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PFA;  WELL  DONE,  Truth  in  our  face..!!

Thanks for the information.

Well done dose of common sense from someone who clearly knows it when he sees it. Highly recommend taking his advice to heart and putting it to work, sooner rather than later. Now would be good.

Why take our hopes away?  Most of us realize we cannot fight the enemy within with all their ammo, etc.  But, we are quite willing to fight back in any way we can.  Plus, what is wrong with saving food?  Again, we all realize we cannot win against who we will be going up against but in order for us to survive any length of time, be it short or long, don't take hope away from us.  At least we will be fighting for our country, not running away.

The truth is never wrong.  He is not taking away your hopes, just providing solid, proven advise.  He tells you several times exactly what to do to not fail, put your money and effort in ammo and practice, like this is really going to happen, and you really need to be able to handle life in your area.

       I did two decades in the Corps, spent some time in various places, and couldn't possible put it better than this has been done.  We all have it in our genes, we're American's For God's Sake, and we need to "man up" and take the bull by the horns.  Jefferson said "the Tree of liberty must be nourished from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants alike, it is it's natural manure".  I've always felt "patriots" was put first because it has always been the tyrant ever applying more load until the patriot stops giving and has to take.

     We've allowed the enemy live among us for decades going on centuries, it will be bloody, and it will be "after the power goes off".  Win or die.

John McClain

GySgt, USMC, ret.

Well said, not often enough.  It doesn't matter when or where, it all runs the same.  There is no "home" at the of this unless we suddenly get really self-responsible.

    I've never heard it said better.

John McClain

GySgt, USMC, ret.

Vanceboro, NC

Thank You very much ,I appreciate your candidness and advice!

Very good words of wisdom, with this vid, 'n take it to heart! One never knows the situation they may be in at any given moment, or even having immediate access to all the preps one has made. Thinking, 'n acting on your feet, with what's at hand is, and will be, very important.

sobering video that needs to be watched.

Spot on.

Twana , This has been out for quite a while but his points are well taken . Any of us that have been to war in a defensive or offensive engagement know exactly what he's talking about . Unless you've been there " you " have no idea . When you have a bullet going by you , tracers coming at you , you will never know .

As to your post ? ! Wannabe's ? Lets get something straight . They are doing training which 99.99 % of you are not doing and there are manuals on every aspect of training for conventional and gorilla warfare as well . You are selling them short and I find that reprehensible . I know of a few soldiers that have gone a tour without being shot at and unless you are you are not combat hardened PERIOD .

For those " wannabes " keep at it because practice makes you better . You have the tools , your radios , a food and water stash , more than likely your version of the M16 and plenty of ammo . Remember that our forefathers were "wannabes" with a purpose  . You are no different and your purpose is no different .

Lin , don't despair . If and when it comes down to them against us there are many ways to take part . Intel is one part of it which you could help with and much needed , a safe haven , a stash of food . The list is long and let your imagination work . It is not a given that they will win , look at the wars we're fighting at this moment . We will not win and can't win these engagements .



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