Constitutional Emergency

PFA Discussion for All Members - What are your thoughts/PLANS on what we can do to restore our country - HOWEVER, THEY CANNOT BE PETITITON ANY GOVERNMENT SEAT NOR GO TO A RALLY

I'm asking all of PFA members to get in on this discussion. If you are truly linking arms with us, it is time to step up and engage with us.

This is a very important question and with a very important catch to it................We need everything laid on the table to see what we have, the catch is, we cannot throw on the table two plans of action: We cannot put on the table petitioning any government department, agency, or seat and we also cannot put on the table - to hold a rally or sit in.

We must acknowledge the truths of the environment in our country. We are now in a socialist country, it doesn't matter if you like that fact or not....we're there. We must also acknowledge that trying to work with a socialist government by pretending that we can use tools of liberty is dishonest and discouraging.

So, what do you got?


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I too agree with Wiccanwolf. It would also be good insurance to begin to set up a nation wide stockpile of "emergency" supplies and establish Safe Cities. I know that sounds nuts but when (not if) whatever hits the fan Patriots are going to need a network of support and supply. Just my humble opinion.

It's not nuts. We need to know where to meet in the event of crisis. It always goes back to the same, United we stand , divided we fall.  I hope our opinions are wrong but I too firmly believe it is going to hit the fan. We cannot fight as individuals.

we the people,who are the real government.right mindy its always better to be prepared,then to not be prepared,think of it like we the people by me do,its called preventive maintance like on your car,you change the oil and filter every 3000 miles,same thing.starts by people you have known for a while,and can trust,look you can never fully trust anyone,but its a feeling or a sense you get.a journey starts with a first step,talk to friends,neighbors,people in your communitys etc,you can get a feel as you go,and adjust as necessary,is it perfect no,nothing is perfect,but its a start.gather knowledge/intel/etc.its better to have something and not need it,then to have nothing and try to achieve it.starts with ideas/input etc.and you will always run into people telling you, you don,t need it,your crazy.and will bad mouth the ideas,but stay focused.god bless we the people.yea thou i walk thru the shadow of the valley of death,i will fear no evil/ovomit

I think that strategically speaking would be a project for our vets, not us civilians. Than we have the issue of how to communicate this plan securely.  It is a matter of both defense and offense.  I would not suggest cities, I think primitive areas, many areas of the us still untouched by man. This requires a major strategic plan. Who are our best at this type of planning?

I agree - I wouldn't think any city would be a safe area to go to for shelter and food. Most who prep are headed OUT of urban areas.

Y'all been discussing things; I have been thinking about this as a "what if" scenario...JMHO, as right now that is where we are....from a old grunt's military standpoint and from other postings on other sites.  

Let's say that this "what if" is going to happen; and you are a "Pat". #1 and paramount...LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION.  Which side of the line are you currently on?  I am in a "Blue State" but there is, even where I live, a visible line; I am on the friendly side and the "Post Turtle" supporters are whimpy whiners that will more-than-likely run and hide.  Still, Know WHAT YOU HAVE to work with. 

Excluding the (Arian Nation Faction (extreme Northern Idaho)) We could more than likely say that Red=Pro 2nd you have allies.  However, even though you may be in a "blue State" there will be differences there too.  I.e....Portland, OR and San Francisco (wimpy peacenicks)  L.A.  (La Raza, MS13, Bloods/Crypts)  the point is, Only YOU can evaluate your current position and make a plan accordingly.  The more people, the more panic and desperation.  I hope you all pay attention to TV video on Hurricanes/storms, etc , because they show "reaction" to getting supplies based on actual events.

Next, good BIG cities and bad BIG cities...Dallas (overall good) Detroit (very BAD) Bad is where the SHTF first.  So you would need to be at the very least, out of the bad, and Kiss it and what you cannot take Via Con Dios!  The elements we have been discussing regarding other blog subjects are HERE already, regardless of what D.C. says; so YOU must evaluate what YOU have in your area.  CAIR, La Raza, MS13, "New BP" are already in the cities, because they offer protection.  Look at Jerusalem, Cairo, etc. 

