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PROOF: Neither Rubio or Cruz are eligible to serve as President/Commander-in-Chief "The End of the American Presidency by JB Williams....."(Second Posting)

In an interview, Senator Cruz own words disqualify his eligibility to serve as President.



By J.B. Williams
March 29, 2015

Following the War of Independence separating America from Great Britain and establishing a new free sovereign nation, our Founders set a course to establish a Constitutional Representative Republican form of self-governance, of, by and for the people of the newly formed United States with the passage of the U.S. Constitution.

Ever since, political powers here and abroad have sought to undermine, dismantle and destroy the United States and eliminate it as the world’s most free, prosperous and powerful nation on earth.

Two hundred years later, trapped in a growing global shift towards a One World system of global governance based on communist principles of social justice, the United States would soon find itself in a silent battle for its sovereignty and security emanating from within…

Fast forward to 2004 – when a totally obscure new Illinois State Senator was paraded on to the national stage by none other than Sen. Ted Kennedy, (who had very close ties with Vladimir Putin, then head of the Russian KGB) – strangely upstaging the intended star of the show, Democrat presidential nominee John Kerry. Four years later, the man with no verifiable past would become the first truly anti-American occupant of the Oval Office under color of fraud.

His name is Barack Hussein Obama and Barry Soetoro and Barack Hussein Obama Soebarkah. He was born to a Kenyan Father and a young American mother, in Hawaii as the story goes, and grew up an Indonesian citizen for a time. He has more than twenty Social Security numbers attached to his name[s] – and six years later, all records sealed, not one American citizen can tell you for sure who or what this person really is…

But we have watched him destroy our country at light speed for six years – stirring up racial divides, seizing more and more dictatorial executive powers, taking over entire private economic sectors, importing illegal aliens and illegal Islamic “refugees” at a record pace, driving our nation to nearly $20 trillion in debt, setting records in Military KIA and WIA under suicidal ROE, losing Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, Pakistan and numerous others, undermining every constitutional concept, installing Muslim Brotherhood members throughout federal offices and national security agencies, as well as in numerous Middle Eastern nations by directly interfering in their elections, and swapping old U.S. allies for old U.S. enemies and placing our oldest Middle Eastern ally on the chopping block, Israel.

If the goal is to destroy the United States, no one has ever done it better than Barack Hussein Obama.

Our Founders made it possible for us to prevent such events, by placing very narrow and specific requirements for the Oval Office in Article II of the Constitution… all the American people had to do to prevent this disaster was enforce the Constitution.

The Founders kept it very simple… to be eligible for the Oval Office, President or Vice President; one has to meet the following conditions -

1. One must be a natural born Citizen of the United States, a True Citizen
2. One must be at least 35 years of age
3. One must have held U.S. residency for at least 14 years prior

That’s all, three very simple requirements established to prevent someone like Barack Hussein Obama from ever entering the Oval Office, someone with unknown, foreign, dual or divided national loyalties. Barack Obama has demonstrated for six years now that he is loyal to global interests, not U.S. interests.

Barack Obama met condition number two and three, but he did not and cannot meet condition number one, the natural born Citizen requirement. That is the condition that should have prevented him from ever stepping foot in the people’s Oval Office six years ago. It didn’t stop him, because the people failed to enforce Article II of the U.S. Constitution, or even hold their representatives accountable for sitting silent as it happened.

Many Americans, millions, wanted the constitutional crisis addressed and resolved over the past six years, filing law suits, FOIA requests seeking information on who Barack Obama really is and where he really came from, calling for impeachment, both for the fraud that allowed him to seize the White House and the many treasonous acts he has committed while in that office.

But the political will of the masses was just not there. Million’s more would be focused only upon removing him from fraudulent power via the election booth, without realizing that he was now in control of everything, including elections and was rapidly turning the nation on its head.

Back in 2012, a new young up and coming hot shot Republican was emerging in the great once very conservative state of Texas. He was, like Obama, a Harvard trained lawyer, except he actually had more on his résumé than communist community organizing.

