PFA Members have until Sunday evening to join your state group and announce yourself on your county page in your state group

Joining your PFA state group does not require another password or different sign in, it's all part of PFA.

I am requiring all members of PFA to join your state group and start meeting other PFA folks in your community, county, district and state. If you are not willing to join your state group and county then that tells me you are not serious about restoring your state sovereignty nor our Constitutional Representative Republic and you will go out from among us.

It doesn't matter if you are 100% disabled, you still have something to offer, you have a mind and it is needed!

Everyone is needed, everyone brings talents to the table. If you refuse or will not join your state group then I will remove you. I start Sunday evening.

Our country is in very serious downfall and keyboard commando complaining is not fixing it! I'm gonna use a biblical instruction to show what I expect and do not expect from PFA members.

I expect you to meet folks in your community, etc here on PFA. I also expect you to meet and talk with folks in person about the serious fall our country is in. Talk with them about it, if they are not interested or are useful idiots or leftist,  then wipe the dust off your feet and walk away and do not waste time on them. Stop wasting time trying to force convince those who will refuse the truth! Use the little time we have left wisely!

You need to have face to face meetings. You need to know each other that way you know who you can trust and who does not belong! It doesn't matter your age nor your physical condition .......... you have works you can do!!! Do them!

Here is how you join your state group:

Note the tabs under the banner. In the top row of tabs you see the tab State Groups. Click it, it will open the first page of the state groups. If you do not see your state group then go to the bottom of that page and you will see pages numbers in boxes. Go through the pages until you find your State Group. Join it! you will see a join button somewhere on that State Group page.

Then notice on the right under the members of state group, there are county pages. If you do not see yours listed,  then notice below those counties listed a View All link. Click it and go through the pages until you find your county. Then announce yourself. It will also be helpful to announce yourself on county's close to you.

We can achieve victories but it is going to take us all working and not just a few. Again, I will not allow other groups to run in here and use PFA members as a recruiting pool and then use PFA members to push fund raising here nor pushing works that do not work!


  1. Signing petitions <--- these do not work, they are now used to build databases for fund raising then and at later times.
  2. Writing and calling DC <--- I wish it worked but they do not listen to us and it wastes our time and resources. Work in your state!
  3. Rallies <--- that work is done! Start making appointments with you legislators and talking with them. Do your homework so you know your stuff, many times they will not!

Say all hell breaks loose tomorrow, who in your community is a team that is prepared to survive and protect and defend their own and their community? That is where we must get to! You must be a part of a local team! If you don't know how, then join with like minded here and start from there! Together you will figure it out and also use the tools on PFA that we are providing for you so you can learn how. There is much helpful info on here and I'm thankful to the folks who've posted great info for us.

If you have any questions on how to join, ask them here! If you offer excuses why you can't join state group, then go out from us.



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OK, I am in Anne Arundel county, Md.  I guess I am the only one.  Better than no one else.

Anyone else want to join with me?  I am here and ready.  Gerry's the name, ready, willing and able for a fight to keep the 2nd amendment in our constitution. I believe that every elected official that takes an OATH believing that they agree with the Constitution of the United States, then goes against the 2nd Amendment...He/She should be removed from Office.  Guns are not our problems, its the illegals, criminals and others who abuse our rules.  If you know nothing about guns, weapons and the use of these weapons...don't tread on me.  Because YOU are the problem.  We should have a course in school that teaches the proper use of guns so that when a child comes in contact with a load gun, he or she will have the intelligence not to handle that weapon and can't shoot or kill another child. As for the teens, children and adults who kill others, there is something wrong with their minds...otherwise they would not be out there killing others.  People that have, carry and utilize guns are knowledgeable about their weapons...they are not out in public trying to kill others.  They use their weapons as a safety, to protect themselves and others from harm.  If we allow the government and criminals to take control of our weapons, we would be at their mercy.  I am not willing to be at the mercy of the criminal or our government.

I am attempting to join as a citizen of the State of Arizona/Maricopa County but cannot...CANNOT find a JOIN location on any of the pages related to Arizona. PLEASE HELP!
Please...need help. CANNOT find a location on Arizona related pages that indicate JOIN.
Hi. I am Sandy Cathcart from St Louis Missouri and can't locate where to join also

Sandy, at the top of this page, right under the word 'Patriots' in the black tab bar is the words 'STATE GROUPS' in blue. Click on that and it will open a page with the state groups listed. Scroll to the 'search' box, enter 'Missouri', and you'll be on that state group page. At the top right there should be a link saying 'Join This Group', or something similar. Click that and you're in. Then to the right you'll see a list of Missouri counties. Search through the counties until you find yours, click on it and post your name letting everyone in Missouri know what county you're in.

That's all there is to it!

I dont know if New Mexico has a group, if they do can you help direct me to it, Thanks Twana, I 've been really busy with work and my performances and rehersals at the community theater.  I was cast for "the Importance of Being Ernest", I portrayed LANE,  The Butler, and I have also been cast for a duel role in Jekyll and Hyde, I will portray Lord General Gloosip, and Spider, The Pimp.


Thanks Boss Lady,  please let me know,  Chad



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1. Click on State Groups tab at the top of the page.
2. Find your State Flag
3. Click on Flag.
4. Look for link to join Your State Group near the top of the State Groups page.
5. Click on it.

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