I've been trying for some time now to learn how to create and publish videos like everyone else seems to be doing.
Sometimes it seem like the whole world is publishing videos on Youtube or some other video web site.
The process would appear to be fairly easy if you have the software and the time necessary to put something together.
CONTENT: That's the hard part. Then trying to figure out how to organize what ever it is that you've got into something worth the effort, hopefully end up with something people will actually watch and share.

If you're like I am finding the time to gather all the different parts and pieces you want to go into a video is a little crazy. First I have to try to come up with an idea, a plan, a concept for what I want to publish. Then I have to try to organize it and get it in the proper formats. Edit the images and photos and try to  create a script, a message, that might be interesting, or at least say something that I want to say.
For a big-mouth like me you would think that would be easy, but it's not. First I have to learn to "TONE-IT-DOWN' a little bit. Not the volume, the rhetoric. These days I'm more than just a little pissed off to say the least. But I can't go around publishing videos on Youtube saying that I'd like to go up there to D.C. and blow somebody's freaking heads off. That would probably get me a visit from the feds, as well as having the video removed.
Anyway, creating and publishing Youtube videos can be interesting.
If anyone out here has an idea for a good video, I sure could use some help on that.

Here's my first attempt, The Bundy Ranch saga that I made before my computer crashed, I lost everything that was used to create this one.

If anyone is interested go to Youtube.com and search for Patriots For America.

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