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ALL PFA Members and visitors, We need a thousand letters, (1,000 or more if possible).

I am talking here about freeing Terry Trussell.
Most members know the story of Terry Trussell by now, but what many people are not aware of is that right now we are on a big push, and attempt to free Terry from the Florida prison.
Right now we have an opportunity to that will never come around again. We may have an opportunity to present requests for full Commutation of Terry's sentence, a request for full Clemency, and a request to restore all his civil rights as a US Citizen. We may have an opportunity top make a presentation directly to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Our battle to free Terry Trussell is now shaping up to be on two different fronts;
#1) involves making formal requests to the Florida Executive Clemency Board. This has already been done once but it was rejected on technical grounds that Terry must first complete 1/3 of his sentence. That is 35 months. As of the time that our requests were submitted he only had 32 months completed. According to records April 16th will be the date that marks his 35th month. At that point a new letter and formal request for Clemency must be submitted and approved. That request for clemency will require letters to the Governor seeking Terry's release.

#2) Our second alternative direction also requires much the same type of paperwork, A Formal request for full Commutation of his sentence, full Clemency by the Executive Board of Clemency, and also a request that the Governor issue a full and complete restoration of all his civil rights as a US Citizen.

We are currently working on getting a face-to-face office meeting with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.
We are trying to get that meeting some time essentially as early as possible but hopefully some time around April 15th. If we can secure and obtain the attention of the Governor then we will do a formal presentation of all the facts and the requests for full Commutation and release of Terry Trussell.
But in order to do that we need as many letters of support as we can possibly get.
That means YOU.  I am asking every member of this Patriots For America forum site to help, get involved NOW. This is the time to use this network to it's best advantage, communications and cooperation. There really is power in numbers, and in this matter numbers really DO matter.

Copy and download the letter below or write your own. I will provide all the information necessary to send and collect your letters so that they can all be delivered directly to the Governor.
My letter is included here to be used either directly just as it is, or to be used as an example of what needs to  be said.
Please note that this letter requests Commutation of Sentence - NOT a Pardon. It also requests full Clemency, again NOT a Pardon. Those words become important when dealing with this Florida court system.

My letter is included here as a reply to this main appeal for your help. Please either copy and print this letter or use it as a templet to write your own.
It's time to get involved folks. Lets get Terry Trussell out of the Florida prison.

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For those who do not do this sort of thing often, please allow me to give a suggestion on an easy way to send this letter.  Don't close this page, but open your word processing program to a blank document.   what ever it may be Office ,Pages, Libre, what ever. Have a blank page open. Click back to this page and use your mouse , holding the left button to highlight the entire letter.   Once highlighted, using  the keys, Ctrl C,  or on a Mac,  command C will copy what you have highlighted.  click back ( or ctrl Tab )  to the open blank document and hit ctl V.   That will paste what you originally highlighted on to what was a blank page.  You might then want to change the font to 10.5 to make it fit one page, but that is your call.  I hope this encourages some one to take the time to print out this letter and send it to Florida.  God Bless for all you are doing. Prey this is successful.   By the way, I only happened to stumble on this. I did not receive an email.

Thanks David, Your instructions are good.
There are two sets of mailing addresses listed here on these Terry Trussell pages, one for the Governor Ron DeSantis and also another to send a copy to Marie Trussell at her Post office box.
We are asking everyone to send two copies, one to the Governor and one to Marie so that she has a copy that she can hand carry and deliver along with several thousand others (hopefully).
Right now the State of Florida has things on hold at least until April 16th, but we need those letters anyway.
Thanks for the help.
And thanks again David for your instructions here.



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