Constitutional Emergency

I received an email with poll questions from the Tea Party Command Center it has just four poll questions and the last one is about OAS and Col. Riley. Take a look and support OAS in the poll.

We need to hear your opinions.  Even more, Congress needs to hear what you have to say on the issues.  Please place your vote in one or all of the following polls and then share them with your friends!


#1:  Should the current immigration laws be enforced before Congress begins to consider any immigration reform?

#2:  Is Sharia law compatible with the US Constitution?

#3:  Should the Pledge of allegiance be required in all schools?

#4:   Do you support Col. Riley and American Spring?

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James, that's more feasible than the MSM nonsense. you might find this interesting..


     I just hope that those responsible for this will suffer a similar fate as those poor people they sacrificed. I can't possibly imagine what they have contrived for dealing with the rest of us.

Right James. It seems as if we are witnessing it every day. Over 80,000 swat team actions last year; the DHS is the most powerful agency in the country and the POTUS has unlimited power, while all the traitors in congress allow it to happen. It will be a long hard battle to turn it all around. It's all going according to plan..

How impressive Michael Lee, you went to school. And now you have the last word on historical interpretation. You obviously don't have a degree in physics. Try running down the street and throwing pressure cookers (full or empty) behind you (that's one of the official stories) and jet fuel does not melt steel.

You Neocon trolls would like us all to remain terrorized so to continue the plunder of foreign lands and continuation of neoliberalist policies, while willingly allowing the surveillance/police state to grow in this country. I on the other hand oppose all of that and don't buy into your bull shit.

Are you talking to me? Are YOU talking to ME??? This conversation ends here. You haven't written anything yet that shows a concise and organized train of thought. For the record, I am not intimidated by Islam, and I do not want you or anyone else to be terrorized by Muslims; I prefer that you be informed and prepared. Unlike Muslims, I have no interest in plundering the world or forcing you to accept the comments I have made on faith alone; that is why I sent along the Inspire magazine articles written by Muslims and encouraged you to read the evidence in the Koran and the hadith for yourself. For your information, I am not just another pretty face or an intellectual hiding behind ivy covered walls; I served twenty years in military service and fought in Viet-Nam and the PGW. I also have just as many years working for a living in the government and private sectors. BTW, I am an old style conservative since the days of President Dwight Eisenhower, and have been so for all of my life thus far, so "Neocon" was a wasted shot in the dark. As for being a "troll", I don't care if you are implying that I smell bad and live under a foot bridge, or that I surf the web looking to pick a fight, because you are wrong in either case. I would ask if you are going to Washington, DC, to support OAS on May 16, but then I would have to be interested enough to read any more of your bull shit. A Neocon with neoliberalist policies, indeed.

Mr. Pemberton, you were the one who started this conversation by saying you looked forward to reading my obituary. not the best environment for an open exchange of ideas. There are bad people and I understand Muslims that wish our culture as a whole death but I'm not convinced they represent the entirety of Muslims. And have you looked at any links I posted? I respect your patriotism and your opinion but will not lie down to be slandered. I will be in Washington May 16th and beyond as I am able. I would like to share more information in the spirit of honesty and openness, without hostility. I believe we are on the same side.

I'll be the old man carrying a copy of the Koran. Safe journey. Be well.

Ha! same to you

I have been told that the poll is still ongoing and that when it is done the results will be posted, they will let me know when that happens. I think we will see some good support for OAS with this poll. Thanks to everyone for voting in the poll and watch for a post on the results, I do not know when they plan to close the poll and post results.

I and several others are planning to be in Washington D.C. May 19th for a peaceful march in support of the demands that have been sent to congress via Col.(retired) Harry G. Riley. The situation in this great country has reached the break point, nothing can stop the decent toward total communist control of our country except for the involvement of millions of patriots. This may be our last chance given the lack of trust I have in who the parties will put forward as candidates in 2016 and the lack of faith in our election process.


My thoughts and prayers are going with you. I'm deployed abroad and can't be there physically.

I'm negotiating to help sponsor someone from Texas who wants to go and that's the best I can do for now.

You are also correct in your evaluation of our country being at the breaking point. Look no further than the Bundy ranch in Nevada and the BATFE raids on legally owned and operated gun shops. It's started and there is no turning back!

GOD Speed!

we turned them back at the Bundy Ranch. One battle down.



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