Constitutional Emergency

The video is not completely accurate but the basic message is on target. We're not setting up camp on the Mall nor are we overthrowing the government. We are focused on leadership resignations and Congress taking action on OAS Demands/Grievances and Articles of Impeachment they have all received.

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thank you for the reply Don.  We are all family.

I have been waiting since 1959 for this to happen..

Not silently, always alert, always speaking my truth, and raising 7 wonderful children who know and have taught this truth to 13 grand-children who know.

The emperor is naked and he ain't even an emperor.

This beginning is the end of Tyranny.

De Opresso Liber

Yes, the Kenyan, Muslim-sympathizing Bastard, Spawn of Satan IS "NAKED" and exposed. I just pray that most have lost the scales from their eyes now and have awakened to this most EVIL plan---

I "have to hit the hay" now, as I'm up at 4am, but God be with all of U.S.!


Yes, sir!

Harry, I know her commentary is not totally accurate, but in response to someone's comment on PAN who turned the video off after a minute when she called OAS radicals, I said this:
Comment by Louise Barnes 8 minutes ago
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If you listen to her whole segment, I actually think she does a decent job- a lot better than someone at NBC/CBS/ABC would (if they would even talk about it at all). She rightly says a lot of Americans are comfortably "asleep" and on their cellphones etc. But some are waking up. She ends up by saying something like "So if you are getting fed up with this government, check out OAS " and then gives their website. Anyway, in show business, they say that there is no such thing as bad publicity- the point being, if the event/person is being talked about, then people might get interested enough to check it out.

Louise..........I'm with you.  Overall it is a positive message in support of OAS movement to action.  It's easy to add a couple words that say "it's not radical to expect constitutional restoration" and "we are not camping on the mall, nor are we overthrowing the government".......etc......

Our nation is supposed to be governed by the rule of law. But this works only if those laws are in consonance with "the laws of nature and of nature's God." Many of the "laws" that are on the books at every level have been designed to increase the power of government at the expense of our freedom and that of future generations.

It is going to be a long, difficult journey to restore Constitutional government. But it must begin with us, and we must begin with a return to respecting Almighty God as the author of all life. From this, and only this, can laws that are just and good issue from the legislative process. When man puts himself at the top of the pyramid of creation, chaos and horror result. Let us pray for a renewal of reverence for Almighty God, and a return to the  values upon which our nation was founded.

Amen Robert...........

I am sure that many Europeans  join me in wishing Operation American Spring every success!

I hope you receive lots of support for this very important action,  that you will have a large turn-out on May 16th,

and that it will be a strong, but peaceful demonstration.

We are not "overthrowing" a government.  We are prosecuting the liars, cheats, thieves and Traitors who have overthrown our Constitutional Republic for personal gain.

I personally would remove a known pedophile from the playground, a known thief from the cash register, a drunk driver from their car.

The day after Sandyhook, Obama's drones killed 100 Pakistanians at a Wedding.  Oops!

I wonder why the little prick doesn't bomb the terrorist hanging out in London?

The people we are going after are criminals.  Let's call them "suspects" for the moment.

If they don't shoot at us, they will get a trial.

Would you leave a pedophile on the playground?

How about a lying, cheating, murderous representative of a Fascist Corporate Government that has stolen our lives and made everybody "enemies"?

We are supposed to watch each other to report suspicious activity to the criminals about people who may want to hurt THEM,

I Am looking for friends, not enemies.

De Opresso Liber

We are, essentially, REMINDING THE GOVERNMENT we are out here and that we are not happy with their performance.

If no one is brave enough to say the words to them then we will fail - so wwe must all find our voice and speak up loud and clear. 

They expect blind acceptance, silence and OBEDIENCE from the people when they make another move threatinging our freedom so they watch for it - while it may stir them to take some sort of action against us - its also a reminder that they got their power from us not vice versa.

Despite the dozens of claims to the contrary, RT is not arriving in DC to endorse or support OAS. 

Their arrival marks an annual event.

In answer to your many inquiries, Rolling Thunder Washington, DC Inc. would like to make a formal statement: We neither support nor denounce Operation American Spring. Our mission is to bring full accountability to the POW/MIA issue. That is the reason for the Run and why it began in 1988. It has evolved into a show patriotism and love for our country and we welcome all who wish to show their support. Despite what other organizations might claim, we are not endorsing any other issues.



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