Constitutional Emergency

PFA Discussion for All Members - What are your thoughts/PLANS on what we can do to restore our country - HOWEVER, THEY CANNOT BE PETITITON ANY GOVERNMENT SEAT NOR GO TO A RALLY

I'm asking all of PFA members to get in on this discussion. If you are truly linking arms with us, it is time to step up and engage with us.

This is a very important question and with a very important catch to it................We need everything laid on the table to see what we have, the catch is, we cannot throw on the table two plans of action: We cannot put on the table petitioning any government department, agency, or seat and we also cannot put on the table - to hold a rally or sit in.

We must acknowledge the truths of the environment in our country. We are now in a socialist country, it doesn't matter if you like that fact or not....we're there. We must also acknowledge that trying to work with a socialist government by pretending that we can use tools of liberty is dishonest and discouraging.

So, what do you got?


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Well, yeah, one interesting thing leads to another so personally I didn't take any offense because new info can change a mind quickly. Plus, I liked that you are decisive.

Your apology is very gracious, Robert.

Twana, I believe that the first time I heard of NALC was Clare Baileys post on this thread. Of course, with my memory what it is, I could be wrong. All I had done was take a perfunctory glance before leaving my first reply above on Clares post. Anywho, since I stuck my foot in my mouth considering the NALC, and since I have found out more on NALC, both from the link to the NALC website, AND the link that Bruce posted above, I no longer have the lukewarm views I espoused earlier and have gone so far as to make a pittance of a donation for their efforts. And any that know my situation, knows me making a donation, regardless of how small, is a rare event in my life.Not due to want, but, due to ability. From here on I am re-committing to follow your lead, to the best of my ability, regarding NALC and any other initiatives PFA & USPU deem worthy.

Twana, I will add my thanks to other members. The effort that it takes to accomplish a movement is not easy and comes with personal sacrafice. At times it is a thankless job. You have my respect and admiration for taking action! Thank You

Yeah, I often wonder about that, and drones ... don't forget the communications and so many other stuff ... but if my family (the Dutch underground) did well against the Nazis, and my ancestors (was here since the days of 13 Colonies) did well against the British ... I guess we just do what we can

Not around Texas, but a good Idea, and presented correctly will get support !


May I suggest you take a look at this could save you from reinventing the wheel.

Twana -- understanding that this site is being "monitored" by the Feds -- and anyone who participates in it is also being monitored,  I believe we need to create communication systems that will allow us to connect in times the Feds cut off cell phones and internet.  I am not being facetious when i ask all to remember the "smoke signals"  and "tom toms" that were used in other ages to "relay" information. While i am not suggesting those forms, there are possibilities for some form of linking communication, perhaps even some seeming "primitive" --- but we would be able to link up.  With the impending crush of federal/dictatorial power, along with disruption of all the "normal" life assisting things like food and transportation, we also need to become self-sufficient, in order to have the strength to stand for our basic human rights and to work on ousting tyranny.  Your site here is being "allowed" to exist, but it will not survive the censorship already creeping into our daily lives.  So, while i am not willing to list here those alternate forms of communication necessary in crises, they can be found in internet search and we can prepare them for use in the future.   Without trying to sound like a militia recruiter, I will also echo the calls for maintaining  arms for self protection -- both from oppressors and from thieves and robbers whose numbers will increase in the chaos to come.

we the people,who are the real government,i have been trying to get wayne/nra and donald thrump,who stated ovomit/satan in revolution begin,no donald not a revolution an evolution,donald/wayne lets get together and start a foundation or a begining to bring all the freedom loving,god fearing freedom groups to form under one giant or a few smaller freedom gather intel/ideas/etc.if we can start our freedom journey together,with wayne/nra/donalld/amac/john birch society/all militias/all good fearing,freedom loving american veternas/citizens.i say thats a great start.yes we will have people,who will try to bad mouth us,interupt us,and try to derail us,but if we the legal tax paying american citizens stay focused/prepared/communicate we can begin our freedom/liberty journey together.if we can get a great freedom loving lawyer or someone who knows our plight,and another idea is to legally sue/charge these inept lawless,traitors in government,what i,m saying is try to cover all our legal bases.i,m not a lawyer,but it would be another idea for we the people.god bless romney/ryan,sheriff joe and cold case posse,chuck noorris,frank serpico,and all legal tax paying american veternas/citizens.yea thou i walk in the shadow of the valley of death,i will fear no evil/ovomit

I believe in doing practical things, however small.

The first thing we need to do is to oust Boehner from the Speaker of the House position. He has no ability to negotiate, and he has no ability to communicate to the American people.

Then, convince the House to elect someone for speaker who is NOT an elected official.

My first 3 choices would be

Newt Gingrich
Mitt Romney

Herman Cain* - this could be a very interesting pick.

Mitt is squeaky clean, perhaps not conservative enough, but knows how to squeeze dollars form pennies and that is what we need. Gingrich has done it before and could do it again. Cain is the guy who can sell it to the American people.

Since they are all unelected, they could not be destroyed for the next election, and Obama has already outed their suppsed dirty laundry, not that it would matter anyway.



I believe I owe an apology to anyone that had a message deleted. I did not know that they were being deleted from the entire discussion. I was just attempting to make the discussion easier to follow on MY OWN computer.

I am sorry and it will not happen again !



Yea, About 4 to 5 pages are missing. I had a 2 Part plan Posted. It is no longer available. How is your Family Member doing today? I Hope they are doing well and recovery is quick and without pain.

Again, sorry about that - not intentional and hope you see fit to re-post -- I won't delete any again !



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