Constitutional Emergency

We even have "self-proclaimed" conservatives that are anti-semitic and blame Israel/Zionism for all that is going on in this world and claim islam is just a poor victim of the U.S. and Israel!

Again, if we do not know our true enemies and their war tactics - We LOOSE!

And yes, I know Pat Condell is not a Christian, and I know he has railed against SOME things done in the name of Christianity! Yes! There is a difference! The burning Christians at the stake was done in the name of Christianity..........however, that was in no way real Christians that did such a thing!!!

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Anti-semetism is very much on the rise in Europe and there are very logical reasons why this is so. Europe is seeing a greatly increasing muslim population. This has come from three fronts;1) illegal immigration, 2) large amounts of refugee and political asylum influxes from muslim countries and 3) legal immigration from former British colonies into England. France, Germany and England all have actively growing muslim populations. 

Southern Europe is like the Mexican border in the US. Illegal immigrants flood in from north Africa and yes, they are well over 90% muslims. Added to that, Europe relocated tens of thousands of refugees from Somalia and former Yugoslavia into European countries. 

What we see with growing anti-semetism in Europe mimics what we see in conservative states here in the US where liberals relocate to in order to escape the disasters in the liberal states. As liberals move out of the liberal areas because they see that life is better in the conservative states, they start to try to push their liberal viewpoints into the laws of the conservative states they move to. This is why we now see this change in Colorado. 

In Europe it is the same. Muslims move into European countries in greater numbers then start pushing their ismist beliefs onto the indigent populations. Since Islam as a religion is violently opposed to Israel and it's right to exist, anti-semetism grows in Europe accordingly. That same anti-semetism is growing here in the US through muslim populations as well though nowhere near as fast. Here, the growing anti-semetism is masked by the liberalism masking itself as democracy. Anti-semetism isn't in line with liberal philosophies as of yet so it runs into a wall that it hasn't been really able to penetrate. I wouldn't be surprised if liberal policies were to change though and start blaming Jews for the financial troubles the US is getting into.

The world will have to deal with the moslime problem sooner or later.

This is a fact! Thank you Mr. Condell. "Jews have contributed to humanity more than any other group of people."  It is astounding what Jewish persons have contributed to the United Sates historically and recently. Politically, in business, law, the arts, charity, it's a jaw dropper. That's why Jewish bigotry is so assinine and ignorant, so clearly a lie.

This leads into the the second point about Mr. Condell's inexperience of the spiritual war against the Jews, that Twana has already referenced that we must take into account; that is, Satan and the evil spirits that are, and that have always been, doggedly pursuing God's chosen people, the Jews, appearing largely now in the form of an army of Islamists.

Which leads to my third point that Mr. Condell, as a consequence of negating his spiritual intellect, indicts the Catholic church's history in Europe regarding Jew hatred without taking into account that the same spiritual assault has been, and is now, happening against the Catholic church. He says "People will simply not stand up for Jews." I call him out for using a  sweeping generalization rather than investing the hard work necessary to qualify.

"We even have "self-proclaimed" conservatives that are anti-semitic and blame Israel/Zionism for all that is going on in this world..."

Twana, those that claim such nonsense are NOT in my opinion, Conservatives. And for the uninformed, I don't mean 'Republicans' when I say 'Conservatives'. They are two completely different animals. I trust Conservatives!

I find the atheist perspective on the world rather stilted, considering the fact almost every world changing challenge we've confronted in six millennia is directly related to the issue of Abraham, his illegitimate son by his wife's maidservant, and his younger, legitimate son, with the whole question being a matter of anger by the elder, illegitimate son, over the fact the Abrahamic legacy was given to his younger, half-brother, according to the law, rather than the elder, who would have received it had he been the legitimate and declared son.

   It is easily apparent that several thousand tribal cultures have arrived with us over the eight thousand years of history we have on record, and it should be informative that of them, two tribes remain the center of angst and attention impacting on the whole of every Nation.  While other cultures have had enormous impact on the world, these two alone have come through all the ages remaining locked to "mortal combat" at what would appear to be nine or ten millennia later.

    Lots of people care about tribal grievances still, and war continues over this very issue, we having inserted ourselves into its midst for no logical reason.  At the same time, no rational suggestion can put any of these other conflicts which remain, in the same level of impact on the world, as this one singular one.

   The sheer length of this enmity should be informative as to its importance, and why it is going to determine the future for the whole world, even as it started as no more than the sons of one man and woman.  Do Jews keep their heritage despite being disbursed around the world, for no special reason?  At the same time, do the descendants of Ishmael keep their heritage and hatred of Jews, first, last and always, for the same "no reason"?

   Isn't it about time the logic and rational consideration of history stop being ignored, and we take seriously, the charges and claims of these respective people?  If we don't listen to why they hold to such extremes, how can we even consider ourselves having any understanding of where we are headed and why?

   I find the entire consideration of  what we face with the denial of its origin as rather ridiculous since it is clear this issue has remained all these sixty  or seventy centuries, and we do have to face it down in the very near future.

   We will not be properly prepared to deal with it except that we find the time to focus on the origin of the issue, and confront it accordingly.  Facts are stubborn things, and fools alone can simply ignore them and pretend they are not bearing on exactly what we face.

Semper Fidelis, John McClain, Vanceboro, NC

What shall we do, John?  Travel back in time with a box of condoms for Abraham?  If we are to believe your premise, the origin of this issue is sibling rivalry taken to the nth degree.  To attempt to change the psyche of a culture is at best, completely unrealistic and at worst, literally impossible to change in one lifetime.  Cultural changes take centuries to evolve, so there is little or no chance that we will stop Iran's rush to nuclear armament or the cruelties wreaked upon innocent women by their muslim spouses for centuries, or the senseless shooting of American soldiers in Texas by an idiotic rabid extremist. 

From my years of observation, I see the Jews respond to attacks on them, but rarely see them initiate unless in response to previous attacks.  To even think for one second that these muslims have ANY legitimate reason or rationale for their behavior is ludicrous. These people of satan are despicable cowards, who gain power by the instillation of fear into innocents.  They deserve nothing but our scorn and our bona fide efforts to eradicate them.  Sometimes the only way to remove the rot from a bag of potatoes is to eliminate the rotting ones before losing the whole bag. 

I'm not sure what you are saying above.  Just what would you suggest we do?  Legitimize their behavior with more money for their faltering economy like Kerry just handed over to them?  Or maybe give them MORE F-16's and tanks in the hopes that they will play nice in the sandbox?

Get real, John.  We understand enough to know that these terrorists must be stopped at all cost.  All other efforts have failed and smarter people than you and I have spent lifetimes trying to change it.  "... do the descendants of Ishmael keep their heritage and hatred of Jews, first, last and always, for the same "no reason?"  What reason can there be other than that of years of cultural hatred have created a maelstrom of terror that sucks all who are nearby into it's dark whirlpools of evil. Any further effort to understand and deal with these people is a complete waste of time, as history repeatedly points out.  There is NO excuse, no justification for the terrorization of innocents worldwide.  If you think there is...good luck in your exercise in futility.



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