This writer is so amazed at how diverse the "truth" that individuals in Social Media think they have established for themselves, that he feels compelled to discuss how Truth is currently established in America. This writer has become aware of this phenomenon through his polite requests on his Twitter account @DMashak for persons to post links to credible sources on various subject matters.

Folks who align themselves with the left half of the political spectrum feel only CNN, MSNBC and Politico are credible sources of information. Those who align themselves with the right half of the political spectrum feel that only Fox, The Drudge Report, The Blaze and PJNet are credible sources of information. And, it is maddening to hear both sides say the information sources of the other side are not credible.

Perhaps the best way to consider this subject as it pertains to America is to look at the history of who have been the "Establishers of Truth" in Western Societies.


After the Fall of the Western Roman Empire, circa 476AD the Western world entered a period of time known as the Dark Ages. Out of this "chaos' developed a Governance Doctrine of the Divine Right of Kings and an economic system of feudalism. Under this system, almost all persons existed as serfs bound to the land with only a small number of Aristocrats, Clergy and free men. (In fact, the Magna Carta only applied to Aristocrats, Clergy and free men, not Serfs). Under this political/economic system, no one had rights; only permissions and privileges granted by the King. Under Divine Right of Kings, only the King owned the lands. Therefore, no one was on any land without the King's (or his representative's) permission.

The Divine Right of Kings stated that the King was a God or representative of God, here on earth and, therefore, no earthly being could challenge his decisions or authority. In this precarious position of having no rights and living only at the will and whim of the King, it seems apparent that the King and Clergy came to be the Establishers of Truth in this political/economic system. Some famous examples of this are "the world is flat" and "the Earth is the center of the Universe" Revocation of permissions and privileges, such as your home on the King's land, is an easily identified cause of subjects of the King, accepting the truth established by the King and the King's Church. And if that did not get the job done, physical punishment and/or eternal damnation or both motivated most to accept the truth established by the King and the Church.


The Enlightenment, also known as the Age of Reason, occurred from about 1650AD to 1800AD. Great scientific discoveries regarding the physical world by folks like Galileo and Newton, led to a similar interest in the study of humankind itself. Catalyzed by the introduction of the Printing Press to Europe and its subsequent proliferation throughout Europe, The Enlightenment eventually caused the Men of Letters, and finally Western Societies as a whole, to question why the King was the King, Why the King and Church Established Truth, and why the masses could not ever tell the King that the King was wrong. From the Enlightenment arose Natural Law. Natural Law provides that "Truth is to be determined by the Individual using their own observations and reason". Persons, such as John Locke, insisted that the Law of Nature always existed and they were merely reducing to writing that which already existed. Hence, Natural Law, like the freezing point of pure water at 32F at Sea Level, cannot be changed by any earthly-being.


 THE United States of America (1776) are founded upon Natural Law. Proof that our country was founded on Natural Law can...

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Those were my thoughts.

In Closing:

Thank you, my fellow citizens, for taking your valuable time to read and reflect upon what is written here.

If what is written here rings true to you, perhaps you should contact your local elected officials and let them know. If you are afraid of repercussions, snail mail it anonymously and ask them to respond in the local paper or their own monthly/quarterly internet newsletter. Even if this article refers to something outside you geographic area, it still likely applies to your location. Remember all those taxpayer training junkets we taxpayers send the bureaucrats on? They all learn the same “livestock management” techniques to use on WE THE PEOPLE.

And that leaves WE THE PEOPLE with this conundrum: While our #Government works full time with compensation and funded with our money for the cause of #Tyranny; WE THE PEOPLE are forced to work part time without compensation for the cause of #liberty with what is left over of our time, money and energy.

Finally, this article is written with the same intentions as Thomas Paine I seek no leadership role. I seek only to help the American People find their own way using their own “Common Sense”

Keep Fighting the Good Fight!

In Liberty,

Don Mashak
The Cynical Patriot
Don Mashak Google Plus


End the Fed(eral Reserve Bank System) #ETF
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Bring Home the Politicians #BHTP

Lawless America #LawlessAmerica

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Justice in Minnesota #JIM

Critical Thinking Notice - This author advises you as no politician would dare. Exercise Critical Thinking ( in determining the truthfulness of anything you read or hear. Do not passively accept nor believe anything anyone tells you, including this author... unless and until you verify it yourself with sources you trust and could actively defend your perspective to anyone who might debate you to the contrary of your perspective

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