In a campaign interview during his freshman senate race, a GOP Texas State Committee member sat down with the young candidate to ask a few poignant vetting questions, and here are the questions and answers from that interview… (Redacted information is to protect the witness at this moment, but the witness is willing to offer sworn testimony)

Interviewer: “Hello Mr. Cruz, it's a pleasure to meet you. My name is (redacted). I am a (redacted) County GOP Precinct Chair and you have my support and vote. I have one question for you if I may?”
Cruz: “Sure, go ahead.”
Interviewer: “What is your understanding of how one becomes a natural born Citizen?”
Cruz: “Two citizen parents and born on the soil.”
Interviewer: “Not exactly, but as I don't have enough time to fully explain how one does become an natural born Citizen, based on your understanding, would you agree that Barack Obama is ineligible to be POTUS?”
Cruz: “I would agree.”
Interviewer: “So when we get you elected, will you expose him for the usurping fraud he is?”
Cruz: “No, my main focus will be on repealing Obamacare.”
Interviewer: “But Mr. Cruz, if he is exposed as the usurping fraud he is, everything he has done will become null and void. Everything!”
Interviewer: “At that point, Cruz reiterated his main concern, so it was obvious the conversation was over as far as Cruz was concerned. I thanked him for his time and wished him success in the runoff.”

That senate race was highly unusual. Redistricting had caused setbacks delaying the elections and election results. Cruz was running to replace Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison who had just retired and vacated her seat. At the originally scheduled time for the primary, Republican Cruz opponent Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst was well ahead in the polls. But by the time the election took place, Cruz had had enough time to slip ahead with more name recognition, in the end defeating his opponent and going on to defeat Democrat Paul Sadler in the general election, becoming only one of three Latino’s in the U.S. Senate.

That was 2012, and in July of 2013, Sen. Ted Cruz was beginning to make a name for himself, a somewhat outspoken freshman senator, sometimes frustrating GOP establishment RINOs like Sen. Mitch McConnell with his on camera grandstanding, much to the delight of his growing fan base in the Tea Party movement.

Members of the Tea Party, once focused on Constitutional Government, were beginning to see Cruz as more than just a U.S. Senator. In their search for a “real true constitutional conservative” to help regain control of an out of control runaway federal juggernaut under Obama, he seemed a breath of fresh air for millions of Republicans and Libertarians across the country.

That’s when calls for him to seek the Oval Office in 2016 started to take shape, and that’s when Sen. Ted Cruz became very concerned about a fact that he knew, but had never disclosed to the public, including during his Senate campaign a year earlier… Ted Cruz was born a Canadian citizen at birth, and remained a legal citizen of Canada, all the way up until May14, 2014.

In short, Sen. Ted Cruz was a legal citizen of Canada when he ran for and became a U.S. Senator, without ever having disclosed his Canadian citizenship to Texas voters, which under both Texas and U.S. Election law, is an act of fraud. Ted Cruz had committed election fraud by failing to disclose to Texas voters that he was a Canadian citizen in 2012.

No one can say for certain, but I think it is a very fair guess, that had Ted Cruz disclosed to Texas voters in 2012, that he had always been and remained at that time a legal citizen of Canada, his Republican opponent, Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst, would have won that race and become the next U.S. Senator from Texas.

Ted made a huge mistake… He messed with Texas!

Soon, it was the Tea Party wave of support that caused Sen. Ted Cruz to take an interest in running for president in 2016, forcing Cruz to now deal with a fact that was sure to become public in a presidential campaign… he was a Canadian citizen.

On August 18, 2013 the Dallas Morning News published a copy of the birth records released by Sen. Ted Cruz, his Canadian birth records. The story opened the debate over Cruz eligibility for the Oval Office and unlike Obama, who had issued a number of forged certifications of live birth to support his eligibility claim, Cruz had just proven that he was a Canadian citizen at birth by releasing his Canadian birth record.

Many immediately scrambled for damage control, alleging that maybe he was a “dual citizen” at birth via his American born mother. But there were no U.S. documents supporting that claim to be found…

Enter the Harvard lawyers… the same lawyers that had been protecting Barack Hussein Obama for six years… Cruz was advised by his legal friends to immediately renounce his Canadian citizenship, which he did, on May 14, 2014…

…and by June of 2014, friends and supporters at Fox News were beginning to clear his path to the White House by floating the idea that Ted was now a natural born Citizen of the United States, based upon renouncing his Canadian citizenship.

