Constitutional Emergency

PFA STRATEGY/PLATFORM FOR 2010 - An Effort To Avert Grave Danger


Patriots For America Strategy



Patriots For America solemnly swears/affirms to toil and sacrifice to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic, So Help Us God

• We recognize that current Senators and Representatives have acted as enemies of the US Constitution.
• We will commit our hearts and souls in prayer to defeat the unprincipled politicians of any party who have broken their oath of office.
• We will develop grass roots groups in each state that will speak and act with one voice to elect conservative and principled servants of the people and the Constitution.
• We will focus our efforts on the House of Representatives, knowing the impact that will have on other elective offices. A secondary target will be senators who have violated their oath of office.
• We will encourage opposition to current conservative representatives in order to hold them accountable and to spread the message of restoration of the Constitution.
• We will not personally attack individuals.
• We will aggressively oppose government policies, decisions and mandates that are anti-American, socialist, communist, or not within the bounds of the Constitution.
• We will analyze particular districts to determine when it may be advisable to support incumbents who have demonstrated unequivocal commitment to the Constitution.
• We will develop a plan for the wholesale removal of House of Representatives members knowing that it will take a creative, courageous, committed, mass effort at the grass roots level.
• We will ask each candidate to take an oath to conservative and constitutional government before receiving our support.


Make no mistake, Patriots For America members will not waste time personally attacking politicians but we will aggressively attack the liberal, socialist, anti-America positions, policies, and decisions being made by the Obama Administration and United States Congress.

Do everything possible to develop and participate in a “unified/massed force” grass roots effort across America that will speak and act with one voice to secure constitutional, conservative, republic principled servants elected to the US Congress in 2010.

Recognize that the current membership of the US Congress is a priority enemy of the US Constitution. It is the target we have the greatest potential success of rearranging by electing constitutional committed servant representatives in 2010...obviously this assumes we have an election.

Every effort of prayer, heart and soul will be pursued in defeating unprincipled, oath-breaking Congressional politicians of all parties. Even though one-third of current Senators should be replaced, the main focus will be on the House of Representatives as the most workable target with secondary effort to defeat targeted Senators. The fight to replace Representatives will bleed/impact other elective offices.

Raise up conservative, constitutional candidates for every House of Representative race/seat in 2010. This is not to say there are not a few, a handful, of conservative representatives currently elected, but they also should have opposition. If nothing else, to hold them accountable, and second, to be an additional voice to spread the message of "Constitutional Restoration In 2010 Or A Second American Revolution in 2011". These cases would have to be analyzed by voters in particular Districts where it may be advisable to support an incumbent that is a proven unequivocal constitutional servant representative.

To accomplish wholesale removal of House of Representatives members, it will take a creative, courageous, committed, mass effort at the “grass roots” level in every State. PFA State Groups must be energized into action to encourage, raise up, and support candidates who take an oath to our platform. A plan to assist must be developed.


"I declare and affirm that I will hold myself bound to bear allegiance to the Constitution of the United States of America, and will use my personal energies and resources to convince the leadership of the political party, for which I am a candidate, to focus its legislative actions only to issues that do not usurp the rights that are reserved by the Constitution to the States or to the People. I will not bear allegiance to any political party or party leadership when its direction, policies, or proposed legislation or actions conflict with the Constitution of the United States of America, so help me God. "

Commit to strict adherence to the US Constitution. Propose and support legislation requiring Congress to identify and verify that all new proposed legislation meets specific US Constitution guidance. Study legislation presently on the books to determine adherence to strict Constitutional principles with the goal of eliminating all unconstitutional executive orders, bills, laws, resolutions, regulations and requirements.

Balance the Federal Budget. Stand firm for capitalism principles as the bedrock for American free market. Lower or eliminate taxes on businesses to encourage job creation. Eliminate the Death tax, thus allowing small businesses and family farms the ability to be transferred to the next generation without costly schemes. Investigate and demand prosecution for any criminal or ethical violations associated with the 2008/2009 economic crisis.

The defense of the United States is the primary mission of the government, without which all other rights and privileges mean nothing. That requires a military force that is second to none in technology and advanced weaponry together with the infrastructure to support an advanced global fighting force. Before sending America’s men and women into battle, a congressional declaration of war must be approved.

