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Poll: Majority of Americans Believe Their Kids' Textbooks Place Political Correctness Above Accuracy

Thursday, March 11, 2010
By Joe Schoffstall

( - A new Rasmussen Poll shows that 60 percent of Americans with children in elementary schools say most school textbooks are more concerned with presenting information in a politically correct manner than in accuracy.
In a national survey conducted March 6-7, 1,000 adults were asked: “Are most school textbooks more concerned about accurately providing information or about presenting information in a politically correct manner?”
Only 28 percent thought textbooks were more concerned with presenting information accurately.
Among all Americans polled, even those without children, the same percentage -- 28 percent – said they believe that accuracy is paramount, while 55 percent disagreed and said most textbooks are more concerned about political correctness. Eighteen percent of those polled were undecided.
Only 31 percent of the adults polled said most school history textbooks portray American history accurately, while 43 percent said they believe that most of their children’s history books are inaccurate. Twenty-six (26) percent are not sure.
Those with children in elementary schools were even more hesitant in their support -- only 28 percent said they believe that school textbooks portray U.S. history accurately, while almost half (49 percent) say textbooks do not accurately portray history. Twenty-eight percent (28 percent) were not sure.
When asked who should have the final say on the material presented within textbooks given to children -- the federal government, state government, local government, teachers or parents -- 34 percent said that teachers should, while 24 percent said that parents should have the final say. Fifteen percent (15 percent) were in favor of leaving the decision on textbooks to local government, while 9 percent believe that either the federal or state governments should decide.
Among those with children in school, 28 percent believe teachers should say what goes into the textbooks. Only 21 percent believe that decision should be made by the parents.
When asked if parents should be able to transfer their children to another school if they disagreed with the material presented at their current schools, 61 percent said that should be allowed, while 27 percent disagreed, and 12 percent said they were not sure.

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I do every thing to deprogram my kids and grandchildren on a daily basis. When we go any where they see some S.O.B. with a sign wanting money. I tell them to look at how the person is dressed, if that person looks like they really are hungry. They saw one person after talking a donation from a man pull out a wad of bills and put that money with it, then return it to his pocket.

My grandsons and grand daughter looked at that wad of bills and wanted me to stop the car so they could kick that persons rear end. I kept going as not to have to deal with the 2, 8 year old' and the 5 year old wanting to fight the scum bag. When they come home from school I read over their texts books and when I must I give them a real history lesson.

Yes I am a hard core anti-Communist, anti-progressive and socialist.
Way to much BS and not much reality
Hit the used book store and buy up all the old history books you can.
10 years from now, we can bring them back and prove what we say is right about history we LIVED through.
My mother,(who is a retired school teacher of thirty years) and i have been following the text book hearings in Texas every sense she told me the text books i studied from grade school to college arent the same. I have a nice in junior high and i borrowed her history book skimmed through it and found out MOMA was right. They are not the same. I started thinking about how other societies began teaching radical agendas to the childeren in order to better control their society. Is this really happining in America? How did it get so far?



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