Operation American Spring

The big news from South of the equator yesterday was of an unusual attack off the coast of Argentina of literally thousands of Piranha on tourists who had flocked to the beaches. Nobody was consumed, but dozens were injured.

Observers noted that the tourists returned to the site and swam in the water the following day as if nothing had happened.


Several things make this attack unusual, in that it occurred in salt water, not fresh where Piranhas normally infest, it was miles from where Piranhas normally hang out, and the most interesting thing was that in spite of warnings that the fish were infesting this new area, swimmers returned to the same place as if nothing had happened.


Biologists note that the carnivorous fish had been lured into unfamiliar waters because of the unseasonably high temperatures (it’s summer below the equator) and were actually doing what they normally do.


Usually only a few inches long, they look harmless enough


Carnivorous, they travel in huge schools, and can sense blood over two miles away. A school of them can pick a cow clean in a minute or two.


When I was younger, a tropical fish store in Orlando received a Piranha in bag along with a bunch of silver dollar fish, because they looked so much alike.


However, the piranha soon displayed its nature by eating its fellow travelers, so the owner of the shop separated the fish where it remained harmless and he fed it raw hamburger. For a time, the lone piranha was satisfied, but eventually, it lept out of the tank, apparently tired of the life of a kept predator, and committed piscaricide on the fish store’s floor.


There’s a lesson to be learned here.


A solitary Piranha is not much to fear, in spite of it ferocious bite, but in greater numbers it is powerful and unrelenting.


The prey of the Piranha is careful not to enter the domain of the fish at certain times, usually governed by the rise and fall of the water. But what if the Piranha goes to where the prey is?


We are facing a similar situation in our country now.


Our government has turned from being a servant of the people to being a cancer on our whole country.


Like a cancer, which consumes the resources of the body, weakening it until the sickly body dies, our government is sucking the life out of this country.


Unfortunately the cancerous cells are not aware of the fact that they are killing the host, so when the body dies, they die with it.


Not so the cancerous leeches of our national government. They intend to let the body go on living, as they consume its resources. They do not want to commit suicide; they want their kind to continue having as much as they want in the capitols of the states and in the national capitol and dribble out just enough to keep the taxes pouring in to their coffers.


Dividing and conquering, they split up the opposition which turns upon itself instead of attacking the threat coming from the very ones who swore an oath to defend our Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic.


By firing anybody with power, authority and ability who tends to disagree with their plan, the current administration is trying to shore up their strength and appeal to their “base constituents” by parceling out bits and pieces of their intake in order to keep themselves in power.


In so doing, they have caused a change in the temperament of the nation. What we used to tolerate because it didn’t impact us too much, we have now come to see as intolerable. We are going to act.


We are going to assemble in places where we don’t really like going, but which the current political climate, because of considerable change, has made the future of our country potentially unacceptable.


The change from self-directed life to command directed life is not in the DNA of American citizens. (See my previous posts about “Sauve qui Peut” -

every man for himself - just being the cry of a coward.) 

All of the Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airmen (as well as members of the Coast Guard) who have been fired because they refused to support the current Chiefs of Staffs, or the Administration, have not gone away. They are seething, and they are not alone.


Rolling Thunder, Honor Guard, Honor Flight, Christian Motorcyclists Association, Gathering of Eagles, Patriots for America and many others are about to venture, together, where they seldom wish to go, and that is the nation’s capital.


The climate change has become too much for us to bear, and we will take action. It will be peaceable, and non-militant, but we will be there, and we will come in numbers that should put fear into the faces of those in government.


AS a very interested observer, I somehow doubt that a long-lasting change is going to occur. The Beltway bandits are too entrenched, and they feel too protected by their own kind.


This is where our desired end-state will either flounder or deliver.


To the inhabitants within the beltway, life as usual will be their mantra. They believe that they can toss the barking doggie a bone, and it will be placated.

Will they be like the tourists in the coastal region of Argentina and go back into the water?


Will the predators have remained? Are they a still a threat, or will they have returned to their normal homes, habitats and occupations of supporting the country from afar?


What is the “Mission after next” when Operation American Spring has sprung?

It depends on whether or not there is any change.


The Beltway crowd will bet their lives on nothing different occurring. They will remain in the water, and figure a few losses on their side won’t matter.


The ones who are going to have to continue the mission will be the dedicated and devoted patriots who believe that the words of the Declaration of Independence matter. They will have to believe that the Constitution matters, and they will also have to believe that what happens now matters but not just for us, but for our children, or as the preamble states, “Ourselves and our posterity.”


Otherwise, we will be isolated, separated, imprisoned and made to not matter. Just ask any Cuban, or take a look at Venezuela.


Is that what we want to become?


If you don’t like their vision of the future of this country, start making plans now, and consider what should happen next.



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