Our country has abundant sources of energy, but our government has stifled development. Drill off our coasts, begin processing our abundant resources of shale in the western states, and build nuclear power plants. Use our coal resources to create synthetic fuel, and use technology to make the burning of coal cleaner.

Laws on the books must be enforced. This starts with adequately funding our Border Patrol. A nation is not a nation unless it can control its borders. Interpreters or defense attorneys cannot be provided for illegal aliens at taxpayer expense. There is room for only one flag and one language, English. All Federal and State documents, including voting ballots and drivers license testing, shall be in English only.

We have the finest healthcare system in the world. Socialized medicine would be a disaster for this country. Innovation and the proper use of technology can streamline and reduce the cost of healthcare in America to where every American citizen can receive the superior care that our system produces.

Respect for Life
Oppose destruction of life, truly respect God's power of creation and the blessing he gives us in our children. Also, with the number of qualified couples seeking children to adopt, babies born from unwanted pregnancies can expect a loving family to care for them.

The sanctity of marriage by definition is the bond of holy matrimony between one man and one woman.

Term Limits
Professional politicians have nearly destroyed the United States as a nation of freedom, liberty and the capitalist system. Term limits for Representatives and Senators should be limited to three terms and one term respectively.

Federal Reserve
The Federal Reserve should be brought under total US Government audit, but preferably abolished with appropriate functions returned to the United States Treasurer.

Candidate Name......................... State........................ District....................................Date

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Good point on (1).....have modified.....will leave (2) as a start.......

I suggest you add your thoughts above to the PFA Positon papers under the tab PFA Action center.....It is indeed something to consider under Constitutional issue.


Harry Riley
what are we doing here, are we responding to a corporation, ie so call government? if, in fact it is a corporation, how can we dictate amendments since under the republic form of government, it has been left unchanged. So whatever act the Congress or the President (impostors) have done is all null and void. and if any amendments or additions to your docs is to denounce the corporate foreign entity that has take over our republic, and restore the republic, we the people form of government. that should be our goals. to add, we did have a check and balance system, but now, the courts make laws (case law, as whatever judges rule on that's case law), the executive branch makes laws, (executive orders) and Congress, all they do is suck up to the highest bidder, and retire very comfortably. So what do we need to change?.... that's my 2 cents worth
Frank......I agree with you. What you say is basically what we're trying to change by raising up candidates that will abide by the US Constitution. We hope it's not too late to do it in peaceful, nonviolent terms......we still have a window, about one year to get the voices in Congress that will stand with "we the people".......

The challenge is to support those faithful to freedom, liberty, and sacrificial service when they stand up and are willing to serve.
The draft was written not specific enough. The fundamental concepts laying in foundation of civility and of our nation have already eroded and must be spelled out explicitly, like "You must walk on your two, not on your four"...

Here below these foundations are re-spelled with more specifics and more to the point where we are now:

Please add them to your draft.

For your convenience it is attached here (although with broken format).


The Platform of Survival

The fundamental issues

In order to rectify the recent distortions in understanding of our Constitution, the intent of the Founding Fathers, and of our national heritage, the following principles are assumed as a self-evident truth.

1. The concept of "Natural Born Citizen" as a prerequisite of Presidency means the US citizenship inherited from the parents both US citizens on the US soil ("The Law of Nations" (1758) by Emerich de Vattel.) Obama/Soetoro therefore is illegitimate and must be prosecuted for perjury.

2. We believe that according to our Constitution and de facto we are a Judeo-Christian nation, whose language is English, and the culture is based on Judeo-Christian tradition – our identity as a nation. We have the right and obligation to preserve our identity – as any other nation does according to the universally recognized norms.

3. The word "Religion" in the Founding documents does not mean "any world religion". It stands for varieties of Christianity and Judaism only, as the colonists founding our nation were descendants of Great Britain and other European Christian nations only. Although it is the citizens' right to worship any faith, or to have no faith at all, the United States of America have always been a deeply religious nation: over 90% Christian with a particular acknowledgment of The Old Testament and Judaism. This high percentage alone is enough to assert that the United States does have the national religions. They are Christianity and Judaism – the ultimate source of our spiritual and cultural identity to be further maintained and preserved.

