Where are the boys of Omaha Beach today? Where are the Mom's that supported them? God help us find ourselves before we lose all in vain..............

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Col.  you know w/all the illegals now here God forbid i am the last one who remembers D Day or memorial day or july 4th.  We the people know the history of America that is y we fight so hard TIME TO DO SO NOW

The few are becoming fewer Bonnie............

This is the plan - to wait until the patriotic Americans die off, the ones who remember borders, the threat of Nazis and fascism, the attack on our soil from Japan, and the sacrifices made to hold onto our freedoms. Slowly, those memories fade and aren't taught as history in school.

To me, it's amazing that a culture/religion (Islam) can spout antisemitism, actively engage in ethnic cleansing, and openly espouse as a goal world domination through any violent means, and NOT be equated to Nazi Germany. But then again, is the history of WWII being taught in public schools or even college classes?


Mark Levin did a whole hour on the Grand Mufti meeting w/ Hitler to assist with the "Final Solution", i.e., exterminating the Jews and that history.  You can find both on the web.  The bottom line is they're essentially one and the same.  Nazi means "national socialist"... what we have in the WH now!  The problem is that the US has to be taken down as our culture, our heritage and our documents defy all that is Islam, Socialist/Communist and Fascist.  We MUST stop this no matter the costs.


We might be the few sir, but we will never be defeated!

That is right Rick we might be the few at the moment but we will never be defeated

God Bless America.

What a beautiful, moving tribute to our fallen soldiers!  This little boy's parents must be very, very proud...

Thank You Col. Thank You..


William, actually the Military is to protect us from a military attack.  The Declaration of Independence says that We the People have not only the right to alter or abolish the government, but we also have the DUTY to do so.

The point here is that it is the People who MUST be the ones to remove traitors and other criminals from office, not the military. It remains to be seen if the People will actually realize that WE are the ultimate earthly power in America, NOT the government.  Once we realize that we can act with the full support of the law regardless of what the cowards and traitors in government think.

Au contraire - the military are the ones who should realize what Obama is doing to this country, and should organize a coup.  We the people have not been successful doing that, but the military has done it before in many other countries.  The military has the organizational skills and channels to do this, and I'm actually kinda surprised they haven't already done it.  



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