nwo and we will all be slaves!  It's too late to save this country now.  Hussain has appointed to many liberal loon judges, stacked the supreme court and all the "law makers" have helped him do it, both republicans and democrats.  They are all millionaires in the congress now and they assume that they will be safe once Hussain has his way and destroys this country.  If history repeats it's self, then these millionaires will also get what we will get, death and slavery.  They passed the deathcare bill in which millions of seniors and disabled will be forced to die because drugs that could save them WILL be denied.  Hussain's death panel, IPAB, will do it's job and see that you don't get any treatment at all once you hit 70.  Wake up folks, you have been given a death sentence without the benefit of a trial, a lawyer, or even comitting a crime except growing old!  Hussain is reducing our nukes to 30 to further aid in this countries takeover by any 3rd world country with nukes!  We write, call, sign petitions and faxes, and the millionaires do nothing.  They don't hear you except when they are telling you lies so you will vote for them.  Yep, we are doomed.  I'm all for praying, but if you expect God to come down and save your butts, think again. God gave us free will and what we do with it is our own doing, he will not interfer.  (did I spell that right?) Oh well, you get the point!  We have no choice of spreading the word because the word is being spread by all the news (now that's an oxymoron) medias who are in Hussains back pocket and now we find out take orders from media matters (  a soros funded group) and they have a further reach then we could ever have. They speak the language of the stupids and the stupids listen to them!  Yes, we are indeed lost! 

Trevor Loudon of New Zeal Blog says Panetta has Communist ties in his past.

Incidentally, Trevor is doing a speaking tour in the USA about the threat  of Communism in America. Our local tea party group in Greenwich CT invited him to come speak on March 2, and he accepted! If anyone knows anyone in Greenwich/Stamford CT area, let them know about this- it is scheduled at Greenwich Town Hall, Friday March 2nd, 7-9 P.M.

It is possible that Trevor may still have room in his schedule to accept more dates- probably has them listed in his New Zeal Blog. He has one book out, and will soon come out with another identifying Communists in our government.

Christine- I am as scared as you! I have been checking out sites that talk about second passports- there is a second passport economic program in St Kitts, but very expensive. Dominica (both these islands in Carribean) is less expensive, but still a lot of $.  The Sovereign Investor said the other day that many middle class people are leaving America. I am fighting as much as I can, trying to convince my friends that things are getting dangerous, but they still think Obama is ok- MSM is at fault!! 



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