As you can already see below in comment section.....this is why there is no unity among the conservatives! They/We still don't get it!!!


This is what true Unity looks like!



Allen Marshall

So as the end of my second deployment draws closer and closer, I’ve been pondering a thought, related to the question a lot of Marines are asked, and that question is “Why do we do it?”. I’ve come to the realization that the reason we do what we do changes. For example, ask a young man fresh out of boot camp, or even fresh out of high school about to leave for boot camp, and the typical answers you will get will be along the lines of :”I want to fight for/serve my country.” “My family is part of a military tradition” or “I’m doing it for school benefits.”. These are all excellent and admirable reasons for deciding to pick up a rifle and put your life on the line. Now jump ahead a few years, and this same Marine is now a combat veteran, with 1, 2, even 4 or more tours in Iraq or Afghanistan under his belt. You ask this veteran the same question again, and I will bet anything that I hold dear that his answer will be: “I do it for the men to my left and my right, my brothers.”. All those previous reasons, they simply become a byproduct to being out there with your brothers watching each others back. That’s what we are, brothers who have left blood, sweat, and tears on the battlefield. Your best friend back home for 15 years or more will always be just that, a friend, now that is not a bad thing, everyone needs friends in their lives. However, that man you spent just 7 months with in Afghanistan or Iraq, he is now your brother for life. No one will understand what we do or what we go through except for the people who go through it with us.”

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I can not understand why they would want to serve this illegal government.

Steven... the reality of it is that they are serving their country, but I agree that it definitely is difficult to serve under a commander and chief, that is trying to destroy the very thing they're fighting for… It’s a fight for each other’s safety while there and ultimately, family and friends and the people back home. Semper Fi.

Obama is a disgrace, a deceitful liar and the worst president in history by leaps and bounds. Never before has a president been so concerned with his own personal agenda and now he’s scrounges for voters on the dark edges of society.

Amen, great comment Ray.


Because they swore an oath and signed a legal document. They feel FORCED into it.

Obviously not.

Semper Fi!

If they felt forced into it Bruce, they would not re-up for those several tours that the poster mentions. Believe me, if there are those who don't want to be there they will find a way out of there ASAP. All of my time in the military was voluntary and I never felt forced to do anything.

Same with my time in the Marines-I volunteered and I would do it all again-Duty Honor Country still means something to a lot of us.

Same for me in the Navy, I Volunteered and would do it again in a heart beat.  My OATH never expired, even now I have been the private sector for 24 years and I will still exercise my OATH and it looks more and more like I will when the call for action is given.

Wrong, wrong, wrong.  They are in no way shape or form forced to do anything.  All of our military are volunteers.  The writer is exactly right about the reasons why they do it.  However, always in the background is the fact that one is serving the country.  There is a great deal of difference between serving a government and serving a country.

They are not there to serve the government, legal or not. They are there out of pure love of their country and dedication to each others safety. They are there to protect what they hold dear to their hearts for their family and friends. Just as the post reads they are there for different and changing reasons and all of them are much loftier than to serve our government. Get your head screwed on straight and read the post again.

Both of my sons served 4yrs. When they were considering re-enlisting, their father talked them out of it. Their father works in Homeland Security, in counter-terrorism & is himself a West Point grad, Ranger qualified, & a retired Colonel. I don't know what was said, but I'm very grateful to him.



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