Constitutional Emergency

Over the past three to four weeks I’ve spent nearly every day attempting to make videos trying to warn people about what is happening. Trying to educate a dumbed-down society about what they may be about to vote for and what the pit falls are to electing socialists.
I’ve spend days and days trying to download and install various types of video and speech-to-text software programs. I’ve also spent several days now trying to install some digital HAM radio software and systems to upgrade my communications capabilities. Also spent a few hundred dollars on all that.

So far all of the programs and comm systems that I have tried to install, all the videos I’ve attempted to make, and all the money I’ve spent have all been for nothing. Zero-Zip-Nada,
I’ve got rental houses for sale and tenants that refuse to pay their rent. The Real Estate market in Texas has gone through the floor. The Texas Real Estate laws say that I can NOT evict tenants for none payment of rent. But the mortgage companies still expect to be paid. Good-Luck with that.

The reason I’m writing all this is to tell you all to pay attention to what is really important. Stop wasting time and money on things that are NON-Productive. All of this stuff is going nowhere, it’s all useless, a stupid waste of time.
Nobody watches the videos, nobody cares whether the country goes to hell or not. And nobody will ever stand up to protect and defend their own damned freedoms and liberty.
But you can bet your ass that everyone of them will be screaming about “Why didn’t you try to Stop them” after the SHTF happens .

Pay attention to what is important;
Family, food, shelter, GUNS and AMMO. You’re going to NEED it.

Remember, You CAN Vote your way into Socialism and Communism, But you will have to shoot your way out of it later.

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Most Americans do NOT understand that we all live in an oligarchic system now, These people in Washington have throw the Constitution out the window. Right now there are TWO Governments operating in Washington.
One is the Government that we-the-people have elected, That’s Donald J. Trump.
The other “Shadow” Government is controlled by people in the NSA, CIA, FBI, (all the “intelligence” agencies), and along with several hundred people that were never elected to anything, but who do NOT have any accountability to the Government or to the people.
This whole system of a “Shadow Government” is the oligarchy that thought Hillary Clinton was going to win the election in 2016.
It also includes China, Russia, The United Nations, the American Communist party, and many of the leaders in the World-wide-Resource-Management cartels.
They never expected Donald Trump to win the elections in 2016. But that “Shadow Government” is why they HATE him so much.
They thought they had it all consolidated into one oligarchy with Hillary Clinton in the White House.

They will continue to push forward, with or without Hillary Clinton and in spite of Donald Trump.
They will kill him if and when it becomes necessary.



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