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BREAKING & CONFIRMED: Wal Mart Is NOT Going To Order Any More Ammo. | InvestmentWatch
I do not have a link as of yet but here is what I have found out... Stopped by my local Wal Mart this morning. They are out of almost every kind of ammo....

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I did not think Walmart was that stupid.

Someone needs to warn the crew in Arkansas, that the GUM stores in Russian lost their A** in Russia under the Socialist/Communist regime.  Boycott can sure ruin your profit level.  I don't mind going to a different store, than those that are against our freedoms.



When it be great if we could All call in sick on Wednesday - I mean the complete country called in sick. That was sent a message that would knock their socks off. Commerce in the US would STOP.


Have a motorcycle run from the Pentagon city mall in Arlington VA to the Capitol building in Washington DC. A motorcycle run with 500,000 + bikes down Constitution Avenue - circle the Capitol building then drive out of town. This would shut down Washington DC. - Not a parade, not an organized protest -  more of a validation for American rights and freedoms

or both.

What a message that would send.

All comments are welcome


Let's steal a page out of the left's playbook and start doing peaceful protests and sit ins.  If I remember correctly this coming Saturday is supposed to be gun appreciation or something along those lines.  We need to get the word out so we can get long lines at the gun stores.

I gotta say, when Patriot Guard Riders accompany funerals... they are arresting. The sight gives ya the goosebumps and the flags and men and women looking so sure and tough with American flags flying.....I mean this is a powerful American presence. Think what a motorcycle run of patriots would look like as you describe it here. I think "validation" is a brilliant purpose and goal, a kind of presence that really is powerfully protective. I like it. No signs, no rallies, no protest. When the vanguard goes forth, there is an unstated whisper in the wind that the rest are following.

This is why I've started reloading again.  Just took an inventory today to see where I stand.  Unfortunately the last time I checked a lot of the components were out of stock at most places on the net.  Here in Western Arkansas there is no 5.56 to be had anywhere.  I stopped by Academy Sports the end of last week and all they had left was the odd ball stuff.

Not really. When NObama was elected in 08, Cabela's and Sportsman Warehouse were both out of the common ammo for over a year, including reloading supplies. I had a standing order with both at their online websites and after 2 yrs, pulled the order...never got it. In the last 1 - 1.5 yrs, Sportsman's got ammo in and I bought some. The run on ammo, reloading supplies started back about July around here in southern ID.

Got a raw milk customer that is going to teach me to reload. Her Dad taught her. She is also going to give me lessons shooting shotguns, the .270, .30-06 and any of the husband's other guns I don't know how to use. I know just pistols.

Thanks for the offer Tye.  I think I've got enough for the time being.  I've got well over 5000 rounds ready to rock and roll but I want to get at least 1000 rounds for each firearm so that will take some doing.  A lot of the stuff I've got is European and while relatively popular you can't just walk into any gun shop and buy it.  Since I've got a Curio & Relic license I figure I'll be one of the first folks they visit.  But, I'm not going peacefully.

You might want to ask Jager if he went to the Checotah Jewelery and Pawn. I found a couple of cases of 5.56 there last week. Most gun stores around here have been pretty well stocked as the locals are always buying. Checotah's not that far from the Arkansas border on I-40. But like any other business, demand has driven prices sky high!

It might also be that ammo is getting harder to get with government buying up hundreds of thousands of rounds. Guess they're getting a bit worried!!!???

Then I say...

Boycott the WalMart just as we boycott the Dick's sporting ...

They are not deserving our support.

Support your little local pop/mom shops

When I found out that WallyWorld had started putting on homosexual parades around the country and were treating the Chinese as slave labor for their junky products, I boycotted them. That was back in 2005 and we were living on my husband's TBI disability. Have only gone in WallyWorld when I'm with friends and that's where they shop (not very often). I don't buy when I'm there anymore. These SuperStores of theirs are just too much for me to walk around. When they change their items around every 3-6 mths, it makes it that much harder. I shop local and small mom/pop stores when I can and it doesn't waste my time!

The reason they move everything around is because they want you to have to look for the items you want and the plan is that you will see something during your search and do an impulse buy.  Unfortunately here in WalMart's home turf we don't have many options unless you want to burn up $20 - $30 worth of gas.



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