The video is not completely accurate but the basic message is on target. We're not setting up camp on the Mall nor are we overthrowing the government. We are focused on leadership resignations and Congress taking action on OAS Demands/Grievances and Articles of Impeachment they have all received.

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And what is the source of veterans?   The military.  And the military is being discredited and openly insulted by Obama, which is just one of our concerns and issues with Obama's actions detrimental to our country.

At the same time as he announced a cut in funding for returning military education funding he made an announcement about the fund which had been set up specifically for education benefits of illegal aliens.   Of course he doesn't call them illegal aliens, he's too PC for that.

As you state, you are not a RT spokesman so you really only speak for yourself.   But what I want to know is why so much effort is being wasted trying to create or infer opposition or non-cooperation when anyone with his head on straight who doesn't rely on mainstream media knows that Obama is destroying this country.    

I can't help but wonder why, if you have no use or interest in OAS, what lead you here to the site which exists specifically because of OAS.  If you have no interest in helping OAS then I have to wonder if you came because you DISLIKE OAS.  But again, as you say, you speak only for yourself.

There are positive associations between both groups so I suggest everyone concentrate on that and quit building walls.

It is more than the Vietnam vets who are at stake. It is our entire country being taken over by a socialist government and I would think ALL vets would stand together to fight this evil move. What about the other vets who gave their lives and limbs for this country don't they count??? I would hope that you would not isolate yourselves and ride for just one group of vets. They are supposed to all be your brothers!!!!

I agree Col Riley.   Rolling Thunder may not state outright their mission as being the same as ours.   However, from their own website it would seem that we both are concerned about a government that has abandoned and/or stopped responding to WE THE PEOPLE.  

And its entirely possible even predictable that when they are located in the same place as OAS are that we might garner some individual supporters to join our cause.

I can't see any way that their presence would be detrimental.    We are all freedom loving people.  They wanted changes made and they succeeded, as they state, getting the Missing Service Personnel Act of 1993 to become law.    And  one of our concerns, and definitely not a minor one, is the way in which Obama is not just disrespecting our military and veterans but also placing them and us in danger.   Obama has decimated the military and fired many of the key personnel who might oppose him if they were ordered to act against citizens.   It has been quite evident to many of us that our nation has lost credibility due to Obama's policies and actions which invites attack from our enemies.

Here's their Mission Statement:

Rolling Thunder’s mission is to educate, facilitate, and never forget by means of a demonstration for service members that were abandoned after the Vietnam War. Rolling Thunder has also evolved into a display of patriotism and respect for all who defend our country.


The Rolling Thunder First Amendment Demonstration Run is an annual ride and gathering that first started in 1988. Riders from around the nation, and even around the world rally in the Pentagon parking lots and begin the run through the streets of Washington, D.C. Afterward, it is an opportunity to meet old and new friends, pay respect at the memorials and participate in the Memorial Day events.


Our mission also includes legislative efforts. Rolling Thunder strives to affect national policy in a way that will assist POW/MIA’s. We wrote, got introduced and passed, the Missing Service Personnel Act of 1993.

We are not yours to claim.

Deal with it.

You yourself said that you're a part of RT and you support OAS, how many others in RT feel the same way? how many more will after coming this weekend? I've been watching this back n forth all day and frankly i'm sick of looking at it. I'm sure many support it, whether its official or hinted at or simply some in RT do and some do not, does it really make a difference Pete? we w/ OAS support RT and our veterans, and i'm sure it works both ways. I saw some biker veterans when i was there last weekend standing w/ us - grow up

I fail to see how the concept that one group shouldn't claim endorsement from another to gain some sort of legitimacy, when that claim is a fabrication, is difficult to understand.

"Your either with us or your against us" is the argument of a child.

It's dishonest.  Period.

Proverbs 19:9

Fair enough - BTW i never said you're either with us or against us that i recall. Endorsement and support are 2 different things, and words have meaning and significance. 

Apologies - Anne said "with us or against us".

Sure words have meaning.

There is no crossover or official position that RT is supporting or endorsing, or anything else of OAS.

It's been said more than once.

The words heard here to the contrary do have meaning, and those are what I take umbrage with - it has been implied that there is support from RT.  That RT will be entering the DC area with Colonel Riley at the head of the formation.  That RT will be arriving to show solidarity with OAS.  I can see the appeal of that, considering the lower than hoped for turnout on the 16th.  And I understand that managing morale is an important part of leadership.  But.......

All of that is a fabrication.

Words have meaning. 

So do the intent of those words.

I agree with Bobby, grow up!! stop making such an issue over this. if you are a TRUE American you would be proud to stand with anyone wanting to take back our constitution. I am an 80 yr old woman and I cannot believe you are so upset by this nonsense. Get over it and stand with anyone fighting to save this once great country. We need to come together and support anyone willing to come to DC to stand for our country as a whole.

I Am discouraged by the amount of bickering in this post and many others.  More disappointed than dis-couraged, because I have not lost my courage.

I Am engaged in petitioning the Government for a Redress of Grievances.  That is what our Brothers and Sisters went to D.C. for and our purpose has not changed.

If you choose to use this platform as a chat room for who is right or who is wrong.  OK.  

Meanwhile, we are moving forward with restoring our Republic.

There most likely will not be a big banner at the end of this great objective, saying, "Operation American Spring" did this.

What will be obvious is that many people came together to Restore our Constitution.

And it will be reported that many Patriots invested all their precious resources and time arguing about.......something.

If you would like to live in our Constitutional Republic, our task first is to remove the criminals who have subverted the law of the land and dishonored their oath of office.

Petitioning the Government for a Redress of Grievances is the lawful Constitutional response to the apparent un-Constitutional actions of our un-representative Representatives.

Stay focused on what you can do that creates the positive response you desire.

Personally, I have a lot of work to do.

Some of your friends love it too, from what I can see.

Proverbs 26:28 “A lying tongue hates the truth and the malicious mouth works trouble.”

De Opresso Liber



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