Constitutional Emergency

I received an email with poll questions from the Tea Party Command Center it has just four poll questions and the last one is about OAS and Col. Riley. Take a look and support OAS in the poll.

We need to hear your opinions.  Even more, Congress needs to hear what you have to say on the issues.  Please place your vote in one or all of the following polls and then share them with your friends!


#1:  Should the current immigration laws be enforced before Congress begins to consider any immigration reform?

#2:  Is Sharia law compatible with the US Constitution?

#3:  Should the Pledge of allegiance be required in all schools?

#4:   Do you support Col. Riley and American Spring?

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What leads you to believe that all those other politicians don't know about this?

Haven't you figured out by now that this goes back  50 or more years?

The Bushs, Clinton and now this queer are all in on it sir!

What i said James was that we need to let them know that WeThe People know that dirty Harry has a lot to lose..You are correct they have known all along..But they need to be told that WE know the truth..

To that I agree 100%!

However, as of 1 July of this year, it won't make any difference.

You see, the dollar is headed for the toilet and the IMF has already put into motion, a plan to replace the dollar as the International Reserve Currency. When that happens, It's over! It's already started and there's no avoiding what comes next. Hyperinflation, skyrocketing prices and civil unrest that is heretofore unprecedented. The politicians know this and are getting prepared to deal with total financial collapse. It ain't gonna be pretty! Remember that date and get your assets out of the dollar denomination and into something more tangible.

May GOD have mercy on us all.    GOOD LUCK to you and yours George. Stay in touch.

How about converting US dollars into Canadian dollars ?


My suggestion would be to buy precious metals, ideally silver!

That's what the missus and I have done. OH YEAH! Lead too!

If it comes to blows, and I think it may, They'll recover my remains from a pile if empty brass casings.

Live free or die! 

When the perverbial you know what hits the fan remember one thing we have to stick together and take care of each other..If you live in an urban or suburban area you may want to head to the rural areas if you have any contacts there..Those rural areas will be the peoples stronghold..

My cousin has 2400 acres in North Texas, I'll head out that-a-way when the poop hits it,

That's a great idea but, most won't have that option. It's going to test our metal, to be sure. I hope that many will adopt your attitude George and share as compassionately as their condition will permit. I don't want to stand before the ALMIGHTY and have to explain why I didn't give food or water to some one he put in my life. On the other hand, I don't quite know how we are to deal with the marauding bands of wildlings that will be out to victimize the weak and vulnerable. Time will tell the tale I suppose.

PLEASE, PLEASE, I implore you to paste this URL into your browser and spend some time educating yourself and share this with absolutely EVERYONE you know.

WAKE and OPEN your eyes to the truth because, non are so blind as those who refuse to see! Grinding America Down.

Assimilate ,muslim dont why not? what are they here for  it seam to me they are here to make trouble .my opinion they are very deciving people. why do they bring the old country to a new place. How many will show up in may  at dc dont take off your shoes to count one hand will do . Hope to see lots of people in dc  butch

My only comment is that I want everyone to study Sharia Law, so when Radical Islam people in this country try to include it with U.S.A. law, you will understand what you are getting into. Rather than a debate, I think we all need to work together on Operation American Spring at this time, and then maybe this will not  even become a concern in the future with the right leaders.

Love you all, Marlene



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