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Poll for PFA that is important for PFA members to participate in


I need two answers from each person:



1. Do you think elections are going to fix our country?


2. Do you acknowledge we cannot win elections with the massive voter fraud?



Please do not use this post for discussion. It's a poll only. Folks answer the poll and when another person(s) comments it sends an email to folks who've answered the poll. So be considerate and do not use this for conversation and fill up folks email boxes.

This is strictly just for the poll answers.


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I feel if the news media was not rigged,if the attorney general was not a racist shithead, maybe we could get out the message to the New England States that always go Liberal, California is a lost cause.



1. Do you think elections are going to fix our country?

Votescam is rampant, Under WH Protection and is Destroying the Foundation of our Ballot System.


2. Do you acknowledge we cannot win elections with the massive voter fraud?

Unless a workable VoterID System is implemented to combat the massive Voter Fraud known as Votescam, we are at the mercy of the Government Computer Programmers.



1. No.

2. Yes, WE can NOT Win through voting!!  We file our votes electronic that are counted and owned by another country. With no way to check and double check our votes...Voter fraud is impossible to prove. Our votes Must stay in country to be filed and counted!! Right now if they do not like the vote they just change it to fit their else do you think no-one in Ohio voted for Obama. I know people there that are still in shock over that one!!

#1 elections are important IF-and only if one lives in a free country-not a despotic system.

#2 As long as the Democratic Party is controlled by the Communist Party USA we must expect vote Fraud every election.

#3 A nation divided against itself cannot stand-America has  been increasingly divided against self under Democratic Party politic.We cannot hope to have fair and honest elections under our current system

If the states where voter is rampant were targeted by True the Vote and Veritas by building data bases for those states by address and then check the number of voter against that address. Also check the address against the property tax base for real addresses. The Tea Party groups should help with this. Now is the time to do that. Law suits could be filed for voter fraud.

The only way out of this mess is to pick the target, isolate and destroy - alinsky and obozos rule.

Hi...I'd like to work together on this. How can we get this done?


Phil, the answer is ORGANIZATION! If not in yet, join your state group, post your announcement in your county as to what county you live in and are looking to meet up with others in the county and surrounding counties.

It may be a bit slow to get going as I'm not seeing many on PFA going to their county to 'announce'. The main thing is to get active in your local voting district, get others to join you, run for local precinct office, eventually running for higher offices, bringing voting rules and regulations into line with state constitutional requirements, meeting with state legislators, informing and encouraging them to get behind the 'Balance of Powers Act' and get it passed in your state.

We have enough members of PFA, that if everyone got involved, we could easily take it away from the socialists by sheer numbers! The problem is, many won't leave their keyboards!

1. - NO  2. -Yes   Nor will we ever fix anything with polls, votes, petitions, marches, gatherings, posters, signs, camo outfits, dry fire, quotes or listing our qualifications.  Everyone of us knows what will have to be done, question is WHEN.

No and Yes


twana i don't think there will be another election if this sucker makes it another 4 we cannot win unless we can pick a canidate that is somehow going to be honest. that will probabily be hard to find

1. No

2. Yes

1-  Only if the election is fair and only eligable voters vote.  Must be enforced

2- Yes



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