I received an email with poll questions from the Tea Party Command Center it has just four poll questions and the last one is about OAS and Col. Riley. Take a look and support OAS in the poll.

We need to hear your opinions.  Even more, Congress needs to hear what you have to say on the issues.  Please place your vote in one or all of the following polls and then share them with your friends!


#1:  Should the current immigration laws be enforced before Congress begins to consider any immigration reform?


#2:  Is Sharia law compatible with the US Constitution?


#3:  Should the Pledge of allegiance be required in all schools?


#4:   Do you support Col. Riley and American Spring?


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Michelle Turner: 

In my humble opinion, the nasty-grams and disparagements following your message proved your point.  

I am so sorry that this has happened.  The hate-speech does not demonstrate the love of God, American patriotism or bravery.  If the OAS leadership and members endorse this behavior, against it's own, then the entire mission is set up for failure and may possibly serve as a 'pox on the house' of the Tea Party.  

Please pray for them and continue your pursuit for American freedom. 

May God have mercy on our souls. 

This is in response to michelle Turner   All it takes is for good people to do nothing for evil to triumph.  If our founders had your attitude we would still be subjects of the crown.  Actually we would be under the boots of Nazi Germany or Imperial Japan.  Without American patriots WW II would not have ended with the defeat of the axis powers.  You better bury real deep into the sand, because if more people have your attitude, we all are doomed.

you can walk with head down... with deaf ears and blinders on... or stand up for whats right.  sir.

I voted as well!

I 100% support the OAS and Col. Riley.

Job Done

just voted in all four

i dont do polls . what good are they . we know this government is doing all it can to destory our country and to take away what little freedom we have left . the question that should be asked is what the hell are we going to do about it ? besides sit on our ass and bitch

Go to DC on may 16th and be counted. Don't sit on your ass at home and complain about it. That's what this site is about or did you miss that?

I don't usually do polls either because they never get acted on. In this case it will be symbolic, but, the more folks who choose "NEITHER" for all 4 Question 2's the more they will realize that we are no longer falling for their false "two party paradigm"!

From Wikipedia. (Referenced only because it is a good way to describe our system)

A two-party system is a system where two major political parties dominate politics within a government. One of the two parties typically holds a majority in the legislature and is usually referred to as the majority party while the other is the minority party. The term has different senses. For example, in the United States, Jamaica, and Malta, the sense of two party system describes an arrangement in which all or nearly all elected officials only belong to one of the two major parties, and third parties rarely win any seats in the legislature. In such arrangements, two-party systems are thought to result from various factors like winner takes all election rules.[1][2][3][4][5][6] In such systems, while chances for third party candidates winning election to major national office are remote, it is possible for groups within the larger parties, or in opposition to one or both of them, to exert influence on the two major parties.

BTW, OAS, for me, is the last non-violent attempt I will make to save this Country. Then, all bets are off.

You seem to have missed out on the mission that this site is presently dedicated to  there Rick. It is Operation American Spring and it means we will no longer stand by and watch as our country falls. This particular poll, if it is answered enough in the affirmative for support of OAS, could lead to support from the Tea Party Command center increasing and overall support growing. What is the down side to that?

Another good point, Johnny.



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