Of course, two critical problems remained… Renouncing his Canadian citizenship affected his Canadian citizenship, but not his citizenship records in the United States, which so far, appear not to exist even today.

As Ronald Reagan would say, here we go again, with a freshman Senator, a Harvard Lawyer, with Harvard law friends and no U.S. documentation to prove that Ted Cruz is a U.S. citizen of any type. A man with known foreign origins, and the son of a Father, Rafael Cruz Sr. who was at no time in his life a legal citizen of the United States until 35 years after Ted’s birth in Canada, when he renounced his Canadian citizenship and naturalized to the United States in 2005.

The problems were quite obvious… unlike Obama, who had taken great care to forge a false documented past before running for office, Ted had already proven to the world that he was not a natural born U.S. Citizen at birth, but rather a documented Canadian citizen at birth.

Not only had he committed election fraud by not disclosing to Texas voters that he was a Canadian citizen in 2012, now he was about to join Barack Hussein Obama in an even greater national effort to defraud all American voters by seeking the U.S. Oval Office less than a year after renouncing his Canadian citizenship.

Back on December 18, 2013, the North American Law Center was anticipating this sad moment in history when they directed a certified letter to Sen. Ted Cruz essentially begging him not to step out on this political limb, as he has many enemies ready to saw it off. Cruz never responded to that letter…

Enter the Harvard lawyers again… On March 11, 2015 – two Harvard law friends published a Harvard Law Review opinion declaring both Ted Cruz and Barack Hussein Obama “natural born Citizens” of the United States.

The key opinion in the entire legal wordsmithing document is this…

“While some constitutional issues are truly difficult, with framing-era sources either nonexistent or contradictory, here, the relevant materials clearly indicate that a “natural born Citizen” means a citizen from birth with no need to go through naturalization proceedings.”

What the Harvard experts are saying is this, gee, we just can’t find any documents to confirm the Founders intent of the term natural born Citizen, and so, we think it means this… a “citizen at birth” is a “natural born Citizen.”

Never mind that Harvard and Yale law buddies had already decided that “illegal aliens” are really just “undocumented citizens,” or that they long ago twisted naturalization laws to make “illegal aliens” born on U.S. soil “anchor babies” who are also considered to be “citizens at birth.”

The legal experts have now expanded all of our naturalization terms to mean “natural born Citizen,” using naturalization amendments, cases and statues to do it. In so doing, they are eliminating the true meaning and purpose of the Article II natural born Citizen requirement from our Constitution without having to endure the cumbersome process of actually amending the Constitutional legally.

And, what was once a long fought leftist battle to eliminate all Constitutional foundations for sovereign government by a sovereign nation and of its sovereign citizens, has now been joined by Republicans like Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Bobby Jindal, none of whom are actually eligible for the Oval Office, and all of whom know it.

Only days later, on the heels of the Harvard opinion piece, Sen. Ted Cruz stood among 12,000 Liberty University students forced to attend the event, and announced he was running for the office of President.

If you ask the average American citizen what natural born Citizen is, they do not know. Even many, who think they know, do not know. Since Barack Obama, numerous definitions based on numerous political agendas have been floated, making what was once a very common simple term too ambiguous to enforce.

The people have allowed the lawyers to amend the Constitution by simply publishing a legal opinion.

And today, we are witnessing the death of the American Presidency… from this point forward, any person born anywhere on earth to any foreign Father or Mother can be president of the United States in direct violation of the U.S. Constitution.

The only documentation Obama ever proffered was a forged COLB (Certification of Live Birth, not birth certificate) from Hawaii, which Hawaii prints off and hands out like bingo cards at a Saturday night church social… and the only documentation Ted Cruz has proffered is proof that he was born a Canadian citizen at birth and remained such until May 14, 2014… on this basis, Harvard Law experts say both can be president…

Now, what does natural born Citizen really mean and why did our Founder’s choose that term in an overt effort to prevent people like Barack Obama, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Vladimir Putin and bin Laden’s son from ever gaining access to the Oval Office?

The answer is found in the Founders statements identifying the source of the term, Vattel’s international treatise on Natural Law, The Law of Nations, book 1 – Chapter XIX. Every American can easily find it, read it, understand it and know it. There is nothing at all ambiguous about it… unless you let your political agenda drive your facts.

