Constitutional Emergency

RICHMOND, Virginia–National security strategist and former Trump administration official Dr. Sebastian Gorka encouraged 200 grassroots activists this week to trust President Donald J Trump, but also remember “You have a job to do.”

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The Clinton Corruption machine;
I'll tell you what needs to be investigated, Hillary Clinton and the Democrats thought they had the 2016 election all sewed up, it was "in-the-Bag". They thought they had that election rigged to tightly that there was no way anyone else except Hillary Clinton could possibly win.
But then Americans woke up in huge numbers, and Hillary lost. The Democrats can't believe it to this day. So now they are all out to get President Donald J. Trump. There was no Trump/Russian collusion. But the Democrats know that and they don't care, they are in an all out war to destroy President Trump, and they don't give a damn about the American voters.
What needs to be investigated is HOW the Democrats rigged that 2016 election and HOW did they rig things to the point that they believed it was all in the bag.
American - we need to make sure this never happens again, and that includes this year's 2018 Mid-Term elections.

There are several other things that also need to be investigated in Washington; The involvement of Attorney General Jeff Sessions into the Uranium One Clinton/Russian scam Was Sessions involved? Why wont he investigate Hillary on that scam? More than half of Congress is also involved to some degree or another.

The premises and the mission of the Operation American Spring in May 2014 was right. The operation to oust Barack Hussein Obama and all of his Democrat/Muslim/Communists from our Government and to begin the process to restore our American Constitutional Republic was right. It is a pity that we didn't succeed back in 2014. Col. Harry Riley deserves a lot of credit for his insight and his drive and dedication to restore our Republic.
Today President Donald Trump is carrying that flag,,, and he is doing it nearly completely on his own with little or no help from anyone in the Republican party or from the Conservative side of the political isle.

Trump is attempting to restore America to a once great position of freedom, liberty, and prosperity for ALL Americans. And he's doing that without the aid and assistance from anyone who claims to be a peace loving American.

Primary season is here...Patriots need to get back on the keyboards and keep the fight going. TRUMP NEEDS OUR SUPPORT AND HELP.



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