Purging Senior Military Officers/NCOs..........Martial Law in the not distant future---Sounds feasible to me

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When I asked my colleague the Army Colonel why he thinks Obama is doing this, the reply I received from this lifelong soldier and Army leader shocked me.


Paraphrasing him, this is what he told me in a nutshell.


He said, most branches of the service routinely engage in war “games” and come up with strategies and tactics on how to handle every type of military conflict and scenario that can be imagined .  One of the big new battle scenarios being actively discussed in the military recently is how to handle civil unrest in the U.S. and fighting in the streets.  What will the Army do if called in to fight armed civilians in the streets of the United States?  How will that urban warfare be conducted?  Will troops be able to fire upon other American citizens when the troops take an oath to protect American citizens?


He said many in the military are discussing the very real possibility that Obama will attempt to stay in office beyond two terms.  It is being speculated that Obama will do this by declaring a state of martial law.  The easiest way to declare martial law is when there is massive civil unrest and riots throughout the U.S.  Thus, it is believed that Obama, and his regime, will intentionally create a situation of massive civil unrest.  Some believe he has already started to implement that strategy by forcing Obamacare on everyone (when the populace did not ask for it and less than 300 people in power voted for it). Perhaps the Obama Administration is not too concerned over the totally dysfunctional Obamacare web site and the additional fact that millions will be dropped from their existing insurance policies which they already had and liked.  The Obama Administration may not care if getting health care becomes more difficult and more expensive because it is all leading toward civil unrest.  It is believed by some that Obamacare will only get worse and worse, and then in 2 to 3 years when people have a very difficult time getting medical treatment for themselves or their loved ones, people will get enraged.


Moreover, it is being speculated that around the same time when the frustration levels over Obamacare are hitting a critical point in 2 to 3 years, there will be a “glitch” in the welfare payment (or EBT) payment system.  The tens of millions who rely on EBT handouts to sustain themselves will be cut off.  The overwhelming majority of the EBT recipients are Black.  The Obama regime will then blame the “glitch” on the Republicans, i.e., Republicans froze government spending which “forced” Obama to suspension of EBT payments. (Obama will intentionally drive spending up and up uncontrolled knowing full well that one day the Republicans will be backed into a corner and finally vote for a freeze in spending.) Obama will create heightened racial tension by telling everyone that the White Republicans are racially motivated and did this to hurt the Black community.  This manufactured racial tension, combined with  growing tensions over the then-collapsing medical coverage due to Obamacare, will result in race wars and civil unrest.  People will take to the streets.


By the way, you should know that my colleague, the Army Colonel who is telling me all this, is Black.  He specifically commented, and outwardly expressed his embarrassment, about how Blacks have become so dependent and enslaved by the welfare system and the Democrats that it would be very easy to create civil unrest and race wars merely by cutting off, or dramatically hindering, EBT payments for only a month or so.  He believes that most Blacks, who have a misguided sense of entitlement, will then take to looting stores and rioting.


Once the race wars, civil unrest, and violence becomes pervasive throughout the U.S., Obama will declare martial law and take over.  Elections can, and will, be postponed under martial law.


My colleague noted that this possibility is clearly being analyzed and discussed inside the military because such a martial law strategy is nothing new.  Tyrannical and dictatorial leaders in the past have done the martial law strategy many times.  He noted that dictators such as Stalin, Mussolini, and Hitler did basically the identical thing.  He went on to say that one of the most recent examples of this strategy was when Marcos declared martial law in the Philippines from 1972-1981 due to civil unrest.  The Philippines had democratic elections up until that time.  When martial law was declared, the Philippine constitution was suspended, its Congress dissolved, all elections were suspended, and Marcos remained in power for years beyond his elected term. The alleged “terrorist bombings” that occurred in the Philippines, which lead to Marcos declaring martial law, have always been questioned and never proven to be the acts of actual terrorists.