So now, the best you can do and still have "civilization" is the Burbs and then even with these areas, you are better off on the outer fringes; as you will have some space. 

The safest area will be Rural America (RED=Friendly (God and Country)=Firepower).  As a matter of fact, I would bring up the 2012 County-by-County result page for potential "friendlies". 

One point I would like to offer from Gulf War I....the military has the gameplan and is VERY proficient at choking off an inner city.  You just encircle the perimeter and wait.  The vermin begin to eat each other.

 Twana, as some have said here, you have to KNOW who to trust.  So I believe, we-individually, will get at the very least, friends and family together of like mind.  That will be your immediate cluster of safety. 

As we get established we will cluster with others in the area, as their trust will be gained.  However in this case I would suggest VERIFY before Trust.  This is where the bartering we previously discussed comes into play.  Each "click" that has something; will need something else from somebody else etc.....Joint protection will be paramount, and then this is just from all the clicks that are trying to survive.  The more people of like mind the better your survival rate.  If you are a "Holiday Inn prince and/or princess", I suggest you begin to "like" camping.  If you like camping in the summer, you had better LOVE camping and you had better plan a few trips in the late fall; the later the better.  Personally I have camped in the RAIN, and down to 24 degrees in a nylon tent. In WA, if you want to camp you must adapt.  This is where some of that 100 item list comes into play.   

A "wildcard"; those narcissistic "DOOMSDAYERS" as they are out for nobody but themselves.  The best thing we could do is mark their spot and let them fend for themselves until they realize they need to "Join or die" the Military will be dealing with the cities we will have to deal with the lone wolves.

This "What if" example is only dealing with what WE will have to address in the immediate aftermath of what, we don't exactly know.  Regardless, the scenario is a survivability plan.  This isn't even addressing a Military problem, yes problem.  We can SAY that the Military will be on our side, but you don't KNOW that.  It will be based on whatever the "What if" actually is.  IF the situation is UN agression, then we are ALL on the same side, repelling borders.  If the situation is, us against the Post Turtle and the Military isn't on OUR side, then you just multiplied the gravity of the situation across the board, because we are now ALL seen as enemies of the State.

Not so simple now is it?

Now for the gruesom side. Bloodshed.

If you don't know weapons, you had better learn; because when it is all said and done YOU had better have one and you had better be prepared to use it.  I would, at the very least download and have available manuals on AKs, ARs, Glocks, S&W, HK; 12 ga, .223, 7mm, 30-06, 38, 357, .40, .45, even .50 and all of your own weapons.  A dead man's weapons are YOUR weapons and any ammo on site.  Knives, crossbows, Compound bows......Your new mindset is Any Weapon Anywhere, anytime......if you don't, somebody else will. 

We are the DEFENDERS of the CONSTITUTION. We are not out to change America but to preserve the Republic. Plain and simple.

Again, JMHO.....I may be wrong; but I'm just a old dumb grunt.....but I've always looked at it this way.....IF I can think can somebody question is...Do you just see things or do you OBSERVE and NOTE?


Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus et Fidelis

If the worst happens I want to be with people I know are already fighting for this nation and know what to do. Even in Red Areas too many are still sitting glued to their tv's. For those who want to survive to see better future we need to be togather and know how that survival is going to be accomplished. One scenario: Money all gone, no more freebies for the grubby little hands of the takers. They will riot, they will loot, they will kill, they will leave the cities and begin looting rural areas. In my humble opinion this is the most likley crisis. Those in red counties, looking at "Daffy goes to town" on their tv's - well not much chance for them. It is possible that the gov knows this too and that it is not the law abiding movement groups they are worried about, but, those they give our resource to for free.


