PFA is NOT shutting down.
Due to many difficulties with Facebook and their censorship policies against conservatives I have decided it's time to shut down my Facebook accounts. That will also include my pages for PFA/OAS that I have maintained since 2014.
But that will NOT effect this Ning Forums site. This site - will remain up, open, and still in business as usual.
I am very disappointed in Facebook and their censorship policies and I really do not like being silenced by these fascist creeps. This is NAZI/Communism in it's earliest stages, this is precisely what Adolph Hitler did in the 1930's although there were no such communications channels available to the people back then. But it is still the same thing. The policies of silencing your opposition was and still is the tools and weapons of these communists. I do not like it but since my PFA/OAS pages on Facebook are a Community organizer page it is thus a paid subscription page, and I refuse to continue to support them.

I am closing all my Facebook pages including my PFA/OAS Facebook account but NOT this PFA web site.
I have also discussed these policies with the Ning support people and they have assured me that Ning does NOT adhere to Facebook policies at ll.

They DO have their own policies but they do NOT adhere to anything from Facebook.
SO - With that said,,,,,,,,,,,, Continue on and enjoy your freedom, while we still have some of it.


 Ron McKinley - - - Oldrooster........

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Deny it all you want, but I can no longer tolerate your anti Jewish rhetoric.
Is there a way to filter a poster on this site?
On a DAILY basis you post something like this, and it has gone too far for me.

Respectfully, please stop.
I do not think this is the appropriate forum.

I do not even know what to make of this response or what is has to do with my concerns.
Rather than continue down this rabbit hole, I am going to check out from PFA for a while.
Frankly, I think you may be in need of some medical attention.
If you were to share one of these rants with a medical professional [Jewish or otherwise] they would likely agree.
Please seek some help.
Perhaps when I return at some later date you will be doing better, I really hope that is the case.

Goodbye for now folks.
I am no longer comfortable in this environment and fear I may say something objectionable.

Tif, Mathias is right, this anti-Jewish rant and obsession of your has gone far enough.
That is NOT what this site is about,
From now on I will delete any more of your rants and Anti-Jewish bashing. I'm tired of it and I really don't care where you find this material.

If you post any more of it here I will delete it and if it becomes necessary I will delete you also.

Enough is enough.


Thanks for your reply Hank, It IS appreciated.
First of all please let me state my position on things in this country right now, and some other issues;
The situation in this country and also around the world is devastating, dangerous, and getting worse by the day.
The Communists have joined forces with the Islamists, and half of Washington wants to destroy American Sovereignty and join the United Nations. I think you are right in suggesting that any one who lives in the city will not survive very long.
I support President Donald J. Trump. In fact I think he is about the only choice we have right now. Is he perfect ? NO, Is he a great conservative ? NO. But he is one hell of a lot better than any of the other choices we may have for the next 4-5 years.
Immigration: Total disaster -  and that's an under statement. It IS an invasion, plain and simple, An invasion of Islamists and Communists and along with a few thousand real actual refugees from South American countries that have fallen to Communist rules. The invasion into Europe is devastating to say the least. I feel sorry for those poor people in that small town you mentioned, they are all likely dead by now..

Now, The thing with Tiffany (Tif),,,,,, She says she is NOT anti-Semitic, I will give her the benefit of the doubt on that and take her at her word. But then she turns around and every other post she puts up here is bashing Jews in one way or another. I told you if you want to bash George Soros - go for it. I'd personally like to see him shot.

I know and understand that there are Jewish people even in Israel who hate Israel as a nation, and I know there are Jewish people who hate America.
I have asked her to be specific about who she is bashing, point them out. Don't use terms in general, it paints too wide a brush stroke when she just says Those damned Jews, """,,,,,,,,,, We have (had) many many people of Jewish heritage on this PFA site, and most of them are really great Americans and good people. So when she (Tif) uses a wide brush to bash Jews she is really bashing a lot of people here on this forum site.
Are there Jewish people involved in the world banking cartels ??? In our own Federal Reserve bank ? YES of course there are. And believe me we are ALL very well aware that the Federal Reserve Bank is NOT an American owned system.

My position on the US Constitution? I am a veteran, I swore an oath to preserve, protect, and defend that Constitution against all enemies, foreign or domestic. THAT is why I am still here and why I pay to keep this site up  and running.
What is happening right now in America is devastating. If (When) the Democrats take over Washington we will loose EVERYTHING. And when I say everything I literally mean E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.
If we don't do something to stand up and protect this Constitution and this Country will WILL loose it all. When I say stand up that does include the possibility of armed conflict. Which we would probably loose, at least in the first few rounds. And of course the Left-wing news media would blame us and call us all a bunch of domestic terrorists and radical fanatics. The DHS and Homeland Security would all fight against us.
I believe an armed and hot conflict is inevitable. But I also believe it may be necessary if we are to preserve America. It may be the only way we will ever have a chance to restore our great Republic.



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