Poll for PFA that is important for PFA members to participate in


I need two answers from each person:



1. Do you think elections are going to fix our country?


2. Do you acknowledge we cannot win elections with the massive voter fraud?



Please do not use this post for discussion. It's a poll only. Folks answer the poll and when another person(s) comments it sends an email to folks who've answered the poll. So be considerate and do not use this for conversation and fill up folks email boxes.

This is strictly just for the poll answers.


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Elections are rigged first by the pols picking their votors, then by limiting ballot access, then by the BI-partsen debate committee making shure no one else gets in.

1.  With the electoral process as it now exists we will never be able to "fix" the country.  The Republican party as it now exists is in the same situation as its predecessor the Whig party was in the late 1850's.  The is a vast gulf between the Republican party leadership and the average Republican voter.  The party leadership is only interested in assuming and maintaining as much power in Washington, DC as they possibly can.  This in turn lines their pockets as well as the pockets of their big donors.  In this respect they are no different than the Democrats.  If there is a difference it is that the Democrats are better at it than the Republican.  All of the campaign promises and slogans are all just so much propaganda aimed at the voters in hopes of getting a bigger piece of the pie for the leadership.

2.  As we have recently seen here the stupid Republicans signed off on a court order which bans them from going after voter fraud.  If the Republican party had any backbone they would tell the leftist, democrat judge who keeps extending this order to go to hell.  If they had anything in their spine other than mush they would expose all of the voter fraud that the Democrats are perpetrating and let this judge swing in the breeze for being complicit in all of the fraud.  Perhaps even get him impeached.  The bottom line is that conservatives will never win an election at the national level unless they can muster at least a 2 to 1 margin of victory which will be reported as a very close race by the media.

So Marvin...we're they "yes" or "no" answers?

1.  No

2.  Yes

Sorry about that.

Even a programmer admits that they are rigged!  http://conservativebyte.com/2012/11/programmer-under-oath-admits-co...



I think we have gone way past whats wrong with our country.

1. No

2. Yes

With rampant voter fraud, fixed elections, and non-citizens voting honest elections no longer exist.

No and No.

1). No


2.) Yes

1)  Yes...as long as they are legit

2)  Yes

RE: #1:  I would like to think so but I have grave doubts.  We are near a tipping point whereby there are more who want gov't to take care of them than there are who see the falacy in that thinking.  And our elected officials don't have the spine to do what's right but only to do what gets them votes.  I fear civil disorder by whatever name one chooses to call it.


Re: #2:  We can not win elections with massive fraud on the other side, and to counter it with massive voter fraud of our own in self defense only justifies that corrupt practice and is dishonorable.

A few minutes ago I gave two "No" answers. I read question #2 incorrectly. My answers are:





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