4. Our country is based on unity, not separation of God and State, for it is God who gave us our unalienable rights, this great country, and our great spiritual heritage. The First Amendment ("Congress shall make no laws respecting an establishment of religion") means that the State shall not single out a particular version of Christianity or Judaism, nor shall make any laws regulating them, for it is God who gave the basic laws for human, not vice versa. Therefore all state institutions and organizations can and are encouraged to display Biblical images, to follow the laws of the land in the spirit of Biblical morality, to have Biblical monuments on the public land, and to encourage the state schools and universities to teach the Bible and the family values (including abstinence).

The external politics

5. We recognize that almost all Islamic countries and the great majority of practitioners of Islam in the world today adhere to Jihad – a religious war against all non-Islamic nations with the goal of spreading Islam and establishing the world Caliphate. The war on the West was openly declared by particular Islamic states such as Iran, and by numerous Islamic organizations nested all over the World, especially under protection of Islamic governments. Terror is just their weapon of choice, but we are in the war not with the terror, but against the dispersed enemy united by the common ideology. Without going into its particularities and ethnic varieties, their ideology is Islam, and therefore we are engaged in a religious war against Islam.

6. Not only did Islam declare war on the West: this war is being conducted for decades in many ways and in numerous attacks on American and Western interests all over the world, the 9/11 being the most catastrophic. Recognizing that our enemies represent an unprecedented existential threat to our country and the world order, we believe that our government must wage this war applying all available power with all tools on the table. We consider the war in Afghanistan and Iraq as a first stage of a much greater conflict, and we demand that the government do not restrict our soldiers with any rules of engagement: the soldiers put their lives on the line confronting savages of 7th century.

7. Within our country Islam must not be considered as just one of religions that may be worshipped in the US under guise of constitutional protection. Islam is not just foreign to our nation. Islam must be treated as an enemy ideology, teaching that America is a great Satan; that our Constitution must be replaced with Islamic Law, and all Christians and Jews must be converted, or humiliated, or executed. As a propaganda machine acting inside our country, Islam is a "fifth column", a Trojan horse infiltrated via mosques in prisons, in the media, in universities, in the Department of State, and even into Pentagon, the White House and the Capitol Hill. Therefore Islam must be outlawed in the United States, and all its public organizations must be closed.

8. The United Nation is a senseless collection of representatives of incompatible and reciprocally inimical countries, whose great majority is hostile to American interests. America pays 25% of the UN budget, hosts their staff quarters, yet buys neither influence nor any power. On the contrary, our sovereignty is under constant threat of the so called "international initiatives". Therefore our goal is to get the US out of the United Nation.

The future immigration policy

9. All immigrants are obliged to willingly accept the laws and tradition of the host country. Therefore we do not welcome those who come here to stay, but not to accept these values. We struggle against those who are here to dissolve and destroy our national identity, and finally to overtake the Nation.

10. Every nation receiving immigrants must do that according to its national interests in order to assert the national identity rather than dissolve it. Therefore we want to restore the previously existing immigration laws requiring that the applicants must match the cultural, religious, and racial profile proper to our country as before the 60s. That means in particular that the great majority of newcomers (at least 90%) must be Christians or Jews, and no entry should be granted to applicants adhered to the known enemy ideologies such as Communism, Nazism, or Islam.

The current immigration policy

11. No amnesty to illegals in any form. All illegal residents must leave the United States in phased process, which begins with immediate deportation of all convicted illegals in prisons.

- Verify authenticity of any questionable social security card by asking to produce several supporting documents such as a proof of a legal entry, or otherwise the US birth certificate, the US passport, and similar. Failure to do that is a reason for deportation.

- Stop all entitlements to illegals, stop all services to them, speak to them only in English – and many will leave on their own.

- Obligate the employers to verify every identity and to report it in case of doubts. Otherwise the employer must be indicted in criminal offense.

- Build that wall along the entire Mexican border, and have all the border agents to do their job.

12. It is demagogy to claim as though there are jobs Americans will not do. Able boded Americans which do not take certain jobs are mostly permanent welfare recipients. They do not take those jobs not because they live on their savings, but because they live on other's savings – the taxes paid by those working hard. Therefore stop welfare to able boded – and they will want to fill the positions that they disregarded otherwise. We must stop the current policy which destroys the job market, sustains a parasitic class and creates a new under class of illegals.