The true definition of the natural born Citizen requirement for the Oval Office as described throughout the entirety of Chapter XIX can be summed up in this section from 212…

“As the society cannot exist and perpetuate itself otherwise than by the children of the citizens, those children naturally follow the condition of their fathers, and succeed to all their rights. The society is supposed to desire this, in consequence of what it owes to its own preservation; and it is presumed, as matter of course, that each citizen, on entering into society, reserves to his children the right of becoming members of it. The country of the fathers is therefore that of the children; and these become true citizens merely by their tacit consent. We shall soon see whether, on their coming to the years of discretion, they may renounce their right, and what they owe to the society in which they were born. I say, that, in order to be of the country, it is necessary that a person be born of a father who is a citizen; for, if he is born there of a foreigner, it will be only the place of his birth, and not his country.”

Barack Obama’s Father was never a U.S. Citizen. Ted Cruz’s Father was never a U.S. citizen either, until he naturalized 35 years after Ted’s birth. Ted remained a legal citizen of Canada until he renounced his Canadian citizenship on May 14, 2014. Without any U.S. documents, Ted is now a man without a country, according to any authentic documentation. Is Ted Cruz just an “illegal alien” holding a U.S. Senate seat and running for President?

Nothing pertaining to naturalization pertains to natural born, nothing. Naturalization is the process by which an alien (non-citizen) becomes an American citizen.

Natural born Citizenship is a Natural Law term describing a condition that either exists or does not exist at the moment of birth. There is nothing anyone can do to become a natural born Citizen, once they were not born a natural born Citizen. Lies offered by Ivy League lawyers to the contrary are offered with the explicit intent to alter the Founder’s intent, and once again, they know it… It is a Common Law practice they all learned in law school. Common Law is the legal British practice of openly subverting Constitutional Law.

So, people with no U.S. documentation, “undocumented citizens” according to Ivy League lawyers, are “natural born Citizens” and average citizens must rely upon Ivy League Law experts (or judges, political appointees) to help Americans figure out what the true meaning of “is” is… a term the average American is not intelligent enough to figure out for themselves. This is not a new tactic, Hitler did it with the help of Goebbels, Marx did it, Castro did it, Stalin and Lenin did it, even Hugo Chavez did it…

That is the worst part of this entire saga in the demise of the United States… The people put their politics ahead of their Constitution and as a result, they are about to let it all slip away, their freedom and liberty, all of it.

The mission to globalize the United States is only possible once it is no longer a requirement that only a True American, a natural born Citizen, can hold the office of Commander-in-Chief. The people appear willing to accept this now.

AUTHOR NOTE: Everything presented in this column is verifiable fact. Now we will see how many American patriots care about these facts.

© 2015 JB Williams - All Rights Reserved

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JB Williams is a writer on matters of history and American politics with more than 3000 pieces published over a twenty-year span. He has a decidedly conservative reverence for the Charters of Freedom, the men and women who have paid the price of freedom and liberty for all, and action oriented real-time solutions for modern challenges. He is a Christian, a husband, a father, a researcher, writer and a business owner. He is co-founder of action organizations The United States Patriots Union, a civilian parent organization for The Veteran Defenders of America. He is also co-founder of The North American Law Center, a citizen run investigative legal research and activism organization preparing to take on American's greatest legal battles. Williams receives mail at:

Web site 1:

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Copied and saved for the future. It will NOT be on my computer just in case of a hack or crash. And at this point I'm more afraid of a hack than a crash.

Ya'll gotta stop believing in all this crap about Cruz lies--Megyn Kelly READ Cruz's ENTIRE Amendment against Rubio's gang of eight immigration bill and she admitted on Fox News--CRUZ WAS RIGHT, he did NOT lie--the bill about legalization was exactly what Cruz said, NOT Rubio.  FOR ALL YOU TRUMP PUSHERS--Donald Trump talked with BILL CLINTON on May 15 of last year and CLINTON advised Trump to "get more INVOLVED in the Republican party", ONE month later, June 16, Donald Trump ANNOUNCED a run for the presidency.---These aren't MY WORDS--those are words of the Washington POST newspaper who quoted FOUR Trump allies and a Clinton associate.  SO, now you know why after YEARS of liberal leanings and donating millions to DemocRATS, Clintons and others----Donald Trump has had a 'come to Jesus' moment and is now a dedicated Conservative.  When his real history has been about supporting late term abortion, GUN control, Obama's bailouts and Stimulus bills and Canadian style SINGLE-PAYER (total government control) for healthcare America.  IS he the next "trojan horse" from the DemocRATS--make up your own mind--his New York values are on display EVERY debate--in your face arrogance and intimidation--typical DemocRAT LIBERAL VALUES.

