Poland quietly CONFISCATES HALF of all Private Pension Funds to pay down national Debt!

Is your collar feeling a little tight right now?  Getting a little too close to home for comfort?  Don't think that it can't happen here...congress has already thought about it (nationalizing retirement accounts).

Link:  http://http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2013-09-06/poland-confiscates-...

I suggest you check out the Gregory Mannarino Channel on youtube for some insight and how to protect yourself...and NO, I don't have any financial interest or make any money from Greg...there are other reputable sources of help as well...do your own research.



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Sorry...don't know why the link above is not complete:

Try this:



Thanks. This is scarey.

Another one (country) bites the dust!!!


This has been happening in the USA for a long time, just using other terms. When the value of the currency is decreased by inflation caused by legislative actions by politicians, that reduces the value of your pension fund, and when your retirement pensions and social security are taxed, that also decreases the value of your retirement funds, which is why the politicians legislated an automatic COLA increase....so you would be suckered into thinking you are getting an increase, when it doesn't even compensate for inflation, and adds to the debt, further devaluing your retirement income. How many times has the debt ceiling been raised?  That also devalues the money.  And we, the voting idiots send in our money to legal bribery funds, whoops,...."campaign funds", which is really a way for the politicians to get compensated far more than the increases in the costs of living that they create with taxes and inflation (which is also a tax)..   .

Thanks for posting this! Hmmm I did not hear anything about this in the USA media...Did I miss that? Or was it not reported?

The USA media reports disguise the matter so it doesn't sound like much of anything, for example:  This report from Reuters

Poland reduces public debt through pension funds overhaul


You will not even find the word "confiscate"



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