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Many of you have signed the Petitions on the White House Server Site for your state to secede from the United States Union. There has already been precedence set for this. The states that have declared themselves to be sanctuary cities have used a form of section from the nation & following the Constitution of the United States (by allowing and ignoring the constitution and federal law for the purpose of protecting non-American entities) because of the Corruption in the Judicial System having rulings in these sanctuary cities have set precedence for a form of secession for sanctuary cities to abridge and ignore constitutional mandates and federal law for the purposes of creating votes and a new base of lower paid workers for both parties.


So why can we not have sanctuary cities, counties & states that remove around obamacare and/or second amendment rights if imposed?



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If we were really organized and bold thinkers, this is what we would do.  Form a committee representing regions of the country.  The committee cites all the areas where the federal government has violated the U.S. Constitution - then, "fire" the federal government by seceding from them.  Meantime, the states hold a national convention to lay the legal groundwork for redirecting all tax monies to a new federal government based strictly on the Constitution and supported by the states.  The states will refuse to recognize the federal court system and every contrivance that is part of the unconstitutional government.

This group lays out the new rules for being a member of the bureaucracy.  The government unions get outlawed, and we start over the process of rehiring.


There is already a group moving in this direction called the Republic of the United  - Check it out.


At some point, the last remaining elements of the old federal government have to surrender.

Will check out the site.

Declaring a city or county to be a sanctuary city, exempted from Obamacare and all his other edicts, sounds like a hell of an idea. I have heard of some cities declaring themselves as "chemtrail-free zones", so the idea has been implemented before. Hopefully Larry Klayman could lend his expertise on this question. 

we the people been lied to since 1800, the ink wasn't dry yet. search- the orignal 13th amendment titles of nobitity and honour and search- organic act of 1871. this shows how much politicans are sneaky and currutped! semper fi oh, this orignal constitution is legal and law of land NOW, just have to reinstare it!!

You folks can sign all the petitions for secession you desire and all it will do is give Obama cause to declare martial law. Not one state will secede. Can't do it. The only State that could afford it is Texas but it isn't going to either. This should be the end of that subject but I am certain there are some out there who just cannot resist making some useless comment like, "Yeah, but." Sorry folks but you are feeding the Obama martial law machine. 

Apsolutley, totally agree.

Sadly, this all will NOT end peaceably.  Those who have signed your names to petitions on WHITEHOUSE.GOV are now on a permanent watch list.   The OBAMANITES do NOTHING to help REAL AMERICANS (patriots).  While he appears to try to talk nice to your face, he has a lethal weapon pointed at your heart.   This is NOT a  human being who can be trusted.


Did you ever notice......he's NOT black...........he's kind of a powder blue-ish, purple-ish, brown-ish, midlle eastern, arab lookin' kinda dude..............he ain't black...........he always wants the black vote, an' dey gonna always give it to him, cause dey don kno how to get off dah plantayshun afta all dees yeers.  Of course they'll never be any smarter than the one they think is the smartest already (obumma), an dat goof-ball ain' had no fetchin' up in American ways and culture.....therefore, ALL of his followers are not "real" Americans..........they're just "squatters".......livin' off the real Americans.  You'd like to see all "real" Americans destroyed.....(and we will be).   Then what will all of you blood suckers do????



The question of seceding, hmmm! Why is everyone voluntarily giving the "enemy" their information that we all know will be used for other purposes. There is a better suggestion that all should consider and organize to find out how to do it. I am refering to the article just put out by Doug Hagmann on Canada Free Press "Alligator at the Door"

Check it out, we need to stop feeding the alligator. All of the taxes we pay for all of the things we do not want by those who do not listen needs to be put in a lock box away from the spendaholics in Washington.

There are several threads in this posting.  I'll try to touch each one.  Let me state for the record that the oath I took many years ago was to support and defend the Constitution.  Therefore, I will not countenance any form of secession.  The 10th Amendment provides all the authority needed by any state to ignore an unlawful direction (law) from the federals.  Unlawful would be any law that exceeded the powers specified in Article I, Section 8 of that document.  The execution of the power of the state and the people under the 10th would implement the "nullification" approach and any Governor who doesn't have the cojones to stand up for his/her state should be removed and replaced with someone with courage.

The real problem is that a number of illegal laws were passed at the federal level with the best of intentions -- unfortunately, that does't excuse the Congress for not abiding by the Constitution or the Executive for signing an illegal piece of legislation.  Therefore, it becomes the DUTY of every citizen to force the issue -- nullification starts at the personal level, which will get your posterior thrown in jail.  However, if enough join together nullification can be initiated at the county level  Counties join to implement nullification at the state level and, finally, the states can join together to limit the illegal powers assumed by the federal government.  

Can that be done?  I haven't the foggiest idea.  There are so many folks dependent on the Feds, that they may be unwilling to step away from the goodies.  The last election should show that possibility is certainly in play.

I advocate seeking support at the lowest levels -- and, frankly, I would forget the political parties.  The force must be with the people.  That means the churches, the TEA Parties, and the various civic and veteran's groups. 

Now, where would you suggest we start?

Mr. case you haven't noticed............they HAVE started.  Government, at every level, LOCAL, STATE, and FEDERAL, are soooooo entwined and trying to lead America down the Agenda 21 road, that there is NO HOPE they will listen to ANYONE at ANY LEVEL because they ALL support each other within the NATION WITHIN A NATION they have created for themselves and they have ALL the resources and guns to FORCE their agenda on anyone they want tol

Session is a WAKE UP CALL to ALL REAL AMERICANS.  The only way we're going to get RID of this FEDERAL OBAMINATION is to STARVE IT to death FINANCIALLY. 

Every REAL AMERICAN WORKER/EMPLOYEE should claim 12 or more dependants on their W-2 forms which will make them EXEMPT from having taxes taken out of their paychecks every week.  Sure the IRS will come after us but there's only THOUSANDS of them while there are MILLIONS of us.  STARVE THE BEAST, CUT OFF THE TAXES NOW.

I agree with most of you that the Constitution has been shredded by this man, Obama, and his party , yet the Courts do nothing. They won't even determine if he was eligible , which he wasn't ..otherwise why would he coverup everthing like Benghazi. Also, Sheriff Joe Arpaio found his BC was a fraud...yet they call anyone who questions him...a crazy birther. This is how Marxists and totalitarians take over free people. Go back and look at German history in the 1930s when Hitler used Joseph Goebels to dictate the narrative to the people. Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin warned about this type of government tyranny. Yes the Democrats are the Party of lawlessness.




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