Excuse me, proof has been released that not only did Trump vote Republican for over 20 years, he also donated to the Republicans and more than he gave to Demoncrats, also if you remember during McCains election both he and Sarah Palin went to Trump for advice and money, which was again repeated by Romney. He also explained about his Come to Jesus moment about abortion and why his stance changed, he also said over and over again he is a 2nd amendment believer and is licensed and he himself carries and his sons hunt---by the way even huge Cruz supporter the great one Mark Levin calls the "Washington Post" the "Washington Compost" (meaning trash in case ya missed it. He has also released papers and wrote a book and in his rallies explained that for healthcare he wants across the states competition (to let Capitalism work) NOT a single payer-he does NOT want bail outs-he repeatedly talks against this that IS why he talks about "The Deal" to bring jobs back-so there is no need for bail outs-geez stop listening to talking points just go to his website and get the facts-also his book has recently been released on Audio (so not so expensive to buy) or simply go to a rally  he does not charge for tickets, or just watch his live streams. There are so many ways to get the facts these days that there is really no excuse to repeat false propaganda (I know it has become legalized by the lovely Representatives of the people) does not mean we have to do it. Please, I loved Cruz too, until I found out a few things and not just the whole NBC thing...Dr. Carson does deserve a second look as well as the good Governor of Ohio, but with all the back and forth between trump and Cruz no one really gets a chance to look at the other candidates.

OMG, you believe the biggest liar on Fox News?  megyn kelly?

You have just discredited yourself with your very own words.

Who mentioned Megan Kelly? or Fox? not I!

Dawn, its two posts above.. Shavager, just above yours..


It occurs to me, that the word Natural is the operative word in the sentence Natural Born Citizen. If a Pearl is not grown of a oyster in it's Natural habitat, the ocean, not seeded, or farmed, then it is not a Natural Pearl. It is either a man made, synthetic, or faux pearl, even if grown in a oyster, if it is not grown naturally in the ocean through the natural, or Nature of it, then it is not a Natural Pearl.
If I perceive the meaning of these lawyers, to misrepresent, change, or degrade the meaning of Natural Born Citizen to mean than anyone born is a Natural Born Citizen, then this would open the doors for any person from any Country to legally be able to run as President of the United States. This could mean, that if Sadam Hussein were still alive, came to America and gave up his Citizenship in his Country, that he would be eligible to run as President.
It is a shame that the tern Natural born Citizen were not more expounded upon by the founders, but I am quite sure that at that time, and in their normal thoughts on the matter, the term meant Naturally born a Citizen of the Unites States, by Natural Citizen parents, or at least Father, as some versions suggest. Why, as a foreign born Citizen, would the founders of a new Nation allow for a Foreigner to be President of this Country?. this would make absolutely no sense.
It would be absolutely ludicrous for our founding fathers to allow, that anyone from any foreign Country be allowed to rule this Country, when they fought so hard to make it a new Nation and independent of foreign rule. We the people, not we the anybody. Of, By, and For the People.

Freedomfighter--a "naturalized" citizen does NOT qualify--that citizenship can be STRIPPED from the person being naturalized. Anybody coming here could essentially have their American citizenship rescinded by government and deported, an American citizen can't. Cruz AUTOMATICALLY received American citizenship from his MOTHER under the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952. Rubio received his citizenship from being born ON U.S. soil. The Founders understood what THEY meant, we can only ASSUME it means "born to TWO citizen parents" since there is NO legal statute defining it as such and without it, there is no legal standing to challenge it with.  Congress is the nation's law making branch of government, Congress would be the source to legally define it with an act to be sent to the STATES for Amending the Constitution to clarify intent. As long as Congress accepts "citizenship" as the prerequisite, that is the standard the Supreme Court will accept.

as proven - the great wisdom of our Founders the reasoning behind such a ruling is so that one does NOT have divided loyalties... The current occupier in office is such a perfect example of divided loyalties and that of not having a "Love" of this great nation, which shows by how many times he must "apologize for us" and by his deeds.

