Constitutional Emergency

For those who have not picked up on this, this issue was exposed in some of the Podesta e-mails released by Wikileaks. This is a huge pedophile ring with involvement of Podesta (John and brother Tony), Killary, and members of the government.

Donald Trump MUST Act: Hillary's PizzaGate Is Real

“Pizzagate”: How 4Chan Uncovered the Sick World of Washington’s Occult Elite

Pizzagate is going viral in the Pedophile Apocalypse

Understanding #PizzaGate (Opening the Rabbithole)

PizzaGate Could Unravel Hollywood's Pedophilia Ring that Elijah Wood & Corey Feldman Warned

#PizzaGate the Documentary, Pedophilia involving Podesta Emails, Clinton, Obama, David Brock, DNC

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Evidence that Andrew Breitbart May Have Been Murdered to Conceal #Pizzagate

The sick world of Satan, fully exposed for the world to see. And the lord said, " and there shall be light and then there was Light". The Light of Truth is shining and this world has been fully exposed for all of its evil and the Lord shall prevail.

Washington Post Just Blew The Lid On #PizzaGate Big League

PizzaGate Fact Check Has Elites Nervous and Scrambling to Destroy Evidence!

Special Report: Pizzagate is Part of Larger Picture

I have heard it mentioned many times that the reason the members of Congress have done nothing to stop Obama is because they are being blackmailed. Those who have mentioned this may be closer to the truth than they ever imagined. While following this sick and perverted topic since the Wikileaks exposure of the Podesta emails coupled with the damning evidence found on Anthony Wiener and Huma's laptop among the 650,000 emails, in a folder named "Insurance", were sexually explicit images of both Huma and Hillary posing with under aged girls, child porn if you will. Then there is a video on youtube that shows a very close look at what was inside the Comet Ping Pong Pizza  front that appeared to be of a screenshot of a monitor showing 12 channels focused on what appears to be bedrooms through the lens of hidden cameras. This would indicate the ability to record whatever activity that was happening in and on the beds within these rooms. In addition I came across a video that was detailing information regarding hidden cameras aboard the private jet belonging to convicted pedophile Jeffery Epstein as well as hidden cameras in the various bedrooms of his villa on Lolita Island. It was reported that there are many videos of many prominent government figures, including royalty figures and especially the Clinton's  that were recorded for the sole purpose of being used as blackmail. I am inclined to believe this could be true as it would explain why those who could stop Obama have not even hinted of ever trying to. On a brighter note,the NYPD made a complete copy of the entire hard drive on the laptop prior to handing it over to the FBI to insure that should the laptop mysteriously disappear, the contents would be safe. As the snow continues to melt all that has been hidden will be exposed. Trump's AG will have his hands full once he is confirmed and is empowered. After Trump drains the swamp he will also need to flush the toilet.

I did a bit of research on Jeffrey Epstein.  Know who provided his start-up funding?  A man named Les Wexner, the richest man in OH (the following from Wikipedia): 

"In 1976, Epstein began his financial career as an options trader at Bear Stearns,[4] where he worked in the special products division, advising high-net-worth clients on tax strategies.[4] In 1980, Epstein became a partner at Bear Stearns.[4] In 1982, Epstein founded his own financial management firm, J. Epstein & Co., managing the assets of clients with more than $1 billion in net worth. In 1987, Leslie Wexner, founder and chairman of Ohio-based The Limited chain of women's clothing stores became a well-known client."

"Wexner acquired Abercrombie & Fitch the following year, and in 1992 converted a private school into an enormous residence that later became Epstein's in the wealthiest part of Manhattan, the Upper East Side. In 1996, Epstein changed the name of his firm to the Financial Trust Company and based it on the island of St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands.[4]"

Epstein is also in partnership with Zuckerburg:  "In 2004, Epstein and Zuckerman committed up to $25 million to finance Radar, a celebrity and pop culture magazine founded by Maer Roshan. Epstein and Zuckerman were equal partners in the venture, and Roshan, as its editor-in-chief, retained a small ownership stake.[6]

In September 2002, Epstein flew Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey and Chris Tucker to Africa in his private Boeing 727.[4][7]

Epstein is also a longtime friend of Prince Andrew, Duke of York, and has partied with celebrities such as Katie Couric, George Stephanopoulos, Charlie Rose, and Woody Allen."

Incestuous group in the financial world!!!

This site provides a WHOLE bunch of links to some very, very interesting information:

Our government has been covering up for pedophiles for some time now - this video is from 2011 - Anderson Cooper on CNN - this story was pulled not long after it was done - have to wonder why Senator Grassley did not follow up on this:

Pizzagate, The Context - The David Icke Videocast Trailer



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