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Hello Everyone, Our prayers and condolences go out to the family of Bill Hartzell, a long time 912 Western Iowa member whose wife's 93 year old grandmother was brutally assaulted in her home last Sunday. The death of Louise Sollowin came at the hands of a drunken 19 year old Sergio Perez, an illegal alien in this country who has been here four months.

We have set up a fund for her family; the link is at and we will also be setting up an account at American National Bank or tomorrow. Please consider doing what you can as members of the 912 family come together to help a great friend and his family get through an awful tragedy.


Thank You Everyone,


if you google 93 year old grandmother raped and murdered it will bring up the whole story- Thank you, Bill Hartzell

Here is a news report on this. Amnesty is a crime against the US citizens!

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What is this sick world coming to? So sad, and I am just as mad, that "WE THE PEOPLE" haven't taken a stand against the current and past government for tyranny against the people, and we continue to allow it to happen without consequences. Shame on us for not taking out the trash in our houses, all three branches of our houses.. condolences to the family.  This tragedy could have been prevented if we had a President who obeyed and enforced our laws.  Never before have we had a President who hated our country like this one does and who is doing everything that he can to destroy America instead of defending, protecting, and encouraging our people. His hot mic statements about missing a good day of golf because he had to give an Independence day speech speak volumes about how he really feels about our country and explains a lot about why he wants to take America down.  Beware my fellow loyal Americans; there is a fox in the henhouse.

Im so sorry for your loss! Prayers for the family

Very sorry to hear this. Will this get the news coverage it deserves?
My condolences to your family.

Here is another story about one of those poor undocumented souls just trying to
make a better life for his family in America.  I say that with all the sarcasm I
can muster.  Did you see any story about this on national news?  I think this
should be talked about more than the Zimmerman case.  Think about this story
when you see our ‘leaders’ discuss whether or not we should increase security on
our borders.

Thank you all so very much for all of your prayers and support.

This just disgusting and beyond words,and ovomit wants to let 11 million undocumented mexicans to just stroll in, No Way!.



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