An excellent commentary, but I wish that JB had included the first two sentences of No. 212; viz.:

"The citizens are the members of the civil society; bound to this society by certain duties, and subject to its authority, they  equally participate in its advantages.  The natives, or natural-born citizens, are those born in the country, of parents who are citizens."

He may have left that part out because it opens a further commentary needed; to say, further on in this section, de Vattel says that "children follow the condition of their fathers," so it doesn't matter where they are born to be a nbc - all that matters is the citizenship of the father.  In any event, the issue stays the same: Neither Cruz, Rubio nor Obama are eligible for the job.  And JB is right on in pointing out why it is so critical to staunch the constitutional wound: because the New World Order gangsters are trying to take over the country, and merge it into their totalitarian nightmare.  And the Constitution stands in their way.  At least, it used to.

And Cruz is proving to be one of them.  All slippery-tongued and all. 

Stan--that's in Vattel's Law of Nations, but that definition appears NO place in our Constitution or Federal laws. It is open to interpretation by Congress and Federal Courts without a definitive intent from the Founders. We all know they used Vattel's Law of Nations as well as Blackstone's Common Law--but neither of those documents are U.S. LAWS, merely references used in structuring and developing the Constitution. In your own post you show a conflict in the meaning "born...of parents who are citizens" and then "children follow the condition of their fathers"--that's TWO different meanings. Since beginning of mankind--the FATHER has always been the dominant member--children take the citizenship of the FATHER, lineage of the family and inheritance of the lineage followed the FATHER's, family name followed the FATHER until the 20th century and feminists begin dictating policy.  Without a legal statute to define "natural born", the law making branch of government--CONGRESS has the real say and they've shown NO intent to restrict "natural born" to CITIZEN PARENTS--in fact they've tried to CHANGE IT at least EIGHT TIMES since 2003--either change "natural born" to mean something it doesn't or take it completely OUT of the Constitution despite the fact they forget only WE THE PEOPLE can amend it. I personally believe it MEANS "TWO CITIZEN PARENTS" but my opinion's no different from anybody else--it's opinion, not fact. IF Ted Cruz is such a big part of the New World Order--then explain WHY the establishment RINO's HATE Cruz.  So far he's stood up against them on ObamaCare when they wouldn't, he stood up against Rubio's "gang of eight" Amnesty when they wouldn't, he stood up against the National Defense Authorization Act THREE consecutive years because it has UNCONSTITUTIONAL language contained which gives Obama the authority to detain YOU or any other citizen deemed a 'threat' without a trial, access to a lawyer and for as long as HE believes necessary.  The only other Republican who's been as outspoken against these policies as Cruz was Rand Paul.  I don't see Cruz as "slippery tongued", he ran on a platform he promised his constituents and has fulfilled it as promised. The "lie" about Ben Carson in Iowa and Trump's claim Cruz "stole" the election?  Cruz receiver ONE delegate more (8) than Trump AND Rubio did (7 each) while Carson finished in the election EXACTLY where he was polling before the caucus--fourth spot.  So, finishing first wasn't really any more rewarding than Trump's second or Rubio's third. Cruz LED the fight to defeat Rubio's Amnesty bill and Rubio knows it--Sen. Jeff Sessions has publicly commended Cruz over the fight. And quoting Rubio's own words is like quoting Trump's--instead of proving them false--it's LIAR, LIAR, pants on FIRE like some school boy level intelligence.  Give me the PRO-Constitution Cruz any day.  And YES, he IS Constitutionally eligible until CONGRESS or the Supreme Court declares him different and I don't believe YOU will see it in our lifetime.  P.S.--WE THE PEOPLE CAN AMEND THE CONSTITUTION TO DEFINE "NATURAL BORN" EXACTLY AS THE FOUNDERS DID--but it would take a CONVENTION OF STATES to get it done--Congress is NOT likely to make any attempt on our behalf without it.



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