This post is specifically for hearing if YOU ARE COMING and details for those coming. All other talk from those not attending can be posted here. (All not coming comments misplaced here will be deleted. We will keep the comment section here on topic specific and uncluttered).

Here's is the latest update for the spring meeting. 

The meeting is set for May 16, 17, 18

Because of other commitments my wife and I have those dates are pretty much set in concrete. 

We may not need all three days but better too much time than not enough.  Twana will be making up an agenda. 

I will make a fire pit (don't want to burn up my pasture or woods) and firewood available.  As it now stands breakfast and supper will be on your own.  That's subject to change. 

We have a couple of folks coming who have volunteered to cook.  Lunch will be a community meal.  Nothing fancy, burgers and dogs.  We will probably have coffee and donuts available in the morning.  We will be looking for contributions to cover the cost of a port-a-potty, coffee, donuts, burgers, dogs, etc. 

we need to get confirmed commitments for this so Twana can check into reserving a block of rooms at a motel. 

As I stated before dry camping will be available.  For those of you who will be camping you are welcome to come as early as you would like.  My wife and I would enjoy having you visit with us. 

I have no problems with adult beverages, however, anyone gets out of control I will not hesitate to call the sheriff and have them removed.  This last statement probably wasn't necessary but I want everyone to be clear. 

No speakers but Twana is looking for individuals who can possibly do some training.  The rifle range will be available after the close of business each day.  However, any problems and it gets shut down.  I hope I'm not coming across as overly harsh but this is my home and I am concerned for everyone's welfare. 

Once again let me stress that we need to get attendance confirmations as soon as possible.  In order to confirm that you will be coming send me (Marvin) a personal message. 

That way I will be able to send you an individual message with directions on how to get here. 

Thanks.  Marvin

Brain Storming......demonstrations

  • Bug out bags
  • water purification techniques and tools
  • campfire cooking
  • eatable plants 
  • emergency first aid demo and training maybe
  • face to face time about what we are preparing for

No Outside speakers will be brought in - we've been spoken AT enough.

We need to start getting a head count of who is attending for some specific reasons.

1. Porta Potty's

2. I need to know who all will be staying in a hotel? When I get that number I can then call the hotel and see if I can reserve a block of rooms at a good rate.


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Barring any medical issues, I plan to be there and will like a nice clean bed...camping out lost it's charm long ago for me!  But if I have to camp, I can do that too!  What is the nearest airport, just in case we decide to fly in?

I guess I was not clear...what I am saying is reserve a room for me please unless I am able to borrow my friend's RV.  Unfortunately, he is in transit at the moment from out of the country, so I won't know that til later in April.  Perhaps we can all rent a van to shuttle us to Marvin's place from the hotel. 

Also, are there any people from the Northeast who might like to drive down?  I'd love to avoid flying if I could.

I look forward to meeting you, Rachel!

likewise, Judy!

As noted in my personal message to you, Marvin, God willing I will be there.  Count me in for one bed at the inn!  If anyone reads this who is coming from the Panhandle and wants to travel together, please, PLEASE~! message me.

I am going from North of Atlanta ! give me a yell

ANyone who would like to meet and ride with my son and me from North of Atlanta a litttle above I-285 and go on from ther send me a message !

As long as an emergency doesnt come up, ill be there. Ill need a room at the motel, too


Are you able to give a GPS address ?


lol will you email it to me please ?



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