He concluded by saying that many believe this is the real reason behind the purgings of military generals.  The older members of the military, and especially its generals and leaders, tend to be more conservative and they believe in the Constitution—and following the Constitution.  Thus, a tyrant and dictator needs to get rid of these military leaders before a state of martial law is declared if the rising dictator wants the military to follow along and do what the dictator says.   Due to the loss of many experienced military leaders the past few years, the military is now being run and guided more and more by younger, inexperienced leaders. The type who won’t really know what to do if martial law was declared.  Moreover, he noted that there is a growing mind set throughout the military now that every soldier needs to keep quiet and just follow along with what Obama says and wants to do or you will be fired and your military career ruined.  Again, I was told this is nothing new since removing strong military leaders in advance of declaring martial law is a historically-proven element of a rising tyrant and dictator.

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Hi pat, I live in the villages, Florida. My name is Keith. I have a campsite reserved for me for two weeks at Bull Run camp grounds. I'm country, and a biker, but am a GOD fearing man. Hope to see ya later. Oh yeah I'm going to be there starting may 14. To get the lay of the land and get the Harley washed.

Colonel Riley,

By private communication I have sent you multiple reports of the military purge, the possibility of a military coup, etc.

I hope you can find the time to review them (many different sources) and consider posting some of them.  I will try to upload a few of them myself.


Welcome aboard James.  We need many, many more like you who are willing to sacrifice their vacations and join us for OPERATION AMERICAN SPRING.

Each one of us, one by one, will become MANY and we will thereby task those in the government to pay attention to We The People.

Spread the word to everyone you know who will gather in a peaceable demand that our government carry out the will of the people.  Remember, there will be NO weapons and there will be no fighting (on our parts).  Be prepared with proper clothing, water, rations as needed.  

Again, welcome aboard.


John J. LittleEagle-Freeman

Native American - Musquakie FOX

SSgt. USMC....until the day AFTER eternity !!

Little Eagle.......God Bless you!

I am in a wheelchair, no way to get there, and too sick to do much of anything but flap my jaws. Which I plan on doing about Op American Spring. I will boot as many as I can towards Washington, and spread the word on media sites. I am with you all in spirit, I will be there in spirit. I will be praying that God give you the strength to stay the course and get it done. This is One nation Under God. And if God be for ye, who can stand against ye? NO ONE.

I am very honored to be a part of this.  I'm excited about May.  I will save my vacation for this.  I am ready to stand side by side with you people.  We will make a difference.



Chad, welcome aboard. You are right, all of us together can make a difference.

I agree with what is written in the above article. I have been warning people I can trust in my area for a couple of years. My support for OAS does not come in the fog of ignorance. I am a retired SGM. with 26 years experience, 20 years of which were in Special Forces. I can read the signs.

Love these pictures the cross reminds me of Jesus the Flag and Eagle AmericA


col Jack, I believe your right, but before this happens I feel he will need to disarm us and until he gets his civilian army trained it will be a difficult task unless he employs forign troops national guard it might not be possible, lets seek God help and forgiveness. semper fi gene

 Your post is right on the money!  I'm not a radical either in fact I'm still in disbelief we even have to do what we are planning to do!  Just ten short yrs ago if someone had told me we would have a radical leftist with outright communist , socialist  background and Islamic upbringing; I would have said you were absolutely crazy!   Lo & behold here we are !  BUT ...lets look what led up to all this .  This just didn't start overnight, lets go back to the  70's and the Carter admin. The rise of FAR left Liberalism which resulted due to war weariness of Vietnam ...even though it was Dem admins that escalated it to begin with...then the NIXON fiasco with Watergate. The far left used this a springboard to launch their plans..alla.  Saul Alinsky, Cloward & Piven..etc.  The Leftist Ideas basically took over in the universities which pumped out radical left journalist, school teachers, political science &  legal system graduates by the hundreds of thousands. Couple that with the BIG UNION movement which as far as I can see  has always been fringe communist and at the very least socialist! 

