PAYBACK: After Turning on Conservatives, Paul Ryan Just Got MASSIVE Bad News From Home


House Speaker Paul Ryan, a veritable turncoat who sold out every conservative in America last week when he signed off on a $1.1-trillion omnibus bill that handed President Barack Obama everything he wanted, might be on the verge of suffering some major payback for his treachery.

Writing for Crows Nest Politics, Ken Crow, former leader of Tea Party of America, urged his many followers to begin searching for a local “candidate willing to primary Paul Ryan in the 1st District.”

“All patriots should contact your group’s leaders and begin organizing nationwide to put down this RINO in order that he is not re-elected to his seat in Wisconsin,” Crow wrote. “The Badger State patriots need to begin soliciting your State Senators, high-profile business leaders or the State Legislators who reside within the 1st District of Wisconsin.”

Moreover, Crow’s poignant message got picked up by The Gateway Pundit and Fox News and eventually made its way onto the Facebook page for the Wisconsin Tea Party.

This means, in effect, that the movement to get rid of backstabber Paul Ryan has officially begun. In fact, someone already set up a “Primary Paul Ryan” Facebook page that had already accumulated over 18,000 followers by Monday morning.

As Crow pointed out, however, whoever steps up to the plate will need a lot of money to spar against Ryan, who reportedly commands at least $5 million in campaign funds.

“This candidate will need a truckload of cash to make this an actual race,” Crow explained. “This means we all need to reach deep and find an extra $10 or 20.00 bill to send to this candidate. If 200 or 300,000 of us do this, now we have a very real chance of knocking off Ryan in the primary and winning the general election.”

Republicans in Wisconsin have until April 5, 2016, to find a suitable candidate and raise enough money to take down backstabber Paul Ryan. We most certainly wish them the best of luck.


Please share this story on Facebook and Twitter and let us know what you think about the burgeoning movement to once and for all remove Paul Ryan from Congress!

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Please Wisconsin, send a strong message to this scum bag.

believe me for a donation of 20 dollars count me in to rid us of this monumental disaster of a man and his cronies 

So , Ken did you vote for Ryan ?

Be Advised , Congress must obey the dictates of the global elites and their USA agents.

does anyone stupidly think Lawmakers write legislation , that POTUS dictates US policy ?

Think Again...

Very true and JB and NP had already had the budget all set up before PR came to be speaker. I am very disappointed in all of Congress as well as the socialist ruining this country.

I would like to see Wisconsin elect a Real American Patriot for a change.

OK, Now I'm ALL IN for this guy.

Congressman Ryan Zinke, a Navy SEAL Team Six commander, confirmed that he is considering running for House speaker and vows to take a stand “against all enemies, foreign and domestic,” including Barack Hussein Obama.

“America needs leadership who will unite people, build a team, and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic,” the Montana Republican told Brandon Webb, founder of the SOFREP special operations news site.


Zinke said, “I think there are a few people who can do that. If folks like Paul Ryan and others step aside, and more of my colleagues ask me to run, I will hear the call to serve. Leadership is about service to country, not self. It’s time to advance the cause of freedom.”

Webb says, “I served under Zinke during my last tour in the Navy at the Naval Special Warfare Command as a chief petty officer in charge of the SEAL sniper program, and can tell you he’s no stranger to good leadership.”

He adds,”I would love to see him go against the grain and shake things up as the new speaker, he’s a freshman but knows how to lead, and we need more leaders like Ryan in politics. Americans have grown tired of career politicians who are “Big Hat, no Cattle.” (Someone who presents themselves as a person of great importance, but who’s actual credentials are spurious or questionable.)

Webb points out, “Washington needs experienced leaders who aren’t afraid to make tough decisions, and who won’t base those decisions on what’s good for their next re-election campaign, but on what’s good for America as a whole.”

Webb is absolutely spot on. A strong leader is exactly what America needs considering the huge problems we are facing including the illegal alien invasion, the constant attacks from the left on our 2nd Amendment rights, the insane amount of unemployment, the Muslim infiltration, ISIS, our veterans being totally neglected, the purging of our Military and so much more.

Old Rooster..............I notice Zinke voted for Paul Ryan's Ominibus legislation that just gave Obama and the liberals everything they wanted. What does this say about Zinke??  His actions condemn himself...........

please ...notice how quickly even the astute support anyone who cons them...

Congress is 100% doing the will of global elites..

precisely what I was thinking............

Then please explain why Zinke voted FOR the ominbus bill?    

This guy is no SEAL. If he were a Seal, his training would keep his finger from the trigger until he's ready to drill some holes.

my trigger finger is itchy...after the military , as a contract enforcer, i never once pulled a weapon

on a civilian...



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