Poll for PFA that is important for PFA members to participate in


I need two answers from each person:



1. Do you think elections are going to fix our country?


2. Do you acknowledge we cannot win elections with the massive voter fraud?



Please do not use this post for discussion. It's a poll only. Folks answer the poll and when another person(s) comments it sends an email to folks who've answered the poll. So be considerate and do not use this for conversation and fill up folks email boxes.

This is strictly just for the poll answers.


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I think even local elections are fixed and the powers of the political machine will never have a varified system to see who can and cannot vote! We are DOOMED!

No -

Yes - We have seen the last of fair elections for some time to come

1. NO


2. NO



1.  Not unless we can overcome the voter fraud situation, and we cannot do that unless we can get the other side to play by fair rules, such as all voters using valid photo ID to vote. It amazed me how we sat back and accepted their cheating, knowing full well their game and intentions. Elections will only work if the elected are honest upright men and women of good character, non greedy, and who possess a sesnse of responsibility.  The loud-mouths are overwhelming everyone else.  I could not believe the way they blocked the deployed military voters from being counted, and got away with it.  Justice seems to be an antiquated word in our political setting of today. 

2.  We cannot win elections with massive voter fraud such as was used in the 2012 elections.  I cannot understand why our Justice System did not throw out all election results when it became obvious that the election was full of election fraud.  Not only did the frausters prevail, but they flaunted the world with their accomplishment.  You would think they would want to be quiet about it, but they showed no shame.  They were actually proud of their accomplishment.  The fact that they got away with it is the most disturbing part.  Of course they are getting away pretty much with whatever they choose these days.  Bengahzi comes to mind, along with Fast and Furious, blatant violations of the Constitution, Taxpayer funded weapons, F-16's and tanks to countries whose leaders have vowed to destroy us, etc.  All of this ties in together as it all treasonous to me.

Lowell, with all due respect, why would the Justice Dept go against one of their own?

elections ARE "fixed"...i know what you mean, will they be done honestly no. they haven't been for a very long time. LBJ was the first i knew, but i am sure it probably has been longer.


with the fraud....no, if it can change yes, but it will have to start at the city level and work up.

(1) No, not the way they are being conducted now.

(2) Yes, voter fraud is turning us into a banana republic!!!

Okay Twana, lots of agreement,.now what do you suggest?



Answer to question 1:  NO!  We have seen the results of "elections", these past two General Elections, and who knows how many elections prior to these.  It's going to require the balls and guts that drove our forefathers to show King George and his fiddlers where the door was.  Now, how we go about accomplishing this,is a horse of a different color.  We have 350 million+ citizens who have enjoyed freedom and liberty all their lives, who know nothing of the deprivations and sacrifices our forefathers and their families experienced.  Our history books formerly told the patriot's story, of how they suffered; now, it's reformulated history, written how the liberals, liars, and communists want it read.  We have all had everything handed to us on silver platters, never feeling the pangs of starvation.  In short, we're the world's spoiled brat.  This must change, if our country is to survive.  I am 78 years of age: do I have the fortitude to withstand the rigors of say, another "revolution", civil war, armed partisan uprising, such as we are hinting at?  I don't know.  Certainly, we have an armed citizenry yet, and perhaps the majority of us will stand to the end, but what about today's youth; are they ready to answer the call, to carry the banner?

Answer to question 2:  YES!  See above.  How do you undo the voter fraud that has divided, destroyed this country?

1.  No, not unless or until all elections require a photo id for every single ballot, military ballots are provided equal opportunity to vote, and balloting is required to be done in person, over the course of 1-2 days, and there is a paper audit trail to validate that the computer systems have not been fixed or compromised - there won't be any fair elections in the future.

2.  With the amount of voter fraud being perpetrated now through any number of schemes (almost exclusively by the Democrats) there is no possibility of winning a fair election.  The Republican Party needs to grow a spine and quit their "my good friend";  "our friends across the aisle" - BS, there is no compromising with the Marxists on the left - you can only defeat them (Ronald Reagan) - Read HL Richardson's "Confrontational Politics", retired 22 year CA State Senator (when Reagan was governor), founder of Gun Owners of America, if you are interested in understanding how to deal with the Bolsheviks now occupying the WH and controlling the levers of the Federal Govt - and believe me they are the modern day Bolsheviks.  Everything being done is being done by intent, it is NO ACCIDENT!  Wake up folks.




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