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PFA Discussion for All Members - What are your thoughts/PLANS on what we can do to restore our country - HOWEVER, THEY CANNOT BE PETITITON ANY GOVERNMENT SEAT NOR GO TO A RALLY

I'm asking all of PFA members to get in on this discussion. If you are truly linking arms with us, it is time to step up and engage with us.

This is a very important question and with a very important catch to it................We need everything laid on the table to see what we have, the catch is, we cannot throw on the table two plans of action: We cannot put on the table petitioning any government department, agency, or seat and we also cannot put on the table - to hold a rally or sit in.

We must acknowledge the truths of the environment in our country. We are now in a socialist country, it doesn't matter if you like that fact or not....we're there. We must also acknowledge that trying to work with a socialist government by pretending that we can use tools of liberty is dishonest and discouraging.

So, what do you got?


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Great question Debrajoe Beatty. Where in the last 4 administrations has anyone cared about following the Costitution? Congress must be made to get off their collective backsides and force the Executive branch back into alignment with Constitutional law.  

First, I'm in the line up for the unifying of all the patriot groups. This would considerably widen the possibilities. Second, I agree with Fred Miller; worship in a unified church with clear-minded Christians. It is essential that we and our families have spiritual protection.

You said it Twana.....the "What about MEEEE????" culture; and it is always different, because its MEEEE!!!!

Been there, negotiated that, and negotiated and some point you have to say this is the line..........JOIN or suffer as a consequence of your choices.


Semper Vigilo, Fortis, paratus et Fidelis

Twana if what you say is true and I have no reason to doubt you, all I can say is that if we don't stand together we WILL fall separately. Small groups separated throughout the country can't stand.


Oh and I can hear the voices now......I'll make it I'm a vet. My people can survive we're well you can't. I'm a vet also but I'm not John Rambo.

I understand. I suppose, unfortunately and I don't really get this bit, many have their own agenda. When it comes down to selling out your country, freedom, liberty and neighbors, well , I hope there is a special place in Hell. I really didn't mean to stir up all the ruckus it's just that it's something I feel strongly about. I am fairly new to all of this (blogs, forums, etc.) and don't know what groups are who yet. I hope and want to believe that when TSHTF you are right and we as people will band together. Anyway thanks for the intel and education.

Twana and Steve,

As you said "Think outside the Box" and as I responded in a couple of posts in this thread...."if I can imagine it, so can somebody else"  I took this request as something similar to "doomsday" prepping, as the request was Sit-in's and Petitioning D.C. et Al wasn't going to cut it. 

So given "Active Communication" has ceased to exist between the Sovereign and their Representatives; what's left?  Both sides of the line, the Sovereign on the one side and Government on the other; thus leaving the inevitable.  So then, given that scenario, someone-somewhere would have to have done the unthinkable to set off the chain reaction that set in motion that which you are alluding to.


Twana, as I responded to you above, we are ALWAYS going to have the what about ME? Groups, that is why we have polarization in D.C. NOW. 

"...and the LORD said in his heart, I will not again curse the ground any more for man's sake; for the imagination of man's heart is evil from his youth;..." (Genesis 8:21)

Narcissism and hypocritical Greed; festering a great deal of animocity between many "Factions", because that is what these groups are "factions".  It will be imperitive to have internal communication with people you want to be isolated with.  As that is what we are discussing here.  Knowing who is your "Friend" and who is your "Foe" in unpeirlous times. 

The Civil War proved one man's family is another man's foe.  That is how splintered we are as a Nation right now.  Pro-Life v.Pro-infanticide, Traditional Marriage v. GLBT, Liberty & Freedom v. Slavery under the guize of Government Protection......even as Twana cited in her example to you, we are NOT ALL ON THE SAME PAGE.  You are going to have to do some self-vetting to see where you will want to start; and "YES" you are absolutely correct, small groups will be swallowed up or "liquidated" in the process.  Join or "die" will once again be a current motto.

One thing the Vets DO GET.....It CAN HAPPEN HERE.  Doesn't mean we desire that to happen and given a choice, we would prefer civility over conflict, but unlike the 99% ers (Occupy) Vets et Al are prepared for the worst and will defend Our Liberty and Our Constitution as we swore to do.


Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus et Fidelis

It is sobering to acknowledge. I didn't realize. Thank you for lesson learned. 

I have one answer. How can we not?



Another issue we must be prepared to face James, is; like "sharks sensing blood in the water", Countries like Iran, N.Korea and "faction groups" like Al Queida, and Hesbolla and their sleepers already "in-country" will think they will be able to swim in for the "kill" and eradicate America. 

This is more than internal conflict, this is where the SHTF comes to America and we will be subjected to extreme prejudice on our soil just as Israel has been for over 3000 years.


Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus et Fidelis

I agree with many,but my suggestion is to organize a group of fluent Spanish speakers who will monitor the Hispanic press,write comments,write editorials.It is impossible for new English speakers to understand politics in their new language.I had to look up sequestration in the dictionary.Plus you must understand the culture.Many come from very corrupt countries. My friend,an atty, has to warn Spanish speaking clients,"No bribes to the Judge."

I speak passable Spanish but have friends who are fluent including my grandson.

I have taught English to Spanish speakers as a volunteer. You do not have to speakSpanish  to be a teacher of English as the lessons are done totally in English. When i taught English I also taught some conservative values.

The Hispanic media elected Obama in 2008 and also in 2012.

Please do not write "They need to learn English" Yes, they do, but there are many obstacles in the way: few volunteers, young mothers who cannot drive, etc,



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