Social policy

13. Marxism, internationalism, socialism did not die with collapse of the USSR, but keep destroying our nation from within, being deeply rooted in the state school, state university system, and in majority of mass media. These so called "progressive" movements caused the erosion of the U. S. Constitution standing on their way. We struggle for reasserting the Constitution and the Judeo-Christian heritage of America, for America free of Islam, free of Marxism/Socialism, and free of immorality such as sexual perversions.

14. We believe that sexual deviancy is a private business, yet immoral and by no means is a protected civil right issue under the non-discrimination act. Therefore any public activity of homosexuals and other sexual perverts must be outlawed. Any exposure of children to propaganda attempting to "normalize" homosexuality must be considered as a serious criminal offense – yet this exposure is happening in almost all school districts.

15. The homosexual activists have penetrated in almost all social institutions shutting down any criticism of their immoral sexual obsession. Now they want to criminalize morality, that is to make any criticism of them a criminal offense (as implemented in several other countries). Instead of doing their business in closets, not only are they doing it out: They want us all – a great majority – to be enforced into closets instead. Therefore our policy is:

- No homosexual marriage, nor any recognition of any kind of homosexual relationship, nor any benefits for such relationship. Absolutely no rights of adopting kids to any kind of deviant "couples".

- On the contrary, it is the traditional families to whom benefits and tax credits should be awarded for kids they raise.

16. Citizens who live on state assistance and those who do not pay taxes must waive their voting right.

As I've indicated priviously, your thoughts and comments are appropriate as a "position paper". The tab at the top of the page PFA Action Center has a page "PFA Position Papers"......put your comment there...

We disagree on the level of detail for the strategy/platform paper.

Are we alined with the continental congress as well to address the issues that have already been deformed in the constitution.?
Need to be more specific Della.......
Dear Emily Elizabeth,

Your wrote:

These are the REASONS that Constitutional Governance has been destroyed.

No, these are only effects, or consequences of the fact that Constitutional Governance has been (gradually) destroyed! The symptoms: not the root cause!

The root cause (in short terms) is that for the last 100 years the conservative minded great majority of our country has not seen any necessity to confront (to prohibit, to suppress, to eliminate) the spreading ideologies incompatible with our very foundations. It is still believed as though under guise of the 1st Amendment everything must be possible. It was true in 18th century with those folks, yet not in the 20th...

As a result we have not only the violations you mentioned above, but also a totalitarian system of State schools, State and private (!) universities, totalitarian private (!) mass media, totally corrupt Congress, Judiciary and what else... 17 years ago I was a Soviet citizen, and now I see it all again, the same totalitarianism.

In longer terms, during the last 200 years the whole Western civilization is sliding into abyss of suicidal self-deprecating morass. Such a mind set achieved total dominance and became the dominating paradigm - something almost as powerful as a material force (as noticed by some of Marxists classics). Instead of acknowledging this existential danger and confronting it properly, the American conservatives myopically allowed it to spread freely, believing as though the First Amendment is above all other considerations, above the very existence of the society based on the First Amendment...

As a result, they de facto conceded the full power and the First Amendment protection to Islam, to open Marxist and open homosexuals who got out of their closets. And now it is you and me who must hide in closets, only whispering about the First Amendment...

You are right: it is extremely difficult now to get back to normalcy. For now you have to begin with recalling the original meaning of the words and decent behavior, to re-learn to walk on your two instead on your four, as I mention in the previous post. The draft below is an attempt in this direction.

Tracking step by step deterioration of government is not the goal of this action.....the is action is to raise up candidates that will step our of the socialist/communist mold and return to US Constitutional principles.

If we can field and elect those servants, we can begin to take the actions you suggest. Once we identify our "servant models", then you can issue your positions to that candidate as a position for he/she to consider. Meantime, as I've indicated to others, post your thoughts relative to PFA Positon Papers under the PFA Action Center tab at the top of this page.
Working on the Judiciary part now...
Consideration should be given to offering Candidate's an incentative to sign the Oath, ie: PFA will support and promote the Candidate's who sign and publicly agree to the adopted PFA "Candidate Oath".



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