Paul Vallely

MG US Army (Ret)
Chairman Stand up America

Begin forwarded message:

From: Kerry Patton
Date: March 11, 2011 1:41:18 PM MST
To: Scott Winchell
Cc: Paul Vallely

Scott, we need an immediate posting on SUA. PLEASE!!!! I will not stand for this crap in my state!
Stand Up America needs urgent assistance. Central Pennsylvania just witnessed a devastating and heartbreaking tragedy this past week. A farming community lost seven of its most precious children due to a house fire. Today, the Westboro Baptist Church as stated that they plan on protesting the funeral services for the Clouse family. Please come to honor the Clouse family during their time of mourning.

WBC plans to picket and protest the funeral of 7 innocent children. We, Stand Up America, will not stand for this. Show up, and let's form a barrier to shield the family and friends of the children from seeing or hearing the WBC. There will be closed-casket visitation at the reception center from 5 to 9 p.m. Monday and from 10 to 11 a.m. Tuesday. The service for the children of Theodore and Janelle Clouse will be held at 11 a.m. Tuesday at the Perry Mennonite Reception Center in Elliottsburg, PA.

Again, this is a PEACEFUL barrier. Let's show the WBC what true American Patriots are through respect and tact. No yelling, making obscene gestures, ect to members of the WBC. Their actions shall not stand when they see what a truly united faith centric people can achieve.
Please disseminate as fast as possible to all outlets to achieve the largest showing possible in support of this family and seven of God's greatest creations.
Kerry Patton

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Priscilla, I believe a synopsis is on this list somewhere regarding the recent SCOTUS decision.


The WBC dirtbags can say what they want and we [Patriots] can say what we want.  The WBC can't afford to buy a bunch of new tires for their van too many times or, rebuild another burned out church building.


God does work in mysterious ways <wink> <wink>!

Talked to Walter, he's is PGR and has already been contacted about this situation. Don't know if the family has asked for assistance but if they do the PGR will respond. WBC is the PGRs sworn enemy and they will not let this ride. See you all in DC March 19th
Good to Go Luke! Ask for assistance is all the family needs to do as you stated..and yes..WBC types are the reason the PGR shields families from the WBC's misplaced hatred.

A Mission Request can be via proxy . . . somebody that has contact with the family can ask them if they DO / DO NOT wish for support from the PGR.  I've done this several times when I knew the family had enough to do already.  If the family indicates yes then, I send my State Captain a note with details and a Person-To-Contact.


Then, we ride!  Bring extra Flags if you have them . . . Semper Fi!

good to go Brasscookie..good data for someone to pass on to the family!

For those who don't know, westboro was kicked out by the baptists.  They no longer have affiliation.  And there are only 11 of them...all family members.
Kicked out of what and why?.
Kicked out of the Baptist church.  You can't figure out why?
I will find out why today Martha, I hoped through this discussion I would find out. Thanks.

Well, I think i owe you an apology.  I can't find when they were denounced by the Baptists.  But I read somewhere they were.  However, I can't find it.  I'm sorry.

No apology needed Martha.
Yes there is.  I was rude and that wasn't necessary.  You're a good man.



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