Prophet of Doom - Islam's Terrorist Dogma in Muhammad's Own Words

[019] Download the entire book or individual chapters in pdf.
Islamic Terrorism Timeline This comprehensive review of most every significant act of Islamic terrorism from 1960 to 2004 is arranged by date and event. At one thousand pages in length, the research confirms that 95% of all terrorist acts are the result of Islam and that they are perpetrated by fun...

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Thank you Twana. Everybody should send the link to all friends.
It is time for a new CRUSADE.

in the last 1400 years Muslims murdered about 273 million people.


Bloodthirsty barbarians.


The more this knowledge spreads the better we can counter them.


The most succinct offering I've seen on this subject!

If you want to study and read the truth...dig in.

It's lengthy...but worth your time.

Know your enemy.

Thanks Twana.

God speed.

This is very interesting. I believe we are going to see more of this inb the future. m
don't give up your guns...

Time for tough more "Negotiations" with President Featherspine obama and Secretary I-am-in-way-over-my-head Clinton. Tell them to back off, settle down, act as if the ARE in the 21st century, tell them also to stop suffereing from penis envy and act like humans, instead of animals.


If the don't. Freeze everything of suspect, bring back full Patriot act, ANYONE caught dealing arms will be delt with in an "Appropriate" manner, even if the colateral damage is their family.

This is real people, stop farting around. These people would slash your Babys throat because they dont have the gut to slash yours!

Time to take it to them and stop kissing their asses.

Wake up America!

Great post !!!
Thank you, Twana, for finding this and posting it!

Thanks Twana,  written in 2003, the most inclusive and coherent I have read since I read Gert Wilder's pieces a long time ago. Much to be learned if only the time is taken to read it.


As others here have suggested the link should be sent to everyone in your e-mail list with whatever caption to show how imperative it is to learn and remember what is presented whenever anyone  mentions "SHARIA LAW".


Semper Fi

Great story and discussion for all...alot to learn about the Religion of "Peace"...they mean Pieces, which is what they would like to see all infidels in.

Animals, barbarians...I feel bad for the small cildren whom the warp early, cannot enjoy a childhood and to whom these cowards HIDE BEHIND!
They don't go back far enough on that time lime, let's go back to the founding of the "Muslim Brotherhood", then to WWII when the Grand Muftti  of Jerusalem agreed to allow Muslims join the German military in order to hunt down and kill Jews in German occupied Eastern Europe in the Balkans especially. That fatwa was never repealed, people need to understand that from the get go.



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