I received an email with poll questions from the Tea Party Command Center it has just four poll questions and the last one is about OAS and Col. Riley. Take a look and support OAS in the poll.

We need to hear your opinions.  Even more, Congress needs to hear what you have to say on the issues.  Please place your vote in one or all of the following polls and then share them with your friends!


#1:  Should the current immigration laws be enforced before Congress begins to consider any immigration reform?


#2:  Is Sharia law compatible with the US Constitution?


#3:  Should the Pledge of allegiance be required in all schools?


#4:   Do you support Col. Riley and American Spring?


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You answered the question in your mind about strategy, we can't keep going the way we are or we are lost. We all will have doubts and will not have all the answers but we must press ahead in order to change anything. We all will go into this with concerns but we cannot let that be our controlling factor, it must be our resolve that controls us.

I took your advice and voiced my opinions in the polls. I've been a member of the Texas Blue Collar Conservatives for about four years and look forward to being a part of this site. I am looking to connect with the Central Texas Chapter of Patriots for America. If you know of someone there, I'd appreciate you hooking us up. I am currently living and working in the Middle East and have limited access to sites like this one. Basically, I'd like to help sponsor someone from the McLennan County, Texas area who would like to attend the May 16 event, but may not have all the funds necessary to make the trip.....ie...Hotels, air fare or gas money, etc...

Hi James and welcome aboard. If you go to the state groups tab above and click on it you will find Texas and several regions within Texas that you can look into to see which one you fall into. I am sure there are others that are in similar financial circumstances that are looking to pool their resources and make it happen. I don't personally know of a name other than Chris Blystone who is the Texas state leader but I am sure he would be happy to point you in the right direction.

Thanks Johnny!

I'll do just that!

If I can't go myself, I would be more than happy to help someone else get there and hang tough to the end.

    What is freedom about? I have read some of the comments. I wish we all would restrain form attacking one another.While I do understand Michelle's concerns,I also understand that the government Has more information on all of us than some may realize as well as any business or agency.It's the world we live in. We have to focus on the purpose and stay united in the cause not allowing differences in opinions to  divide us. I did vote and answer neither to the question concerning the 2 party's on all.

   When I get mail from the any party wanting donations,I use a red magic marker write my concerns,telling them that when they can follow the founding documents I will support them and mail it back to them in their own postage free envelope.

  God bless all !

I took all 4 polls. I don't believe that the ones taking the polls are the ones to do something about the terrible mess we are in, unfortunately. We have polled, educated, written & tried to wake others up to no avail. Our local Republican Congressman takes polls constantly yet votes half the time with the liberals. Every time I sign a petition, take polls & etc I wind up on another list of unending e-mail messages without seeing any results to the poll , petition & etc. Mostly they want money or for me to send them my address list.

I've heard that Florida's militia, SECOM, is not going to DC or will not be making plans to go. I thought the first ones called to OAS was the militia.

There is one Central Florida TEA Party that I am aware of that is trying to get a bus full of people (& maybe a second) to go to DC for 1 day of protest. Apparently the South West Coast TEA Parties have not been able to sign people up for a bus for a 1 day of protest. I've heard of the TEA Parties that have 11, 20 & XX members signup on the spot to go to DC (yea).

I am not saying this to create a big discussion or get everyone upset. We must come together & quit feuding over our difference to save our country. OAS is where I see the encouragement & coming together.

OAS seems to me to be the ONLY hope we have of saving the US. Our elected officials, our conservative groups & some countrymen want the US to fail so she can be split up among the communist, fascist & islamic groups as they believe they have the answer to world piece (spelled it the way I meant it). I pray daily & almost constantly for OAS to have God's blessing, for Americans to wake up & etc.

Take polls, sign petitions but mostly encourage others to join & participate in saving the US. Go OAS go!


 Hope everybody heads for dc on Mat 16 2014,That is the answer to thos who wont listen.

answered all 4 polls...

I'm concerned about some sort of Tea Party alliance. They have been compromised, like the other major parties. Take Allen West, for example: He voted for NDAA! Blatantly unconstitutional. I received an email from him requesting money for candidates he's running, saying Obama is making America look weak, because we are not going into Syria and Russia. He sounds like McCain who is a mouthpiece for the military industrial complex and taking his cues from the CFR.  Obama is a traitor! And so is anyone who voted for NDAA. And voting about Sharia law? Please. More fear mongering about the "bad" Muslims (the post Cold War boogeyman creation). OAS MUST maintain it's purity. This will encourage others with differing views to become a part of OAS. I approached a friend about OAS and he pointed to a list of transition politicians OAS had listed to replace officials OAS wants to unseat for his reason to not get involved. They were Tea Party people, including West. There are some good uncompromising politicians from various parties (Ron Paul and Jessie Ventura come to mind), as well as folks not in politics (such as constitutional lawyer John Rutherford as temp AG) that might suggest more inclusiveness.

Amos, if you read the part of the plan that you mention it says people with the values of those people. Saying that we need to replace someone with a particular person makes no sense. If you are worried about a tea party alliance with OAS there is a problem. We need alliances with many large groups to accomplish our mission, including the tea party groups. If you personally are determined to put into place certain people by name then the problem rests with you, this must be a group effort by a very large number of people and I am sure that at least some will not like the people chosen to lead, even for a temporary amount of time. You may find also that people can always find a reason to not get involved in something.

Thanks for the reply Johnny. I'm not saying replacing one person for another, I'm saying that we need to avoid being affiliated with one party and I agree that we need many alliances (I know I didn't say that. poor choice of wording). I'm a Chicago boy (I know, belly of the beast) trying to sell OAS to a lot of folks looking for change (no longer "hope and change") and wanting to assure them that being a part of OAS is being part of a constitutional effort, not a political one. That's the purity I'm referring to. But as you say, finding a reason not to get involved is often what people do and what got us to this point of revolt.



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