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President Obama Confirms He Will Refuse To Leave Office If Trump Is Elected

Barack Obama has sensationally told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that he will NOT vacate the Oval office if Donald J. Trump is elected the 45th President of the United States.

The current president claims he is “fully prepared” to ignore the popular vote if it means stopping Trump, having found what he believes is a little known loophole that would allow him to remain in charge until a re-election is called.

“As president, I must do what I feel is in the best interests of our nation,” he explained. “If the American people elected ‘the Donald’ then I will be forced to take whatever actions I deem necessary.”

When asked by the CNN anchor if he would remain in charge, Obama’s response was firm. “I am not standing down as president if it means four years of President Trump,” he said categorically.

The president was asked what exact lengths he would go to, to prevent the billionaire from being sworn in on January, 20th, 2017. “I am prepared to file a motion of ‘no confidence’ in our citizens thereby taking their vote away from them,” he confessed.

“Wait, you’re willing to impeach the American people as voters?” a possibly stunned Blitzer asked. “Yes, if necessary,” the President responded. “I cannot allow him into this chair, with his finger so close to the button. The power would go to his head immediately.”

Stirring the pot,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Anybody care to place any bets on this??

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My bet is that he WILL leave that office one way or another.
And my guess is that with Moochelle's "Holier- than- thou" attitude those people who have worked in the White House Staff for 15-20-25 years can hardly wait to get them out of there.
What I'd like to see is the White House staff pack Obama's and Moochelle's bags and throw them out on the street.

Now THAT would really make my day.

The unmitigated Gaul of this SOB is just beyond belief. If he actually thinks he can override the will of the American people he's in for a rude awakening!!!' No loop-hole will allow him to override the American people's vote, whoever it is. If the American people choose a Republican, since he's a Democrate he has NO POWER to over ride the people's will because he dosent like that person. PERIOD.Lets keep our fingers crossed, those of us who wanted to see him "Thrown out" of the People's house may still get their wish!!
Type in Hillary gives Lester Holt hand signals.... Confirmed she communicated with him. Also Lester Holt wore an ear piece in violation of the federal election commission rules for moderators. And the sad part is they will continue to get away with this crap. I've never seen so much corruption being done out in the open and getting away with it.

Interestingly all video's I looked for of Hillary giving hand signals have been removed under the claim of copyright violation. It is widely accepted however that a person "scratching" their face has been used as some sort of a signal. I believe the earpiece Holt used was authorized but only if the connection was with the commissioner of the debate.

Under the Constitution there is no provision that would allow a President to remain in office under the declaration of an emergency such as martial law. I believe the "loophole" to which Obama made reference deals with the threat to national security under the war powers act. The fact Obama made reference to Trump having his finger close to the "button" (referring to the nuclear code) is a hint of what he believes would be a threat to the world and thus he will attempt to remain in office as the only way to prevent that threat. IMHO.

Just the same, I hope he isn't stupid enough to think that Congress would go along with such craziness. In the event he does try then he will be met with a force he could never imagine from not only the military but from about 600 million angry Americans who would love to demonstrate what the second amendment was created to prevent. Time will tell. What I find interesting is that no other media source has picked up on this very important announcement???

  In reference to finger on the button,the president cant order a nuclear attack on a whim.There is more to it than just pressing a button. Amazing how manny people fall for that political scare BS.

I will tell you exactly where it leads "Martial Law" and consfication of weapons by U.N. forces already here and prepared to do this SOB's will against the American people. He is itching.....frankly, the military had better step in to arrest this bastard on sight, otherwise once the shooting starts, D.C. will be cleaned out before it stops.

Chinese and Russian forces stationed in states in the west. UN vehicles have been spotted being moved in many eastern seaboard states. People need to wake up. The military leadership is in cahoots. Why do I say this, because we have been under martial law since the Civil War.  It is why the army did not disband and units return to their originating states as per constitutional order. Read the constitution, The navy is the only standing military force allowed under the constitution. Each sovereign state was supposed to maintain its own standing army. In time of national war the federal government would request of every state to send their standing army to fight under the federal war banner. That war banner has since come to be known as the US flag. The founding fathers did not establish a national flag. The US flag was a war flag/banner used for military troops and ships.

Several people have said that this 'report' is a fake, it's false.........
It's just a rouse to stir the pot,,,,,,,,,
Well I think that may actually be the case. I think this report is a fake,,,,,,,,, BUT
Here's my problem with that;

IF this report is actually a fake, it's a good one,,,,,, And that suggests to me that it was make by someone with some money behind them.
Somebody like George Soros, or even from the White House it self. We've been saying that a guy by the name of Cass Sunstein from the White House Office of Regulatory Affairs has said in the past that they would infiltrate the Social Media and any focus groups that they could identify, and then introduce doubt and deceptions, cause as much confusion as possible. (Sunstein's wife also works in the White House)

So there are three possibilities to this story;
#1) It's true..................
#2) It's a total fake created by some media jerk just to stir up trouble and to see how many fools react to it.
#3) It's a propaganda piece created by the White House to stir up discontent and again try to see how many people will react to it.......... We know the NSA can track certain words and phrases. Their systems look for those phrases and then watch those sites where it appears, like this one.
I'm not concerned about that here because we all know they are watching us any way.

The real point about all of this is that IF the Government is actually the ones responsible for creating this story,even if it's intended as a rouse to scare people,,,, Then this Government is so damned corrupt it's almost beyond belief, I mean - who in hell would ever dream up this type of crap ?????

Then again, if this is true then you better get ready,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

It this story were true and Obama did say this to Wolf Blitzer at CNN it would have been a major story that would have been picked up by all other news channels or at least that is what I would think the case would be. This type of story would be too big for FOX, MSNBC, Alex Jones, Infowars, etc. not to run as it is that controversial. About a year ago there was another story that was reported by CNN or supposedly CNN ??? Here is a link to that story: Obama Announces Run for Third Term

Just saying if all these stories from CNN held any truth the other news channels would surely report them.

STAND DOWN --- Relax folks. Nothing to see here, move on......

Fact checking this story has proven it to be false as the disclaimer notation on the originating website so claims:

Said posts or stories may or may not use real names, always in semi-real and/or mostly, or substantially, fictitious ways. Therefore, all news articles contained within are works of fiction and constitute fake news. Any truth or actual facts contained in said stories or posts are purely incidental  or coincidental and not intended to be, or be construed as, facts. Any resemblance to the truth or actual facts or to reality is purely coincidental, except for references to famous persons and/or public figures, in which case such stories are based on real people, but the story, or stories, surrounding or about these  people or figures are almost entirely fiction and are intended as satire and entertainment.  As the purpose of said stories is to entertain and amuse and not to disparage any persons, or institutions, in any way and no malice is intended toward anyone or anything, nor should any be construed from the satirically based stories and fake news items.  This web site is not a source of facts or real information. That means all items or stories on this website are fictitious. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental or is intended purely as a satire, parody or spoof of such persons and is not intended to communicate any true or factual information about that person is intended for a mature audience.

CONFIRMED - It's a hoax,,,,,, Fake----False---------

Damn it - I was kind of hoping that dummy bastard would actually try it.
Just my sinister attitude showing through.... Again.

true or not would u put it past him.......................



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