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Poll for PFA that is important for PFA members to participate in


I need two answers from each person:



1. Do you think elections are going to fix our country?


2. Do you acknowledge we cannot win elections with the massive voter fraud?



Please do not use this post for discussion. It's a poll only. Folks answer the poll and when another person(s) comments it sends an email to folks who've answered the poll. So be considerate and do not use this for conversation and fill up folks email boxes.

This is strictly just for the poll answers.


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"1. Do you think elections are going to fix our country?"

A:  Yes, with the caveat that you must ELECT people with Morals and Ethics in line with Judeo-Christian Principles.  As long as EITHER SIDE continues to elect political whores, hacks and idiots.  We will remain on a course to destruction.  The book of Issiah pretty much lays it out for ya......


"2. Do you acknowledge we cannot win elections with the massive voter fraud?"


As for the second question, it presumes that the majority here believe the opposite, which I highly doubt.  I believe we must DEMAND voter ID Laws at each State's level.  The results already show that the States that already have Voter ID laws had little to no voter fraud.  So I would imagine the majority will concur with this question, as do I.


Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus et Fidelis




No, elections will not fix the Country.  

With bho giving the illegals amnesty, and with voter fraud, it will be hard to

ever have an honest election again.


#1 It can ,if the elections are honest!

#2 If there is massive voter fraud, the elections cannot be trusted.

No and Yes.
Don't fall for the sad dream that we must endure graceously til the next election. If an elected official acts illegally midterm, the situation must be addressed immediately.
And, voter fraud is impossible to audit electronically - we need to go back to paper. The same gov. that just had their GAO conclude that Kaudits of DOD and HS are impossible because they're so f.u., is the same gov. that runs elections. Get it?



NO. The country has been hijacked. Usurping has taken place every single day since Jan. 2009 and congress hides behind the thick walls, limos and ARMED guards.

YES. It's been a sacred right I've taken so seriously since the first time I was old enough to vote. The first vote for President was for Ronald Reagan. Now look at the sick bowels from hell that has taken over.

1. Qualified YES - only if we can get decent, honorable politicians to run. People who actually do care about the country instead of themselves. 99% of who is there now should be kicked out. The other thing we have to do is put a spending cap on the amount of money allowed to be raised and spent to run for office.

2. YES - if one party is allowed continually to manipulate elections, no other party will ever win any.

# 1) No it will not fix what's broken in DC when they pay computer progarmmers to write dirty code.

# 2) Yes I acknowledge we can't win with all the voter fraud.

1.   The election process is a rather sad joke today with the voter fraud that has been allowed , the cheating, the deliberate blocking of military voters and the failure of voter fraud being investigated by agencies who should be involved in this process, we the people can no longer rely on or depend on elections to fix anything.   Another issue that is just as corrupt is the electoral college,  who render their decisions based on money and/or party directives, this phase would also have to be removed from existance for things to be fair and impartial in any way.  If elections could be done without the aforementioned issues, yes there could be honest elections.  Alas, this not to mention that there would have to be honest, sincere candidates running who were truely interested in serving the people, not going there for their personal financial interests.


2.   Yes

1. No, the elections are already "fixed", that's how Obama got in, in the first and second place!


2. I agree that we cannot win elections the way they are run presently since voter fraud prevails and nobody in the present government seems to have any interest or courage to challenge it.


  yes, with properly credentialed voters, utilizing honest election procedures (with oversight)--a nation, our nation--can survive


  one cannot win a poker game when the opponent is holding all the cards

1. No.

2. Yes.



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