Poll for PFA that is important for PFA members to participate in


I need two answers from each person:



1. Do you think elections are going to fix our country?


2. Do you acknowledge we cannot win elections with the massive voter fraud?



Please do not use this post for discussion. It's a poll only. Folks answer the poll and when another person(s) comments it sends an email to folks who've answered the poll. So be considerate and do not use this for conversation and fill up folks email boxes.

This is strictly just for the poll answers.


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1. No. Low information voters put an ineligible and illegal candidate into the Oval Office twice.

2. Yes, I do. Software programming for touch screen voting machines can be hacked, so these devices should be scrapped. We need punch card ballots and photo ID requirements to win elections. Early voting allowances contribute massively to fraud.

No...not at this point.

Yes...the fraud is to rampant.

Do U think elections are going to fix our country  NO

Do U acknowledge we can't win elections with the massive voter fraud  YES


I'm trying to work in those areas to fix some of the problems through TrueTheVote, in my area. Also encourage people to contact their LOCAL Election Board (court house) & complain about elections machine not being very open elections! Demand back up paper ballots for every vote & printout of  (time stamped) receipt given to every voter. Being able to see the numbers change on the machine as I vote! etc... If your State doesn't have Voter ID , contact your State legislators weekly, requesting it, also ask them Why in the Moter Voter Laws is the picture not sent along to the courthouse for the registration books??  I'll just keep fighting through these laws made up for corrupt politicians to stay in power.

1. Yes

2. Yes

I have to have faith we can win!

Question #1:  NO

Question #2:  YES

Are you talking about Shela Jackson Lee That becon of morality and high standing from our great santuary city of Houston Texas? She makes me so proud

She makes me puke.

1. Elections are a smoke and mirrors Democrat affair.  Only recalls, or other judicial maneuvers would possibly work, but right now the liberal communists own the courts and judges.

2. So long as there are crooked Democrats and Republicans willing to roll over, we will never have impartial elections.....  the only solution will be a rebellion.


We need to put pressure on police, sheriffs and military to never disarm us. We must NEVER surrender to tyranny!!

1.It's possible. 2. I sure do.

1-YES and 2-Yes

1. Short term, no!

Long term, possibly yes, if "We-the-People" control voter fraud by validating every election result at every precinct in the U.S.! Then take the fraudulent poll activity to court immediately! Stop fixed elections!

2. Yes! We can't win unless we prove massive fraud in the courts!



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