Constitutional Emergency

well....i just heard something on the news tonite that BLEW MY MIND!!! that damn nancy pulosi (not sure if i spelled it correctly or not..sorry), is at it again. She's trying to get rid of the raids on ILLEGALS! She's saying it's un-American to separate families because of a raid. She was in a "town hall" type meeting with a bunch of immigrants (legal and alien) and was telling them just how SPECIAL they are and how much our immigration laws need to change.
Now, obama is trying to release the prisoners from Git Bay IN THE STATES! PLUS, he's trying to make the soldiers PAY FOR THEIR MEDICAL CARE!! I knew he was going to ruin this country, but i NEVER thought he'd do it this fast!! Is everyone else as mad as I am about all this?? WHAT CAN WE DO TO STOP THIS????

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In the same time frame,BO was saying they were 'illegal' but should be allowed to stay and 'learn english' and 'pay taxes with no free ride' and they will earn citizenship after a few years.
well, some of you might not feel this way, but....i think if we put motion-activated machine guns ever 2 foot all along the border, that would help stop the flow of illegals! after 1 or 2 got shot.......they'd all think twice! yeah, i know that'll never happen



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