You are a vet, already skilled in survival. I am a DBA , former organic farmer/ horse breeder trainer. I have lived in some very tough area - as pioneer as it get's these days, but, I lack the skill of a vet. I want to know that part of the skill set of the folks I end up with includes many vets! It will take many skills, mine included, to survive the scenario I described. Do I think I could do alone? Possibly, do I want to? No, I do not! I want you and other vets there with me! You were trained for situations a civilian such as myself was not trained for and will need to be. Likewise, I also offer a unique set of skills that will be required to survive in such a scenario. Believe it or not farming is tricky business - throwing seed in the ground and waiting for it to grow is not productive and will fail. Horses are great modes of transportation if properly trained , must be fed, again takes some farming. Anyways, you get my drift I think. I know how to track ,  I know how to survive in 10 ft of snow, I know where and when many wild food are available. And I am trained in the use of arms, but, not expert by any means.

Understand Mindy,

As there is no "former Marine" there is no former farmer, I would imagine as a farmer, you still know how to grow, can and store food.  I also imagine you have "frugality" as a way of life.  I know my family does.  You are already one up on all the city droids around who think when it breaks or runs out you just get a new one. 

I believe in the above secnarios that the "grubby hands" are as threatening as and up to the first round that drops a "Grubby hand".  Those pinheads that "get it" will immediately disperse and had better learn WE are serious, those who don't will be fodder for those of us who do.  But their first problem will be what I addressed as the Inner City vermin.  They have to get out first before they are a problem for rural America. 

Personally, I've served my Country, I'm older (53) I should be enjoying Life not thinking I have to do a young man's job again.  That doesn't mean I won't, but it does mean tha us older guys will be majorly TICKED OFF......because the young KID is a Flipping PINHEAD who gave away the farm......guess you can guess WHO will be walking my "point" positions and standing watch on the perimeter.

Your skills will be greatly needed as will any meds.  And "Skills" are a bartering tool too, thus you are a commodity.....but you brought up a good point.  Know a gardener or grow a garden now to learn how to do it right.....


Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus et Fidelis 

And know how to defend and train those who don't.

Snowman I agree with you 100% TAKE CARE OF SELF (family) FIRST.  Also in an unseen event you are dead on. However my question is: We all know what is inevitably coming...we KNOW what would the harm be to prepared, for once, ahead of time on a major scale.  I don't know about know secifically about our middle-eastern enemy but if they are prepared anything like (I am sure they are) our far eastern enemy were then you know they stockpiled and prepared for years ahead of time on a massive scale level. Hell they could live underground for literally months on end and did. 

Steven.....Absolutely nothing wrong in being prepared; we have been here saying time to get the lists together and make plans.  Start acquiring information that affects you.  Everyone has individual needs/desires.  As you have no doubtedly heard Plan the work and work the plan. 

As we all discuss these things, sometimes OPENLY (Fair Warning: see Harry's new post about the NSA) we can take much of the information provided, search the web for additional information to add to your knowledge and sculpt a personal plan fitted to the individual[s] situation.  I would hightly recommend it; but when it comes to family, we all have family spread across the now what?  The middle eastern cells that are here already are, I can guarantee, better organized than "middle-class America. Think about them and what Israel deals with the next time you see those yellow tagged vehicles on the side of the road.....or whatever color your State troopers use....... 

One minor problem here is "communication"........electronic communication is monitored, GUARANTEED!   I recommend that you find your "safe havens" (Trusted associates), and note them Nationwide and any correspondence be done via snailmail.........we can "DISCUSS" all we want, talk is cheap; however, make your survival plan off the electronic grid.   

"...Hell they could live underground for literally months on end and did...."

As can we.......

I say get all the information available to our PFA members and add some "How to" links......each of us collect EVERYTHING that you feel is important to you and have it available for follow-up later on.  As I said, if I can dream it can anybody thing I just thought of......a solar panel capable of keeping at least two 12v batteries fully charged and an inverter, say you some electric would allow you to keep your laptop library going......stored Word, pdf, photo reference files etc......Reading is knowledge, knowledge is power.......


Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus et Fidelis



Yes I should have said safe havens.



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