Well, I hoped and prayed I was wrong, but my gut feeling came through. Judge Malihi was playing us all for fools.

Read it and weep folks! From Dr. Orly Taitz........

Malihi final ruling
Here is the final ruling. Keep in mind, in GA it is up to the candidate to prove his eligibility.
Candidate did not show up, did not produce any documents  and did not prove anything.
Malihi’s order looks like it was drafted by Obama’s personal attorneys from Perkins Coie. He brings forward a ruling from another court in IN and says, that because they ruled that Minor does not control, he rules that as well.
In regards to the evidence and witnesses, he says, that none of them were persuasive. Well, plaintiffs witnesses were not supposed to prove that Obama is not eligible, plaintiffs were supposed to show, that there is a reasonable doubt. Obama was supposed to provide evidence to overcome this reasonable doubt. If HI refuses to provide any original documents and Obama is refusing to provide any certified copies, what can the Plaintiffs do? How can we provide better evidence. I filed a motion for Malihi to issue letter Rogatory to the circuit court in HI, so we can get the original birth certificate or provide definitive proof, that it does not exist. Malihi stated that he does not believe, that he has jurisdiction to sign a letter Rogatory.   I can go to the superior court and petition for letters rogatory, but with the level of corruption in courts, I don’t know, if the Superior court of Fulton county is any better.
From now on we have an official anarchy. No rule of law, no real documents exist. Any criminal can create any forgery, post it on line and that would be enough for one to be the President, to be in charge of the military and nuclear weapons. From now on anyone can use stolen social security numbers of deceased individuals from the states, where they never resided.
We officially have a free for all, we officially have a mob rule, a criminal enterprise running the nation and we have no judge that will stop this mob.
Bottom line, we need to get the original documents from Hawaii and from the Social Security to show, that Obama is a fraud and a criminal. I am not sure yet, how to get the original documents. I don’t know how to break through the stonewalling of this criminal enterprise running the country. I welcome your ideas. I am not sure, how people can stop this criminal enterprise rule short of  a total citizen’s revolt.
At any rate, I will ask fr a stay, pending motion for reconsideration and me filing a petition for letters rogatory to the Fulton county court to be sent to the circuit court in Hawaii, seeking circuit court in HI, issuing subpoena for Obama’s original documents, as well as SSA providing the original application for this SS-5 application for 042-68-4425 Connecticut SSN, that Obama is fraudulently using. If the documents, that I got so far are not good enouph, than higher courts should issue letters rogatory and subpoenas to the Social Security administration and Department of Health in Hawaii to force them provide the original documents, which of course we all know do not exist.
I need plaintiffs in Indiana ASAP.
Click here for reuse options! Copyright 2012 Dr. Orly Taitz

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This was from Dr. Orly Taitz and is copyrighted. The article will expire in 30 days.

That was the last line in the sand, the last hope of finally righting the sinking ship to restore our Constitutional Republic. Now it's time to form up, and do what we never wanted to do.

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All That Is Wrong with Georgia State Judge Michael M. Malihi’s Deci...


Just read it and you'll understand just how angry we should be.

Read it -- Plenty wrong!! He was either bought off or figured he'd end up like the judge in AZ, so he took the easy way out, but in my opinion, he left it wide open with so many holes that it could be won on appeal.  Besides with Obama's lawyer having submitted prior to the hearing, their "copy" of what they claim is BHO's birth certificate, it gives the Plaintiffs the legal right to go to Hawaii and see the "ORIGINAL" and the MICROFICHE OF IT, WITH THE OTHERS FROM THAT TIME!! Aint there!! So overturn the judge's "decision"

If we call a Constitutional Convention, that means that any part or ALL of the Constitution can be changed, Van Jones et al have been working on changing the Constitution for over 30 yrs. It would be like the Egyptian democracy movement. The once outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, had been working at organizing a political party for years, and all those who are come later to the game would be the big losers. That's why it's difficult to change the Constitution without a Convention; so that people go about it slowly and aren't talked into something which not much thought and debate (and prayer) have gone into.

If we can all get together before they come for our guns, I think you're right!!! But we CAN"T have a Constitutional convention with ANY of those in DC still there!! They have all done crimes and offenses against WE THE PEOPLE!! Removal of them all, should be the first thing, then nullify all the illegal additions they've done to our Constitution!!


Yep along with the whole lot in DC!!!



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