Constitutional Emergency

I was looking around on the internet and found this, so, how is it working out? I am just asking, because we do still have a chance, to live in peace, or war. This will be the global elites choice.

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9 Things That COULD Happen if Trump Don't Build "The Wall"!

 I love a good drama video of a truth. Mixing political humor, in the mix of things. Plus, faith in God to help us as it is needed. There was a couple of glitches, but the video is very good.

9 Things That COULD Happen if Trump Don't Build "The Wall"!- YouTube

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Tif Morgan, And others;
There are many things that can happen if Trump doesn't build that wall.
Here's a reply that was posted to my page on Facebook;

"As far as I can tell the military of Venezuela against the border of Columbia starting to escalate us has 7 or 8 bases in that area of Colombia.
Russia has been Furnishing military weapons to Venezuela for quite some time. Where do you think all those people are coming after War breaks out.
Straight to your barbecue grill"

Venezuelans coming here to escape Communism in South America is one thing but those who are coming here to help spread Communism is altogether an another problem.
We know that Putin has issued a warning to Trump about his opposition to Maduro. We also heard that Russia was trying to transport large amounts of gold out of Venezuela. Perhaps Putin considers that gold as partial payment for his protection against Trump.
What ever it is if these reports of Russian bases being built up along those Southern borders are real and accurate then that could be a real big problem. I doubt that Putin is stupid enough to attack US Military forces or to attack America, but he is foolish enough to place missiles down there. Much like the Russian Khrushchev tried back in Kennedy's days in Cuba. We could easily be facing another Cuban Missile crisis, Problem is Putin is not as stupid as Nikita Khrushchev was.



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