Constitutional Emergency

As you can already see below in comment section.....this is why there is no unity among the conservatives! They/We still don't get it!!!


This is what true Unity looks like!



Allen Marshall

So as the end of my second deployment draws closer and closer, I’ve been pondering a thought, related to the question a lot of Marines are asked, and that question is “Why do we do it?”. I’ve come to the realization that the reason we do what we do changes. For example, ask a young man fresh out of boot camp, or even fresh out of high school about to leave for boot camp, and the typical answers you will get will be along the lines of :”I want to fight for/serve my country.” “My family is part of a military tradition” or “I’m doing it for school benefits.”. These are all excellent and admirable reasons for deciding to pick up a rifle and put your life on the line. Now jump ahead a few years, and this same Marine is now a combat veteran, with 1, 2, even 4 or more tours in Iraq or Afghanistan under his belt. You ask this veteran the same question again, and I will bet anything that I hold dear that his answer will be: “I do it for the men to my left and my right, my brothers.”. All those previous reasons, they simply become a byproduct to being out there with your brothers watching each others back. That’s what we are, brothers who have left blood, sweat, and tears on the battlefield. Your best friend back home for 15 years or more will always be just that, a friend, now that is not a bad thing, everyone needs friends in their lives. However, that man you spent just 7 months with in Afghanistan or Iraq, he is now your brother for life. No one will understand what we do or what we go through except for the people who go through it with us.”

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There is a world of difference between serving a government and serving a country.  I can tell you from experience that the government is a bunch of butt heads who mean nothing except that they pull the strings.  The country is a whole different thing.  The country is the people.  The fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, wife, children, friends and family they are the country and everything is done to keep them safe.  But as this Marine says, you keep on keepin on for the guy on your left or your right when there is incoming.

They Serve "We The People"!

The Marine explains why Steven don't get it.........  No one will understand what we do or what we go through except for the people who go through it with us.”
 It's about America, freedom, and liberty, not a political apparatus that drives patriots.

Amen brother that is so true no one will understand that has not been there. The only thing I would like to point out it's not just the Marines that get ask why do you do it. Those of us in the Army get the same question and i promise most of us will give the same answer

Well it appears they are wrong.  HUSSAIN SAID THEY FIGHT FOR HIM!!!!  Lets hope they fight for us against this corrupt govt.!!!  When the time comes, will they fight for the people and freedom or will they fight for Hussain and corruption and slavery of the American people.

Our oath is to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies Foreign and DOMESTIC. Not the government and not that POS in the White House. Obama may have some ass kissing Generals on his team,but the rank an file,actual trigger pullers are watching him,and do not like what they see.

Of course, you are aware that the Marine Corps Globe and Anchor Symbol specifically shows the Western Hemisphere.  With that in mind, why are we not protecting the Western Hemisphere and instead letting the the Drug Cartels take over our country.  We need to enforce our border security with impunity.

Christine why would you believe the liar in chief?  His entire public career has been nothing but one big lie.  The fact that he's even in the White House is a lie and all the politicians know it, however, none of them have the courage to stand up and say so.  Trust the troops they're folks just like us, but they have made a choice to defend and protect their kith and kin.  Do you really believe that if they decided to use troops within our borders that the troops would fire on us?  The only reason he said they fight for him is because he's running for reelection and is trying to use the troops as a campaign prop.  Research some of his past statements.  He hates the military and the troops know it.

Amen to that, Allen Marshall.  As a reminder though, sir, the Marine Corps is a brotherhood, PERIOD!  Whether, like many of us still on board, you are a Vietnam Vet, Korean War Vet, WW II Vet, A veteran of many short conflicts, or a veteran of Iraq or Afgahnistan, you are a veteran of the FEW AND THE PROUD!  We reserve the word "ex" and "former" Marines to those who couldn't hack it and were dishonorably or undesirably discharged from our beloved Corps or shamed us after their discharges, like the Scott Ritters and Charles Whitmans.  God Bless you, Allen Marshall and Semper Fidelis to all of the brothers and sisters of our beloved Corps.........and every proud military man and woman who honorably serve this great country of ours.


I believe that can be said of all those of us who have been at the sharp end of the spear, no matter the branch. It is definitely different for those who not heard the bullet snap.

When I signed on the dotted line no one forced me to do that.  That was a choice I made of my own free will.  However, when I retired I had to sign all sorts of debriefing statements requiring that I not speak about all the classified material I had worked with and had access to.  Not amongst all that paperwork was a statement releasing me from my oath to defend and protect the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.  Were the Good Lord to allow me to turn back my biological clock I would be in the Army in Afghanistan.



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