   Then after a reprieve of eight yrs from Ronald Reagan who brought a conservative tone back to DC , the left was still entrenched in schools and unions and ready to spring out.  The GH Bush yrs culminated in Iraqi Storm , which despite a "coalition" left many Islamic leaders and teachers with a bad taste for America.    NOW comes Clinton, and the left which was being indoctrinated in our places of Higher learning...was ready!  They joined with the academic clan and the Hollywood clan who are also products of the universities. They used their Alinsky play book of overwhelm, lie , say what ever needs to be said to get elected "the ends justifies the lies".  The Clintons gained power with BIG money . Hollywood REALLY helped, not only with money but with their bully pulpit of brain washing.... "The Entertainment Industry".   Years of subtle and at times blatant biased films, shows, plays, etc..has had a BG effect!  

      Now Comes GW Bush yrs which started out with a  idealistic political WAR...and only resolved with a ruling by the Supreme Court!  The FAR Left never forgot or forgave GWB for this.  Then comes 9/11 within the first  yr of the Bush term!  WE are now OFFICIALLY at war with terrorism and indirectly ISLAM which was cheering all across the ISLAMIC world despite what they tell you now!   GWB sends troops to Afghanistan...we are at war with supposedly "bipartisan" approval...BUT the left HATED Bush more than they hated the terrorist...they were still fuming over the election.  REMEMBER....the Left controlled the media.. & Hollywood....which in many cases are one and the same...They reported and twisted stories that would make BUSH look foolish ...our enemies the Terrorist  and radical ISLAM are NOT stupid.... they used this hatred of BUSH and the right as a means to covertly insert their influence with the help of Politicians ..BOTH SIDES  who were money hungry and power hungry and needed the oil rich Islamic  money to get in power.  The people accepting this money had to do it at a cost, which was to  accept more Islamic  teachings, and influence.  This fit in well with the already radical left who was more then willing to accept the money and get more power and didn't care a damn about the CONSTITUTION .   The left easily gained power with the minorities  and  the people in the poor neighborhoods. The Dems  hammered the class warfare  plan  ..hate the rich ..they are conservative..the GOP..anyone  who is patriotic and  to the right...The constitution is an old document...needs to be revamped or done away with.  The left hammered this of thought till it brought us our current leader OBAMA..which was a well conceived plan by a combination of the radical left and the radical Islamic  influence, both of which were strongly intent on bringing the country to their radical agenda.   The money from the Islamic world, and the LEFT in this country  has now entrenched itself  in our political system!   They have done this with false promises of "Hope & Change" .  They have used the playbooks of communist & radicals  to OVERWHELM our entitlements and tax system.   They have lied to get their positions of power, through voter fraud , illegal immigration  and phony environmental  claims !   Then came OBAMACARE,  a total disaster in the eyes of anyone with two brain cells, but they lie and tell us how great it's doing!  WHY...the radical playbooks of communist manifesto  followers say it best " control the health care of the people, you control them entirely".   WE MUST NOT LET THEM DO THIS.!  This issue alone will divide us like never before!    This issue , I believe  will actually result in physical violence if not outright civil war!.   They are purposely widening the gap between the haves and the have nots....

     This last 30 to 40 yrs has now brought us to a situation where we must now confront the leaders of the country., Who now cannot be trusted to  govern our country according to the Constitution and laws that have been handed down to us by the founders.  The Documents and Laws that have SUCCESSFULLY  took us to the most powerful  nation on earth are now threatened by  the very people that are sworn to enforce them. 

     Thank God the founders actually put provisions in the Constitution that tell the people how to deal with these power hungry politicians , starting with the "Bill Of Rights" ...the first 10 amendments  Of Our Constitution.   The PEOPLE  need to REMIND the Politicians  in Washington DC about  their OATH and those that broke that OATH and disregard the Constitution need to be replaced ..as soon as possible.....MAY 16TH  is not a PROTEST ..this is a movement and RETURN to the "RULE OF LAW" as set forth in our Constitution and hopefully an awakening to the dangers of the RADICALS  that have infiltrated our GOVERNMENT. 

    Once the CONSTITUTION is restored the changes needed are the ones that ENSURE that the Govt cannot be hijacked by foreign influence or radical communism  ever again



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