Constitutional Emergency

PFA Discussion for All Members - What are your thoughts/PLANS on what we can do to restore our country - HOWEVER, THEY CANNOT BE PETITITON ANY GOVERNMENT SEAT NOR GO TO A RALLY

I'm asking all of PFA members to get in on this discussion. If you are truly linking arms with us, it is time to step up and engage with us.

This is a very important question and with a very important catch to it................We need everything laid on the table to see what we have, the catch is, we cannot throw on the table two plans of action: We cannot put on the table petitioning any government department, agency, or seat and we also cannot put on the table - to hold a rally or sit in.

We must acknowledge the truths of the environment in our country. We are now in a socialist country, it doesn't matter if you like that fact or not....we're there. We must also acknowledge that trying to work with a socialist government by pretending that we can use tools of liberty is dishonest and discouraging.

So, what do you got?


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Yes we must unite! I started trying to get groups to unite a few months back - they appear to be deaf the suggestion. United , we will win! This way, we will not.

I just watched the Bill Whittle video., great.

I now don't have time to read all the comments (or solutions)

But I heard a 3 step plan of action today that is in the works. it sounds great - just need people to implement it.

1- prepare a written demand to stop the electoral college final vote until the criminal charges regarding the election voter fraud and the other 32 separate acts which reflect a deliberate and malicious violation of the duties of the President as cited in Article II, Section 3.Of the United States Constitution, i.e. “…he shall take care that the laws be faithfully


2 - go to each state capital to distribute this written 'demand'

. Each state legislator has their own mailbox in a mail room. into their mailbox goes notices of unfinished business and new business to conduct that day.  our 'demands' will go into each mailbox.

3 - lots and lots of us calling of the reps to back up that demand. Put them all on notice that they may lose their jopbs or be called to step down vo violating their otath of office,.

GOAL : NLT Dec 17, 2012 -For the electoral college to set aside their premlinary vote for Obama. 

(note- a lot of us must go and talk to blkack groups in our local communities about the true agenda of the Democrat Party.  Although most of them are Democrats, they do not know the Democrat agenda.

I just talked to 3 people who were black this week.  they will research the information I gave them,. but they are pretty disgusted with the Democrat Party right nows.  We can quickly get them on our side.) 

Did you see the movie Red Dawn? That could happen again. We better wake up. We must all work together to prevent
Anything like this happening to us.

It is our duty under the constitution to protect this free republic. Short of civil war the only  answer I can come up with seems

to be beyond our grasp. We boot out all gov officials , from the top first , replace them , than try those whom are suspected of crimes against this nation insuring a fair and unbias trial and continue the process from the top down.  I don't know what else

can be done. This has been going on too long and it is way out of control. This could be done if anyone could organize the masses , but, for some reason that turns out to be the showstopper - trying to get all the freedom groups to unite along with

individuals. United we stand, divided we fall.

That is one problem - we have so many real "patriot" groups who are going about things as individual goups with their own major agenda. We NEED to get the leadership of these groups together and come together around  a single purpose (that is one purpose at a time). Since before 2008 I have joined and belonged to many groups that have true patriots in the membership, but most groups don't stay on any one course of action. 

The judicial system needs lots of work too. Even at local levels. Any judges not following the constitution or trying to legislate from the bench should be promptly removedas well as govenors of states.

I think that one of the best ways to fight for our Constitutional Republic is through legal means. This is a strong and sure way to defend our Constitution. The North American Law Center's Volunteer page is still under construction, but when it's up, I'd like to apply. I have been keen to sue the government on many fronts, but it's too daunting and costs too much. Most of us probably have. To me, this seems like a way to participate and to have representation now.

"All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent." - Thomas Jefferson.

We are clearly not silent here on this site, and this is an asset.... this is Constitutional.

Been there, done that.

Every legal measure against the usurper and his "in the bag" Congress & Judicial have been turned away for lack of 'standing' or lack of evidence, etc. or, for the most part, ignored, even though EVERYBODY knows the dirt is Right Freaking THERE!!! There is NO recourse to the law of man anymore. I have sent letters to my "Representatives" as well as the Michigan Attorney General which include Mike Rogers, He is a member of the Republican Party and Chairman of the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.


But, truth be told, there is no "Intelligence" there!


I have called him on his lack of duty to his constituents.


He responds as follows:


Dear Mr. Frank:
Thank you for contacting me regarding your concern that President Barack Obama is not a natural born citizen of the United States. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts with me on this issue.
While initially refusing to release information due to state privacy laws, Hawaii’s Health Director and Head of Vital Statistics have since examined and vouched for the authenticity of President Obama’s birth certificate. On April 27, 2011, the White House released the long-form birth certificate of Barack Obama, confirming that he was born in Honolulu, Hawaii on August 4, 1961. Therefore, Barack Obama is eligible to be President of the United States under Article II Section 1 of the United States Constitution".

