Operation American Spring – The New Sheep Dogs!

Similar to our Founding Fathers, citizens and patriots in America now find themselves increasingly denied freedom and liberty from a government leadership (A new Crown) that is focused on self-serving, power hungry, deception, and betrayal motivations…the ultimate goal of US Constitutional destruction.

While our Founding Fathers endured pain and suffering from the British Crown, there came a time when they declared “enough is enough”.  Thus, the Declaration of Independence was drafted.  We should read our Declaration of Independence and note the grievances that led to the decision of “independence or death”.  America is under the heel of a new “crown”, enduring grievances of which are not far removed from conditions our Founding Fathers experienced. The Founders moved to action.  Now is the time for American patriots to move to action.

Our nation of freedom and liberty was not secured by weakness nor cowering, but by personal strength, courage, and dependence on natures’ God and the laws of nature which are unalienable.  While our Founding Fathers sought dialogue with the Crown, they were rebuffed with more pain, suffering to an intolerable level.  America has been pleading with elected leaders for years to once again become servants to “we the people” as their oaths demand.  Our elected leaders have rebuffed “We the People”…those that they have committed to serve.

Sheep dogs are guardians, protectors, guided by Unknown-3

the laws of nature, to the point of laying down their lives for the sheep from wolf attack.  Our Founding Fathers were sheep dogs, taking responsibility to gather sheep to the fold, protect, and resist the wolves with blood, body and life if necessary, to ensure the freedoms and liberties the laws of nature endows.

OPERATION AMERICAN SPRING is embracing the role of sheep dogs while the sheep remain protected in the fold.  Much the same as our Founding Fathers, only a small minority (2-3 percent) of brave, freedom loving colonists actually participated in the efforts of Independence from the British Crown…they were the sheep dogs that resisted the wolves and gave us a nation. Operation American Spring participants will reflect the new sheep dogs to begin U.S. constitutional restoration. These modern sheep dogs are going to Washington, D.C. to post our grievances and demands.  The wolves in government leadership must comprehend the peoples’ will.  Our peaceful, non-violentapproach for action will not tolerate being rebuffed, ignored or treated as unworthy or with disdain.

Operation American Spring, beginning on May 16, 2014, in Washington, D.C. will initiate the restoration of America as a Constitutional Republic, a Free, Lawful, and Sovereign Nation, with liberty

and justice for all.


Harry Riley, COL, USA, Ret., 111 Overview Drive, Crestview, FL 32539

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This is what I received when I tried to look at it!

WOW Had to 'google' Oath Keepers billboards to see them, but what information with each link!

Well, I have tried twice, and they are blocking the images, figures.    I have my Savings started, and will be there with Bells on, and it will feel so good ,to finally be doing something!!    I support this effort 100%, and believe we can make a difference.  With proper planning which I believe Col. Riley can handle, and the help of Volunteers, and donations to make this happen, we can finally demand our Rights under the Constitution, and make some changes.    Yes, we will face extreme resistance, we expect that, after all, they have the enitre Media at their disposal, but we have our own News.    Patriots arise, you are losing your Country, very, very quickly to a Dictator and his minions.

God Bless America again and all true patriots and legal Amercians. Pray for our country and we can be heard and put our country back on track before it's too late. God Bless all!

Good job guys !

I took an OATH! at the age of 17 to 'UPHOLD AND PROTECT' the Constitution of the United States,   NOTE this line does NOT automaticlly include the President, as whoever is in the office can TURN on those they are supposed to SWEAR to protect!, And as we ALL know BHO was flapping his lips while his mind was elsewhere and after 5 years, the proof is in the pudding.

Now I again  "Do Sollumlly swear or affirm, that I will UPHOLD and PROTECT the Constitution of the United States against ALL enemies, both FOREIEGN and DOMESTIC, That I will Bare true faith and Allegence to the same, That I will obey all orders given me by the President and Officers appointed over me according to the Uniform Code of Military justice.!

Now in Basic, the 'Details' of that oath was layed out to explain that if the Orders given would require me to commit acts that I knew/know to be in direct violation of the laws of the United States, or those of a foreign Nation I might be ordered into, I was given a list of 'Options' to have my objections noted for the record.

I at this time have to go on record to inform those in the Govt. that if they continue on the path they have chosen, I will be REQUIRED to go down the path that our Founding Fathers had to take to wage war for the very same reasons they waged war!, I know that many will go with me, I hope that our losses will not be so Grevious as those that conduct opperations in our cities, yet we can see that they are NOT in U.S. uniforms, and when they are talking amoung them selves, I have heard the different languages and KNOW what we face, I have to ask the question if our ENEMIES are fully aware of the consequences ?.


The organizers of this event may start out with peaceful intentions but the Gov't might see it differently and change the whole scenario.They are reading everything we all post and know that American Spring might be like the Egyptian Spring and , I'll bet they are preparing for us ! I think this is exactly what he has been pushing for and we might not even get the chance to be peaceful. . 

My trust levels are at an all time low ..........But I have talked to and met some on here that I do put some faith in . I do believe there is a chance that there could be some splatterings of violence here and there , but if each of us control ourselves then that is all we can do ! Watch the videos of previous gatherings , where trouble crops up , see how it is instigated and DON'T DO THAT ! LOL ! I was at Glenn Becks gathering and with a group that large there was not one iota of trouble and when we left the place was as clean as it was when we got there ! "WE" were a respectful mob ! "WE" can be again ! A RESPECTFUL MOB WITH GREAT FORCE !

I was there that day...inspiring wasn't it???  I hope this crowd is 10 times bigger than we were then ! BTW Col. Riley....THANK YOU for taking the lead, it will be an honor to be there with such an honorable person as you !!!

Remember when the ducks geese took off in formation when the music started ? I bawled like a baby !

JWK the third, Your my kinda guy.  Butttt....this Movement is going to test you.  When we are in d.c., we have to NOT respond with emotions.  Wrap your brain around the word "stoic", that's the only chance we have.  There will be provocateurs that will be trying to make us mad...unruly...violent or whatever.  We have to mentally prepare to take a lot of crap.  The day I took the Oath, is to this day, one of my most profound moments. I remember it clearly and dearly.  Your emotions will have their moment. Don't bring your guns to town.

I can't tell you enough, Harry, that what you're organizing here is just what we needed. I'm so looking forward to Operation American Spring.



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