Constitutional Emergency

Prophet of Doom - Islam's Terrorist Dogma in Muhammad's Own Words

[019] Download the entire book or individual chapters in pdf.
Islamic Terrorism Timeline This comprehensive review of most every significant act of Islamic terrorism from 1960 to 2004 is arranged by date and event. At one thousand pages in length, the research confirms that 95% of all terrorist acts are the result of Islam and that they are perpetrated by fun...

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Wiccan, if you go to the link you will see that it is amply covered.
Islam is a disease spreading around the Earth. It needs to be eradicated immediately.
Let us not forget how the Muslims and Hitler ere all buddy-buddy with each other.
Michael, we could really go into depth to the factually recorded atrocities that the Muslims have perpetrated on Christians and Jews over centuries, but I really doubt that it would do any good. so you believe what you want to believe and the rest of us will believe the truth.

Wow, you managed to go back a whopping 60 or so years, how about we look at the ancient history not just modern history and get a full view. One that does not fit into some model of Conspiracy Theories and those that think ever attack is a False Flag Operation. How about we look at some of the older records of Muslims and Islam.

1000AD Mahmud invaded Kabul and defeated Raja Jaipal, taking a large sum of money at that time then returning 4 years later to advance to the Capital, plunder once again and try to force the conversion of the Hindus.

1008 AD was Kangra and in 1011AD was Thanesar, both plundered and destroyed. 1013 AD Nandana was attacked and plundered the Hindus were either slaughtered or forced to convert. That was just what he did to the Hindus, long before the NWO and other conspiracies out there floating around today.

But let us come back to modern day for you. How about we look into a couple days such as these.

Armenian Day- April 24th- A day for people to remember the genocide of World War I when Muslims slaughtered Armenian Christians.

Assyrian Day- August 7th- Used to commemorate the victims of a centuries long genocide of Assyrians y Muslims.

August 14th- Hindu Holocaust- Millions died at the hands of Muslims over 1000  years.

Oh yeah, and I am sure you still believe that the World Trade Center Towers was an inside job. But for grins and giggles let us play in that one now.

The amount of man power needed to pull off this is in the neighborhood of thousands of individuals. The Government has no ability to keep a secret, and some have come forward with outlandish claims and no proof that they know someone involved (but none claim to be involved). I would love to sit here and pick it apart for you and the rest of the loons, but it is not worth the effort.




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