(REALLY! He "vouched"?)
Likewise, multiple challenges to President Obama’s eligibility have been made in several federal courts across the country. These courts are the proper, constitutionally designated place for such grievances. All the challenges have been summarily dismissed.
While I disagree with President Obama on any number of important issues, I respect the electoral process and have faith in our political institutions. I look forward to moving past the rhetoric of past campaigns and working on the important issues in America like unemployment, health care and energy independence.
Thank you again for contacting me regarding this issue. If you have any other questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact my office.
Mike Rogers
Member of Congress
I answered him:
Mike Rogers,
You have been given a chance to pick your side, and, by choosing to ignore the evidence  that Arizonas Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his cold case posse have turned up in his investigation of the forged documentation of both the Liar in Chiefs' Birth Certificate and Selective Service Card, it is plain to see that you have taken the position that you are willing to side with Evil and Corruption by your continued participation in the Usurpers and the Lame-Stream Medias LIES and obfuscation.
Perhaps you believe that as long as the media do not cover it, it did not happen?
The truth is, there were dozens of Lame-Stream media outlets at the announcement and NONE printed or announced the story, even though it is arguably the largest fraud ever perpetrated upon We The People!
There are millions of us out here that know the truth and are disgusted how none of this Countries elected are willing to listen.
What kind of "Representative" for the People takes the word of a bureaucrat over a Constitutionally Sworn and Elected Sheriff anyway? Surely not one who expects to be re-elected.
Your willingness to ACTIVELY support this attack on our Constitution by keeping your head buried in the sand has not, and will not, escape notice or be far from our minds, come election day or SHTF Day, whichever comes first!
So, you see, it is not that they are not aware, it is simply at odds with their goals of subjugating the American people to an Un-Godly Nations Agenda 21.
Agenda 21 can be researched on the U.N.'s own website at
They are not hiding this in the least. Question-Why does nobody in this Country move to stop Agenda 21? Answer-Because Agenda 21 is their GOAL AS WELL!!!

They mean to take our wealth as a Nation and our Resources as a Nation and our Sovereignty as a Nation and stomp us into sbmission so they can divvy everything we have built to all the shithole countries of the WORLD.
So, by all means, continue to play the game through the legal channels. Let us know how that contnues to play out for you. Me, I've got lead to cast............

I see, yes. I am aware of the problem. I,too, have engaged and the results are just as you illustrate. 

Two things, I guess. One, is that I have copied the following from the Home page of The North American Law Center; either it resonates or it doesn't. No question, it does with me. I am that American citizen. Two, is who is doing it. Take a look.


Year after year, case after case, the American people have had their rights eviscerated by the American legal system. This deliberate destruction has come in the pursuit of effecting a “utopian global social justice system”. In actuality, what we have are judicial activists, through their lofty positions, imposing by fiat, that which should be determined through due process. These absurd, inane and socialistic decisions, substituting personal policy preferences for Constitutional imperatives, have destroyed both the intent and spirit of the Constitution, as well as the foundation of the Rule of Law.

The courts, together with most self-serving, agenda driven attorneys, have abandoned the Rule of Law, in lieu of legislating from the bench, precedent priority, and procedural chaos. Confusion has become the stock and trade of the courts. Not only are these “so-called” authorities unelected and unaccountable, they have rejected and violated their Constitutional role to provide “liberty and justice for all”. Not only are their decisions beyond their authority, they violate and destroy the will of the American people. Perhaps the most destructive issue…a decision from the courts, instead of remaining a simple decision, becomes law, a precedent, if you will, which further perpetrates the fallacy of Stare Decisis, which by its very concept violates our Rule of Law…that each case shall be judged on its own merits.

These tyrants, who continually violate our Constitutional rights and liberties, are not only in the legal system, but are found in other positions of power, i.e., federal, state  and local governments, appointed and/or elected positions, individuals, panels or groups, politicians, agencies, etc. This daily erosion of our freedoms has resulted in the theft and transfer of the power from the American people to state and federal governments.

The actions above have left the American people alone, defenseless, with no avenue for redress of grievances. There have always been various groups which defend criminals, illegal aliens, environmental causes, racial issues, and a plethora of other special interest
causes. But, who stands up to defend the decent, average hard-working, tax-paying American, who loves his Country…has defended his Country…foots the bills for all the “entitlement” programs, and, is watching the American Dream vanish before his eyes?

THE NORTH AMERICAN LAW CENTER has been formed by American citizens for the benefit of American citizens. This is an opportunity for the American people to stand-up and be counted. If you as an American citizen desire for the government/courts to once again be accountable to us, then this is your cause of action. When a lone person’s rights are trampled, there is very little, if anything, one person can do. The violators of our freedoms depend on this fact. However, with a team of American professionals who are not for sale at any price, and, a substantial war chest, we will defeat our Nation’s enemies in their own arena, and restore…liberty and justice for all. We will fight the battles that no one can fight alone…peacefully and legally.

I will have to keep an eye on that particular group, Clare. I hope they become all they aspire to be, BUT, for right now, all I see is a mission statement, a donate button and news from before the election? You said one, their home page and TWO who is doing it. Who IS doing it???

You may have already seen this page, but if you have not check out the links there.

Clare, I am not one to recognize when I am wrong without owning it.

Unfortunately, I did not click on the Breaking News part of THE NORTH AMERICAN LAW CENTER that you mentioned. I'm sure that you were probably offended (and rightly so) about the manner & tone of my first reply above. I am sometimes so frustrated with the 'legal' challenges and the 'political' challenges that I tend to speak out against things others speak of before giving them and their ideas a fair hearing. You and everybody here deserve better from me. I apologize to you and anyone else I may have offended and I will work hard to deserve your friendships in and out of this group in the future



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